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Ultimate trading guide
- Become a trading professional!
Ultimate Trading Guide - Become a Trading Pro!

Learn how FUT trading and the transfer market work. We'll also explain all of the trading methods and tips to help you become the ultimate trading professional!

Here you get a compact and very comprehensive overview of everything that plays a role for the successful trader in FIFA Ultimate mode. It's about trading methods & strategies, tips & tricks for trading and timing. You will find a lot of entry-level aids in successful FUT trading here, as well as being shown ways in which you can best and most effectively increase your trading success and earn lots of coins. This guide is also intended to offer "occasional traders" and experts the best possible orientation in the trading jungle.

  1. What is FUT trading?
  2. How does the transfer market work?
  3. Important trading discussion topics
  4. Trading methods
  5. More trading tips

What is FUT trading?

With FUT trading you can target new players to strengthen your team. When pulling packs there is always luck and bad luck. However, through skillful trading you can earn a lot of coins so that you can then buy your favorite players. Another advantage: trading is free. While you have to buy FIFA Points for additional or particularly lucrative packs, trading does not cost you real money.

Of course, there are also risks in trading. If you z. For example, if you speculate on investing in certain players, you can lose FUT coins. But don't worry: In the course of this guide, we will teach you the most important basics first and then advanced trading methods and tips later. This allows you to significantly reduce the risk and really get started with trading!

How does the transfer market work?

In this section we will first explain the most important abbreviations to you before we go into more detail about how the transfer market works.

important terms

Here is a brief overview of terms that are often only used as abbreviations in the following:
  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)
  • Transfer Market (TM)
  • Transfer proceeds (TE)
  • Transfer list (TL)
  • Team fitness cards (TFs)
  • InForm (IF)
  • Second InForm (SIF)
  • Player of the Month (POTM)
  • SBCs (Squad Building Challenges)
  • Team of the Week (TDW), Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Electronic Arts (EA)

How the transfer market works

The FUT transfer market is definitely comparable to the transfer market from real football. The transfer market is traded with various Objects. Objects can be player cards, but also club or consumption objects (e.g. stadiums, contracts or chemical cards). The actors In the transfer market, it is essentially the users who play FIFA. A Seller puts a certain object on its transfer list at a certain price so that potential Buyers can offer on it.

As soon as the set expiry date of the promotion has been reached, the buyer with the highest bid will receive the object. He can then use it in his FUT club or offer it on the transfer market himself. Apply to the transfer market supply and demand. If many users want to buy a certain player card, e.g. B. because the player is playing well in reality, the price increases. Conversely, the price falls if z. B. a striker has not scored a goal in 10 games or has suffered a serious injury. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but this basic understanding is sufficient to get you started.

A note on EA tax

The fact that EA levies a tax on all sales of players and other items is probably not unknown to most. This tax is known to be 5% of the sales proceeds. The most important finding from this is of course that every sale must be at least 5% above the original purchase price in order not to suffer a loss. This formulation is not mathematically exact either, but it is a good guideline.

Why is the above formulation not exact?
For example, if you buy an object for 100k coins, the above rule (5% surcharge) says that you have to sell the object for at least 105k coins. However, 5% of 105k is exactly 5.25k. So you land at 99.75k transfer proceeds - and make a minus.

Correctly you have to approach from the other side and z. B. formulate the following example:
If I bought an object for 95k, I have to sell it for at least 100k, i.e. with a premium of 5.263158%. But that is in the end theory, because the smart and successful trader is not interested in selling near the "break even" anyway. The goal of a sale is always to bring in a clear plus. Keeping the EA tax in mind is useful.

How are the transfer proceeds calculated?

The transfer proceeds (TE), also in connection with the simultaneous view of the club's value, can be a very helpful but also only a rough guide and indicator for your own FUT asset development.

But how exactly does it work? Basically the formula is very simple:
Sum of all sales prices minus sum of all purchase prices (before taxes)

Apart from the fact that this is only the sum of gross income (from which, for mathematical reasons, you cannot simply deduct 5% to get to the net result), this value has other weaknesses (if it is to be used for monitor real FUT wealth accumulation).

The value given by EA for the TE takes into account the purchase of packs for coins (the invested coin amount is deducted directly from the TE as an expense), and it also takes into account the sale of the objects from these packs to 100% as income; but so far he considered z. B. not the 15k coins that you have invested in a draft tournament, although you also indirectly acquire packs and these are definitely real expenses.

Furthermore, the costs for not a single player who is put into an SBC (regardless of how expensive you have acquired this player) are taken into account in the transfer proceeds. So you bought a player and possibly spent a lot of coins, but these expenses are not reflected in the overall balance.

It looks even more dramatic if you buy a player, let's say 40k, and then - for whatever reason - "discarded" them for 9k via quick sale. Then the difference between 40k and 9k does not appear as a negative transfer amount, but only the 9k is taken into account as a plus in the TE.

The above-mentioned gross difference between the sales and purchase prices has an even greater impact on errors. Let's say I buy 1000x a player for 5k and sell it for 5.25k as many times. The TE would have a positive result of 250k coins. In fact, due to the tax of 5% due, I would have made a minus of 12.5 (EA rounds to 12 in favor of the user) coins with every sale. My total minus with such a "mass trade" is 12 x 1000 coins. There is no formula in the world that will make this actual loss if you only see the 250,000 coins mentioned above as TE. Subtracting 5% from this leads to nowhere or to a pointless result.

The transfer proceeds are certainly a pretty decent indicator to be able to check out sustainable management in FUT trading. But it is by no means a perfect indicator of this.

Important trading discussion topics

Before we introduce you to the various trading methods and other helpful trading tips, let's briefly show you the most important discussion topics for FUT 19 trading:

In detail, the above-mentioned topics serve the following purposes:

Become a FUT 19 millionaire! - Trading discussions & tips

This topic replaces the "General Trading Discussion Thread" from previous years. From now on, everything about trading will be discussed here. Right here you will find a daily and permanent exchange of experts, non-experts, the curious, newcomers and re-entrants, occasional traders and FUT trading junkies.

Dynamic special cards (OTW, CL etc.)

This not only lists the dynamic FUT cards that appear at the beginning of the FUT season and during the course of the season, but also discusses special strategies for successful purchases and profitable sales.

Static special cards (TOTW, TOTY, TOTS etc.)

The cards that will play a role in this thread have titles like

  • Team Of The Week (TOTW) / Team Of The Week (TDW)
  • Team Of The Year (TOTY) / Team of the Year (TDJ)
  • Team Of The Season (TOTS) / Team Of The Season (TDS)
  • FUT Birthday
  • Icons

But the hero or record breaker cards that are occasionally contained in the TOTW should also find a place here.

Preparation for SBCs (POTM, FUTMAS etc.)

Here you will find tips about preparing for SBCs dedicated to events such as POTM (Player of the Month), FUTmas, the release of new OTWs or the TOTY, the Lunar New Year or just the start of new leagues.

Top Games (Marquee Matchups)

Again, this is about preparing SBCs. The top games (English Marquee Matchups) will certainly be with us again in the current FUT season for an entire season - week after week.

For a few more coins - a trader's diary

The theme is, in a way, the successor to For a handful of coins from the previous FUT season.

Transfer market expansions

Here you can ask other users for transfer market extensions from the catalog if you cannot redeem them yourself in the FIFA catalog because you have not yet reached the required level.

Trading methods

Here we introduce you to the most important trading methods. Trading methods are a systematic way of making more coins. Here you can always quickly and easily look up what is actually meant when someone z. B. mentioned the bronze pack method or talked about overpriced selling.

59th minute method

With this method, players, contracts, fitness, cures are sold overpriced, i.e. with a corresponding margin above the actual market price. There are special notes on “Selling Overpriced” below. This is about a slightly different aspect, namely the 59th minute.

