How do you deal with game development?

Our top 10 tips for game developers

In this article we would like to introduce you to our Top 10 tips For Game developer to hand. These 10 tips relate to different subject areas. Of Mindset-related tips up to Programming tips so everything is included. Incidentally, it doesn't matter whether you are just starting out or have already gained experience as a game developer, because this article is for each something there.

So read this article from start to finish and watch the video under this paragraph. You will definitely be able to get added value for yourself, I promise!

So let's not waste any time and go through our top 10 tips for game developers one by one.

Tip 1: As a beginner, don't start projects that are too big

That first tip is especially aimed at beginners. If you are currently in the situation that you have not yet completed your own game development projects and therefore have no experience with the Maintaining a project structure do not make the mistake immediately to large and ambitious projects to start.

The consequence would be that you would very quickly Lose fun in game development would, since you just Overwhelmed would be. There is a high probability that you would not complete your game, so you would not see any real result and accordingly would not have a sense of achievement.

The greatest motivation killer it is to jump on projects that are too big right from the start. It is therefore best to first look for small projects with which you can deepen the basics of game development and also first results quickly sees. From project to project you can always increase in scope and so on Step by step to the bigger projects approach.

Tip 2: Try many different genres

This tip is very important for both beginners and more experienced game developers. As a rule, game developers keep programming games in same genre. But if you really want to gain experience and skills in game development, this is this regular changesbetween the different genres very important.

If you always program games in the same genre, then the games and thus the code always consist of the same basic elements. So you learn from game to game always less this is because the same code is written repeatedly over and over again in only a slightly modified form.

If, on the other hand, you regularly change the genres for which you develop games, then you have them biggest learning curveas the games are usually very differently constructed become. So you are confronted over and over again with new tasks, with which you master gain a lot of experience will.

Tip 3: Study trigonometry and vector math

That sounds really frightening at first, especially if you are not a real high-flyer in mathematics or have bad memories of your school days. But don't worry, these topics are actually not that complex at all and can also be mastered by programmers who did not fall in love with mathematics in childhood.

I wasn't the best mathematician myself when I was in school, but I've dealt extensively with these two areas of mathematics in recent years because I just noticed that it was terrific tools for game development.

Sure, the game engines take them away from you grossest mathematical problems from the start. But the fact is that you can just much faster and more effectively his own games program can, if one knows, for example, how vectors can be used or what operations can be carried out on vectors.

And the trigonometry with functions such as the sine and the cosine is very important and can also be used in game development finally meaningful and not just in an abstract contextapplied become.

Of course, I would also like to give you a few application examples:

  • Vectors are very good for that Character movement or general movements use
  • -Also at Collision queries vectors are used in a special form
  • -Trigonometric functions such as the sine or the cosine can be used, for example, for great floating effects or flying platforms deploy

Tip 4: Write reusable code

A tip that sounds very simple, but is neglected by many game developers. Always write your code so that you don't have to rewrite it a hundred times during a project, for example if you have the same functionalities in other objects in the game or if you want to reuse these functionalities in completely different projects.

One way to do this is, for example Create base classesinherited from other classes. