Why couldn't Harry Potter bring Sirius back

Skirmish in the Howling Shack

The Black Lord is lonely, abandoned by friends and followers. His servant was in chains for twelve years. Tonight, before the twelfth hour, the servant will throw off his chains and make his way to his master. With his help, the Black Lord will take power again and rule more terribly than ever. Tonight ... before the twelfth hour ... the servant will be on his way ... back to his master ...
- Professor Trelawney's prediction[src]

The Skirmish in the Howling Shack takes place in the Howling Hut on the evening of June 6th, 1994. Sirius Black lured Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger into the cabin to get his hands on Peter Pettigrew.

Pettigrew had spent the past twelve years hiding Scabies as Ron's house rat while Sirius had spent the time in Azkaban. In the hut they were interrupted by Remus Lupine and Severus Snape, but Harry, Ron and Hermione learned that Sirius Black, the prisoner of Azkaban, was actually innocent and not a Death Eater, had given no information to Lord Voldemort, was innocent of the murder who caused 12 muggles and not the deaths of Lily and James Potter. Peter Pettigrew was exposed as the culprit.

Background information

In the summer of 1993, Azkaban's most notorious prisoner, Sirius Black, escaped. [1] Many thought he was Lord Voldemort's second husband and that he was demonstrably insane. Before he escaped, he had been heard saying several times in his sleep, "He's at Hogwarts". The Ministry assumed that Harry Potter was Black's intended target for a variety of reasons, including Black's nocturnal murmur, his supposed belief that killing Harry would bring back the Dark Lord, and the simple fact that Harry was his godson . [2] In an attempt to protect Harry, the Minister of Magic ordered Cornelius Fudge that the Azkaban Dementors should protect Hogwarts. [3] Nobody knew that Black's actual target was Peter Pettigrew, who was hiding at the time as Ronald Weasley's house rat Scabies.

Visit to Hagrid

Vocation lost. They execute him at sunset. There is nothing more you can do. Don't come down. I don't want you to see it. - Hagrid
- Hagrid's letter to Harry, Ron and Hermione about Buckbeak[src]

In the late afternoon of June 6th, Harry, Ron and Hermione Granger hatched out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to comfort Rubeus Hagrid because his hippogriff, Buckbeak, was about to be wrongly killed. While at Hagrid's hut, Hermione spotted Scabies, Ron's house rat, who they thought was dead. When the trio realized that Dumbledore was on their way with a member of the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures and the executioner, they were forced them to leave Hagrid, if not without trying again to convince Hagrid that they should be allowed to tell their side of the story. [4]

Whomping Willow attack

Now only Ron's leg could be seen, with which he had hooked himself to a root so as not to be dragged further down - but a terrible crack cut the air like a rifle shot; Ron's leg was broken and his foot was gone.
- Ron, dragged into the Howling Shack by Padfoot[src]

As they walked back to the castle, Scabies kept trying to escape Ron's grasp. When he, Hermione and Harry thought they heard the execution from afar, Scabbers finally wriggled free from Ron [5] Not wanting to lose his pet a second time, Ron ran after him. Harry and Hermione followed, letting the invisibility cloak fly behind them. In the shade of the Whomping Willow, Ron caught up with Scabies, but as he reached out to grab him, a large black dog grabbed Ron. After breaking Ron's ankle, the dog dragged him and the rat through the tunnel under the Whomping Willow. [5]

When Harry and Hermione tried to follow, the tree attacked them. They were forced to swerve left and right to protect themselves from being seriously injured. Soon after, Crookshanks, Hermione's red cat, slipped through the hand-to-hand combat to pinch the knot on the tree that immobilized its branches. Hermione was amazed Crookshanks had done that, but Harry pointed out that her cat was friends with the big dog. Once the risk of injury was gone, Harry and Hermione chased Ron down the tunnel, leaving Harry's cloak on the floor behind them. [5]

In the Howling Shack

Sirius Black

His dirty matted hair came down to his elbows. If no eyes had shone from the deep, dark sockets in his face, he could have been a corpse. The waxy skin was stretched so tightly over the bones that his head looked like a skull. A grin revealed the yellow teeth. It was Sirius Black.
- Harry, Ron and Hermione see Sirius Black for the first time in the Howling Shack[src]

As the tunnel began to climb towards its end, Harry and Hermione braced themselves for whatever Ron had snatched. Soon they reached the end of the tunnel and found themselves in the Howling Shack. When they heard a noise upstairs, they went to look for the source. [5] As soon as they entered a bedroom at the top of the stairs, Ron yelled a warning, but it was too late as Sirius Black was quick to disarm the couple. Forgetting his own small stature and everything else, Harry brutally attacked Sirius, trying to avenge his parents' deaths. After a brief scuffle that included Hermione, the injured Ron, and even Crookshanks, Harry pulled out his wand and was filled with the thought of killing Black. [5] He couldn't bring himself to do it and was disarmed by Professor Lupine. Lupine asked Sirius Lupine a few questions that confused the teenagers, and then he lifted Sirius off the floor and hugged his old friend. [5]

The Marauders

Get away from me, werewolf!
- Ron yells at Lupine[src]

This raised a lot of protest from Harry, Hermione and Ron. Hermione accused Lupine of helping Sirius all along, wanting Harry to be dead and being a werewolf. [5] While denying the first two charges, Lupine admitted to being a werewolf, much to Ron's horror. He and Sirius asked Ron about Scabies, whom they always called Peter, claiming there was more to the rat than meets the eye. The young wizards refused to believe him until he gave them back their wands in exchange for listening to him. [5]

Remus stated that he helped write the Marauder's card that he recently confiscated from Harry along with his friends Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. He told Harry, Hermione, and Ron that he was looking at the map when they left for Hagrid. [5] He explained that even if Harry was wearing his father's invisibility cloak, it would still be shown on the map. Lupine then told them that he saw Pettigrew accompanying them as they walked theirs back to the castle, a fact the trio vehemently denied. He said he witnessed Sirius pulling Ron and Pettigrew under the willow. Then he explained that Scabies was actually an Animagus by the name of Peter Pettigrew. [5] He explained that Pettigrew had betrayed James and Lily Potter to Lord Voldemort that he had killed twelve muggles with a curse, faked his own death and taken the form of a rat and charged Sirius for everything. He said that Pettigrew, Sirius, and James were unregistered Animagi, nicknamed Wormtail, Paw, and Crown. [6]

Lupine said that during his days at Hogwarts, when the time came and he needed to transform, he went to the Howling Shack. [6] He told them that the Wolfsbane potion was the only preventive and very recent discovery, and now it kept its bandage after the metamorphosis. Before the Wolfsbane Potion was discovered, it became a full monster once a month. He said the willow was planted because Dumbledore allowed him to attend Hogwarts. The Howling Shack was built for him. [6] When his friends discovered he was a werewolf, they became animagi in their fifth year, the reason being that werewolves were just a threat to humans. He explained that he and his friends would sneak out once a month and move around the castle and grounds as animals. He said they roamed the villages and got around to making the marauder's map. He said that he did not state that they were Animagi, as that would have meant confessing that they broke Dumbledore's trust. [6] He convinced himself that Sirius had entered the school with the help of the Dark Arts he learned from Lord Voldemort, that the fact that he is an Animagus had nothing to do with it. About Severus Snape, he said he was interested in knowing where he was going each month. Sirius, he said, convinced Snape to tie the knot on the Whomping Willow trunk with a long stick. Fortunately for Snape, James saved his life after finding out what Sirius had done. From then on, Snape held a grudge against the marauders. After Remus finished the story, Snape stepped into the room and pulled down Harry's Invisibility Cloak. [6]

Arrival of Snape and Wormtail

You shouldn't have done that. You should have left him to me.
- Sirius Black in conversation with Harry Potter about Harry's disarming of Severus Snape[src]

Severus Snape appeared under the Invisibility Cloak Harry had left near the Whomping Willow, tied Remus down, and while he was involved in a noisy argument with Harry and Hermione, he tried to get Sirius and Remus to Azkaban would be sent. But before he could turn Sirius and Remus over to the Dementors, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had disarmed Snape at the same time. Snape also said that Harry, Ron and Hermione were expecting school expulsions for their rule violations.

Remus and Sirius then explained that Scabies was missing a toe, and it was pointed out that the largest part found by Pettigrew was a finger. After assuring him that the rat would not be harmed, Ron finally surrendered his pet and Sirius and Remus forced Wormtail to transform into human again. Wormtail tried to plead innocent, but Sirius and Remus cut him off. After a brief exchange of views, it was determined that Pettigrew was indeed guilty. Harry, Ron and Hermione finally believed them and were disgusted when Pettigrew pleaded for mercy. He only survived the battle because Harry spared him to be extradited to Dementors.

After the battle

An eerie growl. Lupin's head lengthened, then his body. The shoulders shrank. You could clearly see hair sprouting from face and hands, and hands clenched into claw-like paws.
- Description of Remus Lupin's transformation[src]

They left the Howling Shack with Pettigrew tied between Lupine and Ron. As they hurried through the tunnel, Sirius and Harry talked, and Sirius offered Harry a home if he wanted. Harry agreed, imagining for a lovely half hour that he could finally leave the Dursley family. It all collapsed when the full moon came out and Lupine turned into a werewolf. In the chaos, Pettigrew shocked Ron and escaped. Sirius was injured while fighting Lupine and attacked by dementors on the shores of the Black Lake. Harry and Hermione tried to defend him and were almost overwhelmed until a mysterious Patronus fought off the Dementors.

Harry and Hermione woke up in the hospital wing and found out that Sirius should receive the dementor kiss. On Dumbledore's advice, they traveled back in time with Hermione's Time-Turner. They managed to save Buckbeak from execution by luring him into the woods before the executioner could kill him. They then sat and witnessed the events of the evening from afar, but when the time came for the dementor attacks Harry had to see who their savior was. He soon realized that it was himself, and he invoked his stag patronus to be able to use the Dementors. After the hangman left the castle to get the Dementors, Harry and Hermione Buckbeak flew to the window where Sirius was being held. He escaped on Buckbeak and Harry and Hermione made it back in time to avoid causing catastrophic paradoxes. They pretended to be asleep while Snape charged them with freeing Black.

Later, while they were on the Hogwarts Express, Harry received a letter from Sirius, in the owl mail, stating that he had sent him the Firebolt, signed Harry's Hogsmeade permit, and wanted Ron to keep the owl, Pigwidgeon ..


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