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6 signs he's just kidding you

6 signs he's just kidding you

We all know this: the language of men is pretty opaque. Sometimes he is super cute, then suddenly he shows his cold shoulder. However, there are 6 signs that you can tell if he's just playing with you - or if he's really serious ...

1. He prefers to keep it spontaneous

Long-term planning? Nothing! If the guy likes it, he'll meet you - if something goes better, it was your date. If it goes like this, we advise you: You better shoot this guy down quickly, he's not 100% involved!

2. He doesn't want to introduce you to his friends

It's been going on between you for several months, but when it comes to his friends, does he evade? Clear case of: He just isn't serious about you!

3. He only calls in the middle of the night - and likes to get drunk sometimes

Who doesn’t know that: You wait in vain for news of any kind all week. Then, Saturday night, 4:00 am, the time has finally come - he calls and asks (or slurs) what else is coming up. The problem: he's drunk and you're most likely just his plan B.

4. He also writes with other women

He sees your relationship as "easy" and also keeps in touch with other women? Or worse, is he signed into Tinder or some other dating app? In this case, think carefully about what you want. Is this freedom also an option for you or do you prefer a firm bond? If you prefer the latter, then you should ditch the good guy as quickly as possible!

5. He prefers to meet you in private, not in public

If you see each other, it will be with you or with him at home, and he will keep you out of his everyday life as much as possible. Going out or just hanging out in the park? Nothing - he prefers to do that with his buddies.

6. He doesn't ask you questions about your life

Starting with your favorite food to the darkest family secret: in the best case scenario, you know pretty much everything about each other when you're in a relationship. But if he doesn't ask you any questions about your life and shows general disinterest when it comes to private things, you can clearly say that he is not really trying to get to know you properly - and is only using you for his games.

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