  1. The sale:
    If you offer cards at excessive market prices, you have to ask yourself: Who are the potential buyers of these cards and what is their motivation?

    Many people play FIFA for the first time and buy the first card they see. Others have more than enough coins and they don't care if a card costs 1, 2 or 5k more than normal. The minimum duration for which a card can be offered on the transfer market is one hour, and that is exactly the length of time that should be selected when offering such cards. If you are looking for a card quickly, you will not rummage through to the 3-hour or 6-hour area. What has to catch the eye has to be at the front! Since the respective offer starts with a countdown from 59:59, the method is also known as the "59th minute method". It is of course more time-consuming if you place your offers in the 1-hour area, because if you do not sell you e.g. B. have to offer 3 times as often as with a card that is set in the 3-hour range.

    But the simple example of two cards of the same price, one of which is set in the 1-hour range and the other in the 3-hour range, combined with the question "which is more likely to be bought", should already sufficiently illustrate the problem. Regardless of overselling, we advise you to always set almost all tickets in the 1-hour range. Selling within this timeframe is simply more effective. An exception is the time when you are completely absent from the TM or when you go to bed at night. If you know in advance that you will not be able to refresh the sales offer within the next two hours, you should choose a correspondingly longer time range.

  2. The purchase:
    What applies to a successful sale also applies in a modified form to a successful purchase. Just as there are players who offer their cards overpriced, there are those who place real bargains, i.e. offers (sometimes even significantly) below the actual market price. This usually also happens in the 1-hour range, i.e. at the 59th minute. So it is always worthwhile to look separately in this area, i.e. to scroll to the 59th minute. Another technique that plays a role in such bargain purchases is sniping.

In general, with regard to the 59th minute method, it should be added that this is a method that has worked well for years. It is particularly effective in “full” transfer markets, as we find them on the PS4.

Sniping method

This method was mentioned briefly in the section above. The point here is to catch a super bargain that other players have accidentally or intentionally hired. The scrolling to the 59th minute described in the above section is rather less effective. Rather, it is advisable to work with an optimally set search mask.

The best way to do this is to look for the lowest buy-it-now price with which a certain card, i.e. your own object of desire, is offered on the TM. Now you set the new "Max. Immediate Pr." so that you only get the bargains below the lowest market price so far. This method requires patience and constant "refreshing" of the search mask.

Special occasions in which this method can be used are new top games in which certain players are very sought after and are only offered at extremely high prices. Here you can catch one or the other "snapper" every now and then.

Unfortunately, the application of this method is also very limited. Since the past has shown that some cardsharps also use Autobuyer tools, it is easy to predict that you have no chance against such automatic tools. (But why the Autobuyer also work for us in a certain way is best read in the description of the "IF / SIF method".)

Bronze pack method

The bronze method or bronze pack method is basically very simple:

You buy one of the two bronze sets for a few coins and sell their contents for a profit on the transfer market (TM).

With "sells their content profitably“Is meant to be the content

  • of the normal Bronze sets for more than 421 coins and
  • of Premium bronze sets for more than 790 coins and
sold. At this moment and with the above-mentioned revenues, you have of course not won anything because you have just worked out your stake after tax ("5% EA-Tax") and have only lost time. But the numbers are only intended to illustrate the break even point.

The aim is, of course, to sell the objects contained in the packs for a hefty profit.

This is much easier in the first few weeks of the new FUT season than towards the end of the game. The reason is simple: Many objects from the sets, such as the most frequently represented bronze contract cards, are actually bought on the TM at the beginning. This is hardly the case later.

You won't become a coin millionaire with this method, but before you leave a few places on your own transfer list vacant, you can confidently buy one or the other bronze pack and earn a few coins.

