At what age do we stop growing



When you are born you have more than 350 bones, when you grow up you have 206 bones left.
This happens because some small bones grow together into larger bones. But how do the bones actually grow?
The bones keep getting bigger as the cartilage that is at the end of the bone grows and gets harder. This goes on until you are around 18 years old, with some the bones stop growing a little earlier, with some later. If you want to see if you are getting bigger, you can X-ray your hand. You can then tell whether you are fully grown by looking at your finger bones.
From your growth you can tell from birth whether your body is developing well, if your weight and height are a good match, you are usually healthy.
In some people the bones grow together earlier than in other people, these people are called short people.

You are around the age of:

0 years3years6years ten years14 years
50 cm110 cm120 cm146 cm164 cm

Weight of the bones: The weight of the bones is about 14% of the total weight, so if you weigh 50 kg, your bones weigh about 7 kg.

Some people have more than 206 bones; B. a pair of ribs or an additional finger or toe.

Did you already know?
The tallest living person in the world is Alexander Sizonenko, with a height of 2.42 meters. Robert Wadlow died at the age of 22 and was 2.72 m tall.

The smallest person in the world: The smallest person ever alive was Gul Mohammed with 57 cm.