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Vacuum cleaner test 2021 • The 6 best vacuum cleaners in comparison

What is a vacuum cleaner and how does it work?

When it comes to how a Vacuum cleaner one must first differentiate between the type of vacuum cleaner. A bagged vacuum cleaner works differently than a bagless device. Still others properties offers you the water vacuum in comparison, during the Robot vacuum cleaners did the housework almost entirely by himself. You can find out more about certain robot vacuums in this article.

But back to the Canister vacuum cleaner: The most important components of everyone Cylinder vacuum cleaner are a powerful motor and a fan that creates a stream of air and so dirt and dust how magically attracts. The vacuum cleaner with a bag is drawn in dirt collected in this bag. If it is full, the suction drops noticeably and you have to empty the bag. The bagless model is different: This one comes with a Collecting container equipped, which should be emptied after each vacuum.

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Areas of application - vacuum cleaner in use

vacuum cleaner are always used when the floor in your own four walls is dirty. Who one domestic animal or has small children, must suck much more often. Whether you are for one Vacuum cleaner decide with or without a pouch, remains your own preferences left. A second device like one makes sense Battery pack- or a Handheld vacuum cleaner. These are compared to the Cylinder vacuum cleaner significantly more compact and therefore ready for use more quickly.

So if you have your Upholstered furniture or yours Car seats want to clean, these models should be your first choice. When using your Vacuum cleaner you should pay attention to some legal bases; this is especially true if you are in one Tenement house dwell. Observe the legally required night of rest between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. During this time you should refrain from vacuuming.

A Special shape the vacuum cleaner are the industrial vacuum cleaners that are intended for commercial use. Whether in the office or in the workshop: If a higher performance is required, the industrial vacuum cleaners should be the first choice. But not just the higher one power scores with an industrial vacuum cleaner in the comparison to the normal vacuum cleaner, the capacity is usually significantly higher. Some of these vacuum cleaners are even able to liquids suck up. Bosch, Kärcher and Makita are the leading manufacturers of this type of vacuum cleaner.

What types of vacuum cleaners are there? (including advantages and disadvantages)

vacuum cleaner are in numerous variants available. Basically, one differentiates in the test first of all vacuum cleaners with bags and vacuum cleaners without bags. Undisputed market leader in the bagless sector Mammal is the Manufacturer Dyson. The basic advantage of a vacuum cleaner without a bag is that there are no follow-up costs for the dust bags. Instead, it becomes dirt and dust in one Collecting container collected. With a bagless one vacuum cleaner so do something for the environment at the same time. But that's not all: bagless vacuum cleaners see in the comparison mostly very modern and timeless, almost a little futuristic.

This is proven above all by the models of the Manufacturer Dyson in the test. Bagless teats are usually a little more expensive to buy. However, you should consider in comparison that you do not have to expect any follow-up costs. You also produce significantly less waste; another benefit of this Vacuum cleaner type. If you decide on the classic cylinder vacuum cleaner, there are still a lot to choose from Special forms available: For example, there are teats especially for allergy sufferers or for Pet owners.

Either Mammal With bag as well as bagless teats are among the Cylinder vacuum cleaners. In the test, these are all characterized by the fact that they are equipped with smooth-running floor rollers and can thus be easily moved. There are also the so-called Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, which are great for cleaning upholstered furniture or car seats.

For the fast one commitment are these perfectly suited; for the big one House cleaning but too weak. On the other hand, it is advantageous in the vacuum cleaner test that handheld vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with a rechargeable battery and can thus be used flexibly.

They are also very popular in the test Vacuum cleaner robot, because they practically do the housework by themselves. With most of the models in the test, you have the option of programming certain operating times. This is how he cleans robot Your home on your own while you are not at home. On Tiles, parquet,Laminate and Carpeting the robot vacuum does its job reliably in the test. Only with deep pile Carpets many models quickly reach their limits. You'll find more about it here. This fact, as well as the fact that vacuum cleaner robots are still very expensive to buy, mean that these are not yet to be found in more households.