The riskThat you end up in a loss here is almost zero if you sell with some patient patience.
The disadvantage: Where the risk is low, the chance of high profits is usually also low. And yet the "Bronze pack method"Every now and then a few above-average profits ready:

  1. Every now and then you can find one rare bronze playerwhich is very rare on the market. Note: Not everyone Rare bronze player is automatically a rarity, but there are always a few that are very sought-after. These can be players who are needed for certain SBCs or those who need several people for their strong bronze teams.
  2. As soon as you find a bronze player in the pack who has a very low rating between 45 and 49 you shouldn't groan, but compare the TM prices, because these players - at least in earlier FIFA versions - were often sought after for the famous "bronze bank" and were often bought at high prices.
  3. If you find a bronze team training card in the pack (Team fitness Card) you have already secured 1000 coins and more as a definitive income. TFs will certainly never go completely out of style for the duration of the current season.

In addition, in bronze packs, a Silver player emerge and theoretically even one bronze special card. Especially with the latter one has drawn a main prize every now and then (see Emre Mor in FIFA 17 as a bronze scream), but the chances are rather bad and the probability is, to be honest, extremely low.

Every now and then are too Balls "hidden" in the bronze sets.Since balls are always gold objects, they have at least a higher quick sale value (36 coins) than the common bronze cards. At the start of the FUT season you can of course or should even try to offer these balls for 150/200 coins on the TM. Not every ball is bought, but it's definitely worth a try. Otherwise the pill will go on sale.

Of course there are a few objects in these sets that you can't earn anything with right from the start. This includes the Coat of arms (badges) and most of the Jerseys (kits). Either you put these club items (team items) in your own club or you put them in the fast-selling shop and get ~ 3 coins per card. Nevertheless, you should check the particularly colorful kits to see if they can be sold on the TM for a few 100 coins. Sometimes you get lucky even in EA games. Should happen!

Otherwise, as a guideline for the beginning, the following values ​​could be named as the potential sales prices of the average bronze objects:

  • Bronze Player Contract +8 Games ... 150/200 Coins
  • Rare Bronze Player Contract +15 Games ... 200/250 Coins
  • Bronze Manager Contract +8 Games ... 150/200 Coins
  • Rare bronze manager contract +15 games ... 200/250 coins
  • Player fitness +20 ... 150/200 coins

Note: The prices can vary from platform to platform.

There are also all sorts of bronze ones Training cards in the sets, whereby those for the goalkeeper are usually almost impossible to get at all. In the first few weeks you could be in the case of Player training cards at least try to sell them on the TM. And of course there are all sorts of different types of bronze staff. These also lose value very quickly. Only the rare of these cards are still halfway interesting, as they have a quick sale value of 32 coins, which in the case of the cheapest bronze pack is almost 10% of the expenditure.

What works for the bronze pack also applies, with some reservations, to the silver sets.

However, the risk of ending up in the red after the properties have been sold is significantly higher here. Nevertheless, the chances are much greater than with the bronze set, because Experience has shown that silver players are sought more often for the various SBC, and you can actually stumble across a silver disc from time to time that brings in several 1000 coins on the TM.

Finally, we would like to add that especially with regard to the bronze and silver method, weighing and estimating the sale of a player card has become significantly more complex.
The most common way is of course to offer all objects on the TM again immediately (which, by the way, is synonymous with: You only buy bronze sets if you have enough space on the TL!). However, since you also know that one or the other player could be worth something at some point (just think back to the bronze colleagues from Milton Keynes, who really brought money to a certain POTM SBC), you are allowed to play again in the current FUT consider whether you can keep bronze players in your own club and earn the costs for the bronze set with the remaining club and consumable objects (of the respective set).

Personally, we think that at the beginning of every season it will be en vogue to sell something when in doubt because you need the cash flow for new investments. Later you can go more in the direction of "hoarding something" in order to be prepared for eventualities.

A special case may be allowed Irish (bronze) players represent. For one, they include many of the very low-rated players already mentioned who are good for a bronze bank. On the other hand, EA can give us one again in every new FUT season FUT event for St. Patrick's Day to surprise. And who doesn't like to remember z. B. the Premium Pot Of Gold Challenges (SBCs) from FUT 17, where you could earn a lot - assuming you had various Irish people in the club.

A typical one Premium bronze set with 12 objects, 3 of them rare, looked like this in FUT 18:

This set has 750 coins cost. But what would this pack have brought to the FUT 18 transfer market in September / October '17?

The two Non-rare bronze player would have gone for at least 150 coins the piece. It is more likely that someone would have bought it for 200 coins. You might even have tried higher prices in the first run on the TL.

The Rare bronze player you would have got rid of 300-500 coins (also due to various entry-level SBCs).

If you calculate another 150 coins for each contract and fitness card, this results in a further 600 coins.

The remaining 5 cards are rejected, which makes another 15 coins.

The example shown in the picture is certainly not a godsend, but if things go bad, the purchase price of 750 coins is offset by a sale of 1215 coins. The EA tax goes down, but you hardly end up in the red with your investment.

By the way, there seems to be a general consensus that the purchase of the simple bronze sets (purchase price: 400 coins) promises the best yield.

Selling overpriced

“Selling overpriced” actually works very simply: FUT cards, regardless of whether they are players, contracts, fitness, cures, are sold with a considerable profit margin and well above the current market price.

However, the chances of success for the individual overpriced properties are different - also depending on the respective market situation. A few thoughts on overpriced selling can already be read in the comments on the “59 minute method”.

This method has also worked for years, and is an effective method both at the beginning of the respective FUT season and throughout its course to bring in coin profits in FUT.

FUT cards that are overpriced are among other things. Purchased by fellow players who are playing FUT for the first time, by those who are not looking properly and, in turn, by others who take little time to look for a better offer.

For obvious reasons (see above), overpriced selling works best in the 1-hour range. It is often the case that these cards are only bought away a few minutes before the sales period expires. The buyer was then such an impatient player who didn't take the time to search and / or has too many coins left. Some players are not interested in whether a player card, which would normally be available for 5k with a little bit of research, simply costs 6, 7 or 8k.

Basically, this is a trading strategy that is in vogue right now at the start of a new season. You increase your initially few coins by buying players or team fitness cards at low prices and selling them overpriced. Often it even makes sense to choose staggered offer prices if you are offering several cards from the same player. In the case of doubt, the buyer of such a card buys the cheapest of our 3 cards on offer, but we even put them on the TM with a hefty surcharge.

The fitness cards represent a certain special case of overpriced ticket sales. At least on the PC one could experience that gold and silver player fitness cards (which are usually soon available for 200 coins in immediate purchase and even for this amount don't go away badly) for the Offer and sell the price of team fitness cards.

An obviously very effective tactic is to offer the player fitness cards just below the price (~ 50 coins) of the cheapest TF. In good times and with frequent resetting of the cards, FUT 17 could sell 10 to 20 such cards per day.

But be careful: It is not advisable to offer these cards all at the same time. If these cards appear in bulk, what is too obvious is noticed too quickly. Yes, it takes work to set everything individually on the TM, but what’s there for free?

IF / SIF method

In the "IF / SIF method“It's about getting your own player card from a previous team of the week (TDW), a so-called InForm (IF) Player to offer on the TM so skillfully that it is bought away at an inflated price. The whole thing works best when a new TDW / TOTW with a new, now higher rated variant of my own player appears, i.e. a so-called one Second InForm (SIF) Player.

There are always contemporaries who (do not want to) look very closely and, in their boundless enthusiasm for the new InForm card, sometimes leaf out the price of the new card for the already "old" card.

The first and second InForm from Firmino from FUT 18 are mentioned here as a short example.

Even if even the untrained eye can quickly recognize the difference in the picture, it is not impossible to sell the old version at the price of the new version, especially in times when the new InForm is only just on the market.

When Firmino's SIF was published, its IF card could only be sold at a loss in the worst case. The chance at such a moment is to offer the card of the first IF at a price that is equal to the lowest SIF price (or better still a few coins below).

Of course, the method (which is known to rely on one's own luck and the stupidity of others) also works in the combination of other IFs of the respective player (TIF, FIF, ...).

Finally, Skuderian should be quoted on this topic:

On the PS4, many want to get a bargain and filter for the lowest buy-it-now value. Since thinking too long can lead to Autobuyer buying, in case of doubt the user clicks faster than on the PC and thus mistakenly purchases a lower IF version than the one that one would like to have.

So, for once, we benefit from the existence of the Autobuyer. After all, it is only the fear that such a tool could be faster that leads to the fact that the price for the "outdated" InForm, which is much too high, leads to sales success.

Draft method

Now one may argue whether the draft method referred to here belongs to the trading methods. We still want to have it mentioned at this point, especially at the beginning of a new season to increase the coin capital.

It can be described as tedious and arduous to dig through a draft tournament - regardless of whether you are playing a single-player draft or an online draft. Since the single-player draft (in contrast to the online draft) neither requires particular luck nor above-average skills, the focus here is primarily on the single-player draft. Of course, the prices in the online draft are much more attractive - provided you get far or win. The single player draft, on the other hand, is a sober investment.

The whole thing then works as follows: You play in beginner mode, score 5 goals (to get a good match bonus) and work your way through four tournament rounds in this way.

The match premium is also used to refinance the original draft investment. After all, participation costs a whopping 15,000 coins. With the four match bonuses, this amount can be reduced by ~ 2000 coins. After all, the draft is the only mode in which you do not need any contracts and fitness cards and thus the only opportunity where the match bonus is gross for net.

At the end of the day there is of course the final victory and the packs that you get. Probably the most common wages in single player drafts are a Premium Gold Set and a Jumbo Premium Gold Set.

But there are other possible reward combinations:

FUT Draft Single Player Rewards in FIFA 18

4 wins - If you win all games

1 x 5k gold pack
1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
Total value: 12.5k

1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
1 x 12.5k Gold Players Pack
Total value: 20k

1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
1 x Draft Token Pack
Total value: 22.5k

1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
1 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Total value: 22.5k

1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
1 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack
Total value: 22.5k

1 x 25k rare gold pack
Total value: 25k

2 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
Total value: 30k

2 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
1 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Packs
Total value: 30k

1 x Draft Token Pack
1 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack
Total value: 30k

1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
1 x 25k Premium Gold Players Pack
Total value: 32.5k

1 x 7.5k Premium Gold Pack
2 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold 26 pack
Total value: 37.5k

1 x 12.5k Gold Players Pack
1 x 25k Premium Gold Players Pack
Total value: 37.5k

1 x 12.5k Gold Players Pack
1 x 26k Jumbo Premium Gold 26 Pack
Total value: 38.5k

1 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
1 x 25k Premium Gold Players Pack
Total value: 40k

1 x 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
1 x 35k mega pack
Total value: 50k

1 x 50k rare players pack
Total value: 50k

Most of the combinations are almost purely theoretical ... at least that's what the previous FUT draft experience says.

The objects from these packs will be placed on the transfer market immediately and should be sold in such a way that in the end there is a plus compared to the original investment (15,000 coins). As a guideline, it should be mentioned that the revenues from the Premium Gold Set mentioned in the example should be above 5k and those from the Jumbo Premium Gold Set above 10k.

But don't forget: Draft mode is also a tedious business if you are not blessed with pack luck.

"Total value" information is also given in the reward overview quoted above. These of course (and unfortunately) do not refer to the achievable sales revenue but to the amount of coins for which you can buy these packs in the shop (if they are currently on offer).

Club and consumption objects

It may be a little daring to speak of a “method” here too, but since the considerations and strategies contained here may not be uninteresting for some, we include the trade in club and consumer goods here. This involves the following FUT cards:

Association objects

  • Stages / stages
  • Coat of arms / badges
  • Jerseys / kits
  • Balls / balls

Consumables / Consumables

  • Training cards (for players and goalkeepers)
  • Contracts (for players and managers)
  • Player and team fitness
  • Healing / Healing
  • Positions / positioning
  • Chemistry Cards / Chemistry Styles
  • Manager leagues / manager leagues

In the case of club objects, coins can only be earned with them in really rare cases. Due to the flood of packs in FUT that sets in soon after the start of the season (and practically never ends), so many of these objects will soon be on the market that trading them will soon become very difficult.

3 x But:

  1. There are selected coats of arms and kits (jerseys) and even a few stages that you can sell for good coins within the first few weeks. Even if it seems tedious, it is advisable to sift through the contents of every opened pack carefully and to also look at the association objects with regard to their market value.
  2. Every now and then you find an object with value and some people even go looking for a bargain on the transfer market in order to sell the cheaply "shot" cards again at high prices.
  3. As every year, the FIFA catalog gives you the opportunity to “buy” traditional jerseys and various balls at an early stage. This purchase is made with a currency that is independent of the regular FUT-Coins and is in a sense "for free". At the beginning of a season it pays off every now and then to offer these cards quickly on the TM and take one or the other 150 or 200 coins with you. If you are unsuccessful with this, you can also sell these objects by "quick sale" and at least get the sale price. After all, almost every single coin counts at the beginning.

In the case of consumables, they are

  • rare chemistry styles,
  • searched position maps,
  • some rare training cards,
  • Healing cards,
which are always good to sell over the course of the season. But above all, it is the team fitness cards that - if you don't need them yourself for your team, can flush a lot of coins into the till.

But here, too, caution is called for. If you read old articles from the starting times of the 18 season, you will also come across statements such as "You can't go wrong with team fitness cards (TFs)". FIFA 18 then showed that even that only applies to a very limited extent. In other words: every new FIFA has surprises in store for cards that can be easily traded.

Nevertheless, TFs are more or less in vogue throughout the season. The time of purchase (and of course the time of sale) play a crucial role. In times of high pack opening frequencies, even the prices of TFs sometimes fall considerably. Storing packs has proven its worth here. It remains to be seen whether strategic trading in TFs at the beginning of the FUT 19 season will already lead to success and many coins.

(In addition to the club and consumption objects, there is - this should be mentioned for the sake of completeness - another category that has not yet been mentioned: employees / staff.)

More trading tips

At this point you will find many more trading tips that are particularly important at the beginning of a FUT season and should enable a successful start as possible:

Choose a starter pack sensibly

Since FUT 18, one of the first clicks of the new season has been able to determine the nation that should be overweighted in the starter pack. This option should certainly not be overestimated, as all players from these starter packs are interchangeable. But if you are spoiled for choice, you should choose strategically.

Right from the start there will be so-called entry-level SBCs again. Smaller tasks are set here, where every now and then players of the same nationality but from different leagues are required. Our recommendation is to simply choose England or Germany as the nation. Here you have the chance to get players from a wide range of leagues. No question - there are other nations that come into question here.

Loot the FUT catalog

At the start of the season you can buy the FUT catalog empty. Among other things, there are:

  • Transfer list and watch list extensions
  • Various loan players
  • 99 gold contracts
  • Lots of balls and jerseys
  • And of course gradually the coin boosts.

The coin boosts should be activated before the first match, because the more valuable of these coin boosts can bring in 1000 additional coins per game (!). The balls are available for 150/200 on the TM, as well as jerseys. If this is unsuccessful and the TL swells too quickly, these objects go on sale in order to make new capital “liquid”.

A few more comments on the catalog:

  • The maximum level served in the catalog is the 50th; there was in FUT 18 CR7 as a 3-game loan.
  • Various catalog objects, but not all of them, can be given to you by friends if you have not yet reached the required level. Contracts, balls and jerseys are among these "giftable" objects. Coin boosts and loan players are unfortunately excluded as gifts.
  • For effective and successful trading, a large TL and a long watch list are inevitable at some point. If you do not yet know anyone who can give you TL extensions, you are welcome to use the thread provided in the forum (“Transfer list extensions”) to have the relevant material given to you by other users.

The first SBCs

In addition to the entry-level SBCs already mentioned, there will also be Basic (basic) and advanced (advanced) SBCs again with the start of the FUT season. The recommendation is to solve these SBCs as early as possible in order to be able to gradually open more and more packs, the contents of which can then be turned into coins on the TM.

There will also be the first leagues of SBCs and of course the first top games very soon. In the case of the latter, you should always (also in the later course of a season) always consider whether the immediate purchase of player XY is actually worthwhile and whether you have actually acted sensibly in the end if you bought the missing player for 10k, or whether you'd better wait a few days to shoot down the respective SBC. What use is it in the end if you have spent 40k and more on a top game quartet, but the proceeds from the packs you win only bring in 20k?

In our opinion, this is a common mistake made by many players. The (new) greed for the pack advertised as a reward allows many players to make quick and thoughtless decisions. Therefore, one should always first consider what the respective pack would bring in the “worst case”, that is, in the worst case, in terms of sales revenue.

An alternative strategy in the face of e.g. B. Such top game SBCs it can be that - if you cannot solve the SBCs directly yourself - you first offer highly sought-after players on the TM and only buy them back cheaper after a few days and only then solve the SBC.

Of course, it also takes a little experience to make a decision in this regard. You have to make an assumption as to whether the said player will actually drop in price again. For this it is worthwhile to consult the daily discussions in the corresponding threads.

Daily & Weekly Objectives

The Weekly Objectives (also called weekly tasks) are generally a popular thing simply because of the higher quality rewards. Our recommendation is to also tackle the daily objectives, i.e. the daily tasks, on a regular basis. The rewards are - admittedly - rather meager, but sometimes the effort pays off many times over. It is almost unnecessary to mention that every FUT coin counts at the beginning. Therefore, the Daily Objectives form an additional source of income here.

But there will always be very mundane tasks such as “buy a midfielder at a buy-it-now price”. The reward is then, for example, 200 coins. "Great," some will say, "I invested 200 coins and got 200 coins back in the end, and I can't do anything with the player I bought anyway."

That's not quite true. In the current example, you got the player for "lukewarm", and if you searched the TM a little more sensibly, you bought a silver player from one of the first European leagues or a rare bronze player who will soon be in one of the League SBCs could play a role. The possibilities and ideas are almost unlimited here, but it is advisable to take all of these objectives with you. Sometimes a simple gold player set is also waiting as a reward and there should be other players who have already pulled some real blasts here.

Daily Gifts: collect gifts

Every now and then FUT had Daily Gifts. This often happens at the beginning of a season, but there are also rare player sets that are usually fondly remembered. B. for frequent logging into the FUT mode.

Daily gifts in the first few days of the WebApp and at the beginning of a season should definitely be taken with you. As a rule, all you need to do is log in to the web or companion app on a daily basis.

If you don't play or want to play FUT every day, but think long-term, you should briefly dial into the mode every day to e.g. B. to be considered for the Lunar New Year with an extra large set.

Play Squad Battles

Once the starting shot has been fired for the first Weekend League, it will be tight anyway to devote yourself to the Squad Battles in full. As long as this is not the case (and even longer) it is advisable to play the Squad Battles. So you can not only internalize some new key combinations here, but above all you can collect rewards in the form of packs.

There is undoubtedly a lot more to good trading. This guide by no means claims to be exhaustive, but is intended to provide an initial basis for the most successful FUT trading possible. It is very likely that this guide will be expanded to include one or two remarks, ideas or strategies over time. Otherwise, of course, the forum itself with all its topics on FUT trading is the first place to go to discuss old and new ideas, methods, strategies and everything that goes with it.

Have fun and, above all, good luck!

Credits: Many hard-working users of this forum contributed to the further development of this guide over the past few years. The following short list does not claim to be exhaustive, but Coske, Tonikroos1987, Skuderian, falseSchiri3, Nikolinho should be mentioned here.