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If someone asked me what is most essential for a successful blog, I would answer: The right blog niche! Because a clearly defined niche forms the basis for many important decisions: general blog marketing, the right target group and the use of social media channels. Without a niche, it is almost impossible to narrow down and specifically address your readership.

You may already know my personal blog story: I started blogging about fashion 4 years ago. At that time I ran my blog purely as a hobby and blogged cheerfully in front of me just for the fun of it. It was at this time that the first blogs began to monetize. At first it all passed me by ... At the end of 2015 I planned a relaunch with my then fashion blog "Madmoisell". My biggest goal: to professionalize Madmoisell and even earn money with it at some point. To be completely honest at this point: Back then I really had no idea what it meant to grow a blog successfully. Since it always looked very relaxed and easy with other bloggers, I thought to myself "Oh, I just blog about the things that I enjoy. Someone will be interested in them". Oh dear, all wrong! I blogged about fashion, travel, beauty and DIY in Madmoisell's early months. You know what? I even published an article on Japanese architecture on the subject of travel. WTF? Yes, I think so too in retrospect.

The best decision of my blogging life:

After a few months I realized by myself that this whole mess of topics made no sense to me. At some point I didn't even know what I was blogging about: fashion, beauty or DIY? In my opinion, the DIY niche in Germany still offered space for a new, fresh blog. Without further ado, I decided almost overnight to only blog about "Do it yourself". And to be honest: That was the best decision in my whole blogger life! 🙂 From now on I was able to technically optimize my blog SEO, think about my ideal readership and align my social media channels accordingly.

3 reasons why your blog niche is so important:

1) You build a steady readership easier and faster.

It is much easier for your readers if they understand at first glance what topic you are blogging about. On the other hand, it can be extremely confusing when you blog about too many topics and your blog doesn't have a clear message. The normal reader (not your acquaintances, friends etc.) will click on your blog and think "Okay, and what exactly does the blogger want to convey to me?".

2) Become an expert in your niche!

Your blog should always aim to be THE expert in your niche. With Madmoisell, I managed to establish myself very quickly in my niche with good content. As a result, more and more companies and magazines are becoming aware of me and my blog is generally gaining popularity much faster. Of course, you can apply this expert status to many other niches: Of course, it's great to be considered an expert in large niches. Example: The German-speaking fashion blogger niche and the experts Masha Sedgwick, Leonie Hanne and This is Jane Wayne.

The general rule: The smaller and clearer the niche, the easier it is to become an expert. I know in the US for example. a blogger who only deals with one topic: legal advice for bloggers. I mean how awesome is this niche? It may be one of the few in this niche, but thanks to the mature blogger industry, it has an extremely large number of potential customers.

3) You can more easily target your social media channels to your target group

In addition to the niche, determining your target group is actually the alpha and omega. Because based on your analysis, you will then know which social media channels you should take seriously. For Madmoisell, for example, I know that my blog is aimed at young readers who are enthusiastic about DIY. That's why I put my focus on Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, I choose my content perfectly tailored to my target group: young, cheeky and always a little different. But if, as a counterexample, I blog in a DIY niche for older readers, then I would use Facebook more intensively and of course choose my content completely differently.

And this is how you find your blog niche:

  1. First of all, ask yourself what topic you enjoy most about your blog. Your passion just. It took a long time for me because I just couldn't decide between fashion and DIY. I really enjoyed both topics.
  2. Now, as I said, you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche with your blog. Of course, this only works if you over specific expert knowledge and for me it was the reason why I decided on the topic of DIY: I just didn't know my way around the fashion sector, or I couldn't get excited about new trends or fashion shows every year ... On the other hand, when it came to DIY, there was I'm a real expert: As a child, I went to a creative school, where we did things ourselves from an early age (sewing, knitting, art classes). So that was the crucial decision to use my expert knowledge specifically in my blog niche.
  3. So, let's get to the last punk, which is just as important: Your readership. Always remember that you want your blog to solve your readers' problems / questions. You want to convey specific knowledge with your blog that will help your readers. Bring me, for example. the most beautiful DIY blog nothing if I don't have a reader for it. Or rather: I should tailor the content of my DIY blog precisely to my readership. That's why it's so important to define your readership by a niche! If you're having trouble with your readership, you can also start a poll. I did that in my own circle of friends back then. Amazingly, the majority of my friends encouraged me to make the DIY decision. That was certainly a crucial point in my decision.

You can find my text summarized in the graphic above. The intersection of all aspects forms your niche.

My personal tip:Of course, my above points should play the main role in a niche decision. But another aspect can also be very important:

How big is your dream niche? Is there room for a new blog?

Many niches (lifestyle, fashion) are pretty crowded and that was another reason for me to choose DIY. However, I am convinced that you can still gain a foothold in large niches with a good, extraordinary concept. Because: Passion is the point that really drives your blog. If you love fashion and lifestyle, then do it and think carefully about how you can make your theme unique.

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