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6 hidden hacks you should know about

Are you snapping or still texting? Every day, two billion self-destructive messages are sent worldwide via Snapchat, but only a few Snapchatters know all the tricks. bigCAREER introduces you interesting features with which you can get more out of the app!

Snapchat hacks

  • Filter: Snapchat is just better with filters. The app has two different types of filters ready, once the color filter and then the geofilter. Both can be combined with one trick. Snap / look for a picture and first decide on a color filter. Be careful, don't move your finger on the touchscreen now. With a second finger you can now swipe over the touchscreen and use a geofilter. Finished!
  • Bring more color into play: In the iOS version, colors can apparently be specified precisely, but black and white are not available. You can change that with one of the Snapchat hacks. For white, simply move your finger from the color selection to the left edge of the screen, for black it goes completely to the lower edge.
  • Rename friends: Are there too many similar names in your contact list? No problem. In the chat click on the three-stripe symbol in the upper left corner, then on "Edit name" and look for the desired contact. The names can be edited using the gear symbol.