They shouldn't go unmentioned Window vac, such as the manufacturers Vileda and Kärcher have in their product range. With these popular models you can wash windows, mirrors and everything else Surfaces Clean without leaving streaks. Window vac are equipped with a rechargeable battery so that no cables interfere with your work.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

Below we give you a brief overview of the most popular manufacturers in the Vacuum cleaner comparison:

  • Dyson
  • AEG
  • Siemens
  • Bosch
  • Philips
  • Miele
  • iRobot
Dyson is the market leader in the field of bagless vacuum cleaners. The British manufacturer is also known for its sustainable approach to the environment. The history of Dyson is relatively young; This brand did not begin until 1978. The vacuum cleaners with their innovative cyclone technology have managed to become present all over the world within a very short time. In addition to the bagless vacuum cleaners, the manufacturer Dyson has two other hobbyhorses: the fans and the fan heaters. There are now even innovative hair styling devices from Dyson.

All almost 30 vacuum cleaner models from Dyson work with the aforementioned cyclone technology. In the product range you will not only find bagless vacuum cleaners, but also special mattress vacuum cleaners with which you can clean your beds from the ground up. What all models have in common is that they benefit from a five-year manufacturer's guarantee. Cordless vacuum cleaners and vacuum robots are further innovations that you will find with this brand. You can easily order most Dyson vacuum cleaners from the Amazon online shop. Or you can go directly to the manufacturer's website and can conveniently buy on account here.

AEG was founded in Berlin in 1883 and is one of the market leaders in the field of electrical engineering. The household appliances from AEG are all characterized by careful processing and innovative functions. AEG offers you a wide range of vacuum cleaners, with the option of choosing between the following models:


  • Cylinder vacuum cleaner with bag
  • Bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum robot

AEG is not only characterized in the test by its particularly quiet models, it also offers a large selection of products for pet owners in direct comparison with the competition. With the vacuum cleaners from the eco line, AEG not only offers particularly economical models, they are also made entirely from recycled material. Here are some innovative product features that you can only find at the manufacturer AEG:

  • Multi Room System with an action radius of twelve meters
  • Motion control system for maximum maneuverability
  • Air Extreme technology
  • Flow Motion floor nozzle
  • Clean lift handle
  • Silent Air technology

It should not go unmentioned that AEG meanwhile also the popular ones Vacuum robot offered. An intelligent 3D recognition takes care of the AEG vacuum cleaner robot ensuring that even hard-to-reach places are reliably protected fromdust and dirt to be freed. Choose from two different models with one Anthers volume of 700 milliliters each, the Air Extreme technology and an extra wide one Brush roll. The peculiarity of the AEG vacuum robot compared to most Competing models is the triangular construction. Thanks to this, the corners are also cleaned excellently in the test. By the way: on them Vacuum robot gives AEG a manufacturer's guarantee of three years, even on the battery. Cordless vacuum cleaners and cordless window vacuums complete the product range of AEG in comparison skilfully.

Siemens can not only last for a long time tradition Looking back, vacuum cleaners from these manufacturers are not without reason in numerous German Households to be found. “Versatile and powerful” - this is how Siemens describes its Vacuum cleaner pallet. In a direct comparison with the other manufacturers in the test, it scores points Siemens for example with the so-called autoControl Technology. This enables you to say several backgrounds one after the other without interruption. They are too Siemens vacuum cleaner perfect for Allergy sufferers suitable, because the Power Protect dust bags filter 99.9 percent of everything Particulate matter. The huge variety of colors at Siemens should not go unmentioned: If you are in the Comparison value If you want a particularly appealing look, you've come to the right place with the Siemens brand.
Similar to Siemens is too Bosch a manufacturer in the test with a huge Product variety can score. So it is not surprising that this brand also offers both bagless and cordless vacuum cleaners Models receive. Also worth mentioning are the models that appeal to everyone Pet owners turn and, in comparison, particularly powerful in the fight against Animal hair are. If you are looking for a particularly quiet vacuum cleaner, take a look at the Bosch Pro Silence range.

Products of this series belong with one Operating noise from just 59 decibels to the quietest H devices in the test, with the Model variant Roxxter Bosch even offers one Robot vacuum cleaners on and is thus in the test of his Competitors Siemens way ahead. In addition, Bosch scores with other special features in the test: The patented one Quattro Power System about ensures the highest Suction power with the lowest possible energy consumption. Bosch is the Manufacturer in the test, the one with a particularly low Power consumption can score.

