What is CHM in a digital watch

What do these displays mean on a digital watch?

So the reunion after the 1st date is meant. If it is postponed the whole day or if no specific time is given with the words to report

Hello my dears,

I would now (sometime) in the course of the evening, the second date with a man, whom I experienced at the beginning very sympathetic but also somehow not very talkative.

Here are bullet points about the first date that gave me something to think about:

- He tells me about an older woman who was married, with whom he had something and who messed with the husband. The woman had the same name as his mother, she could have been his mother because of her age.

- He mentioned that he had been with the woman at the place where we were eating

- We weren't sitting across from each other, but downright next to each other, I had the impression he shied away from eye contact, but laughed when I had to laugh. He asked me about my graduation

- He looked after a woman with huge things

We stayed so that we met again. He got in touch with me the same evening and wrote to me regularly.

At first I canceled the meeting for today, but I definitely agreed

This morning he did not answer on his own initiative. He probably slept longer and then wanted to know what time we would meet. Then he was not online for 2 hours.

After 2 hours he called me, I didn't answer at first and got back to him 1 hour later and agreed a meeting point and he agreed that he only had to eat something and would then get in touch ...

Actually it was agreed that we would go to the cinema (before that he asked me to go swimming together)

but I have not yet received the money from work, which I also told him about the cinema. He suggested to invite me to the cinema if I wanted to, I then asked on my own whether to go to the cinema or to have a drink, he thought that it was okay to have a drink

Now I sit at home and think to myself, somehow these are stupid games aren't they? To be honest, I don't feel like it anymore. I'm sure I won't jump if he gets in touch right away.

What do you think? Am I exaggerating? Should I communicate something else? Would you go out in my place? Or is it all "completely normal"?

On the side I noticed that guys were calling a man with the same name as my date on the bus. That may have been a coincidence, but I thought the name doesn't exist that often now. But no, they didn't know me. Should only mean that he is currently involved.

Should I tick that off first? On the other hand, he doesn't seem experienced either and doesn't assume anything bad about him. Maybe he has to worry about having to pay for me too?