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Vegan Welcome - Vegans are welcome here

Feeling welcome in a hotel is a matter of course, right? For vegan people, staying in a hotel can quickly become a strain. So far there aren't many hotels that are really geared towards vegans.

Because who likes to start the day hungry because the hotel breakfast consists mainly of animal products or pokes through a manageable menu of side dishes at dinner. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. More and more hoteliers are serious about hospitality for vegans.

So that these hotels can then be found without any major problems, the initiators of the well-known purely vegetarian-vegan hotel portal VeggieHotels have started a project in which the name says it all - Vegan Welcome - vegans are welcome here.

in the Vegan Welcome - The hotel directory only includes hotels that are guaranteed to offer a vegan dish with every meal offered. At breakfast, of course, this also means a satisfactory selection of vegan ingredients, such as plant milk, spreads, etc. At least one vegan main course must be on the menu for each of the other meals.

Many Vegan Welcome However, hotels go far beyond these minimum requirements. Multi-course vegan menus with sophisticated compositions are not uncommon.

The use of organic food, allergy-free food, vegan organic cosmetics and much more are among the other focal points that the hotel pages from Vegan Welcome Provide with information.

And why don't these hotels switch to completely vegan right away, you might ask? The answer is simple. The number of guests who use the vegan offers is in most cases still too low to be able to operate houses in the 3-5 star range economically. But serious vegan cuisine as an optional offer is at least a start.

And that is mostly due to the operators and chefs, who in quite a few cases are vegan themselves and who have an inner need to offer a vegan alternative in addition to conventional cuisine. You will certainly expand this offer as soon as you notice that it is accepted by the vegan travelers. The hotel landscape can improve significantly here in the near future - the current vegan wave makes it possible.

You know a hotel, which definitely isVegan Welcomeshould be included and introduced or do you have a hotel and would like to be included? Then contact us.

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