With a diverse Color and Shaping fall the PhilipsVacuum cleaner in the test. The vacuum robots that Philips has now added to its product range and that are in the comparison with other brands are available at a moderate price. Even the wireless ones cleanser With Wet suction function can score in the vacuum cleaner test and ensure hygienic cleanliness In the hole house.
The Manufacturer Miele is positive in the test because there are particularly many Products especially for allergy sufferers. The company, founded in 1899, is characterized by the best quality and impeccable workmanship of all Models in comparison. In addition to the classic Cylinder vacuum cleaner With a bag, Miele also offers bagless models. These fall positive in the vacuum cleaner test due to the built-in vortex technology out.

This has the advantage that Speeds of more than 100 km / h can be achieved, whereby even the smallest Dust particles be included. In comparison with the other brands, Miele can also do well in terms of Comfort score. The Miele has a height-adjustable telescopic tube Vacuum cleaners just as natural as an individual setting for Right- and Left handed. Last but not least, the Compact System, available exclusively from Miele, scores points, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner can be stowed away without any problems.

Last but not least, should irobot in the comparison not go unmentioned, because this brand is one of the market leaders in Area the Vacuum robot. “Your partner for a clean home” - with this slogan advertises iRobot for the popular Robot vacuum cleaners. The cheapest model from this manufacturer is available from 199 euros. A real bargain considering this gives you the House work completely decreases. The number one brand worldwide in the field of vacuum robots naturally offers you different models, so be sure to get one before buying comparison should perform.

One of the best-selling devices is the award-winning one Roomba robot vacuum. This is now available in different model variants for different requirements and can even be controlled while on the move. Dr Roomba cleans your home in three steps and automatically detects obstacles. Depending on Model variant benefit in comparison of each Models of one Purchase time between 60 and 120 minutes. The robot then automatically returns to its base and recharges itself. By the way: In addition to the vacuum robots, iRobot also has innovative ones Robot mop in the Product range; ideal if you prefer damp cleaning. Here you can find out more about the best robot mop models.

This is how vacuum cleaners are tested

in the Vacuum cleaner test must be a good one Mammal one thing above all: the ground Reliably remove dust and dirt. A high wattage is not necessarily required for this. Best cut in comparison of course the models depend on a thorough Cleaning performance at the same time can score with low power consumption. In comparison, such models can be easily recognized by the Energy efficiency class, those on the Energy label is printed. If you choose a Class A vacuum cleaner, you are definitely not making a mistake. The volume of the Dust bag plays a not insignificant role in the test.

Quality Models in the comparison are equipped with a five liter storage bag. Dr Radius of action on the other hand, most models are between 10 and 13 meters, so you can easily use several Spaces can suck one after the other. One Plus point get the bagless vacuum cleaners in the test: unlike vacuum cleaners with bags, the suction power does not decrease in these models, but remains constant.

If possible, opt for a transparent one Dust container, because then you will see when it is time to empty it. Bagless vacuum cleaners unfortunately have two main features Disadvantage: On the one hand, they are usually much more expensive to buy. Another point of criticism in the test: when To empty a dust cloud cannot be avoided. Follow-up costs This type of vacuum cleaner does not produce dust bags, but you have to use the built-in one HEPA filter replace about once a year.

Too good Last should be in vacuum cleaner Test that too, of course delivery and packaging do not go unnoticed. Is the vacuum cleaner properly packed so that no transport damage is to be expected? How long does the delivery take in the test and above all: How cheap is the purchase price? Basically, you can get vacuum cleaners from well-known online shops like Amazon not only at attractive ones Purchase prices, also is that delivery free shipping.

Overall, the vacuum cleaner not only be accurately processed and made of high quality materials pass, the issue of comfort also plays an important role in the vacuum cleaner test: Is the vacuum cleaner designed to be as back-friendly as possible and is it long enough Power cord? The cable retraction must also be as smooth as possible. Critical to comfort is that volume one Device. According to the regulation of European Union Vacuum cleaners must not reach more than 80 decibels in operation. Good models in the test manage and achieve this effortlessly Peak values of a maximum of 60 decibels.


Before you go out to buy a new one Vacuum cleaner you should first be clear about which type of vacuum cleaner you prefer. Should it be a vacuum cleaner with or without a bag or rather a battery-operated one Mammal be? At a Mammal without bag you should pay particular attention to the container volume in the test. If you have a large apartment, it should at least be large enough for you to have a complete one flat can suck without the Dust container to drain. For the greatest possible comfort when vacuuming, make sure that it is long enough electric wire as well as a well-functioning cable retraction.

Quality Models in the test offer you one Radius of action from 13 meters and more! Another important criterion in the test is the teat's own weight. You should pay particular attention to this aspect if you have several floors in the house. If you decide on a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should look at models with Lithium-ion batteries put. These are not only charged very quickly, most of them also guarantee equipment an operational readiness of up to 60 minutes in the test.

in the test noticeable: vacuum cleaner without bag are usually a little more noisy than the variant with a bag. This may be due to the built-in Cyclone technology lie. These models can definitely be a Background noise of 80 decibels (this is also the highest noise limit that a vacuum cleaner can reach according to the European Union); normal vacuum cleaners and Vacuum robot are on average 60 to 70 decibels. Pay attention im vacuum cleaner Test that your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Suction power regulation Is provided. This not only has the benefit of you electricity save, too Operating volume significantly reduced.

Pay attention im comparison Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is delivered to you with all the necessary accessories. A Put- and a Upholstery nozzle should at least be included in the scope of delivery. With these attachments you can not only clean corners, but also upholstered furniture particularly thoroughly.

Here are the most important purchase criteria that you should consider in the test:

  • power
  • Energy efficiency class
  • volume
  • Power consumption
  • Container volume
  • Carpet cleaning class
  • Variety of accessories

The most important features of Vacuum cleaner By the way, you can find it on the energy label with which each one is commercially available Mammal in the Product test must be marked. The most important product feature is certainly the so-called Energy efficiency class.

This is divided into classes A to G, with A being the best class. Opt for a vacuum cleaner with the Energy efficiency class A, get a particularly low-power one Model. Further key data that you can see at a glance on the energy label are the carpet and the Hard floor cleaning class as well as that Dust emission class.

Since 2017 vacuum cleaners may only be equipped with a maximum power of 900 watts. This is intended to reduce annual electricity consumption to a maximum of 43 kilowatt hours. So don't be fooled by the wattage in comparison: the vacuum cleaner with the higher wattage is not automatically the best!

Frequent defects and weak points - these are what I have to pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner!

If you look at the Customer reviews on Amazon, there actually seems to be suckers that despite a decent one power 850 watts are not able to soak up crumbs. In practice, it is more than annoying when you have to slide across the floor several times to really find them all Specks of dust to catch. Also the Cable retraction is an equipment feature in the test for which not all Models deserve a top grade. At best, the cable should look after just one Push of a button move in automatically; in practice, this is by no means the case with all devices.

Lots Models in the test have one Toggle switch, with the help of which one can easily switch between different Subsurfaces how hard floors and carpeting can change. Such a counter In practice, however, it is of little use if it is very stiff or even after several times Actuate doesn't work at all. One of the most annoying defects, however, are stiff castors, and in the worst case even black stripes on the Laminate leave.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my vacuum cleaner?

Sure you can get your new one vacuum cleaner also in Electrical shop purchase around the corner. However, here you will never benefit from the selection that is available to you on the Internet. Alone with Shopping giant Amazon will give you an almost inexhaustible variety of every imaginable type of Vacuum cleaners commanded. Regardless of whether Cylinder vacuum cleaner with or without a bag, Vacuum cleaner or Vacuum robot: Amazon In the test not only impressed with a huge variety, but of course also delivers free of charge.

But that's not all: With many models, you have the option of replacing your old Mammal the driver and don't have to worry about them disposal To take care of. The Customer reviews, which you can read for each model. Here you can find out how your Desired model does well in the practical test. The teat shouldn't be yours expectations you even have a 30-day at Amazon Refund policy.

Another advantage at a Online purchase: You are from the opening hours completely independent and can shop 24 hours a day whenever you want.

You also save yourself the queuing at the Snake and finding a parking space. All you need to do with a purchase in the Internet dispense.
However, there are enough sites like expertentesten.de that you can visit before buying a new one Suckers be able to provide comprehensive information. You are not here just Product tests, but also extensive Comparison tables to disposal. Leave for your Vacuum cleaner comparison also di Reviews not disregarded at Amazon.

Interesting facts & advice

The evolution of vacuum cleaners over time

The first vacuum cleaner was founded in the USA in 1869 by McGaffey presented. It was a hand-operated one Model,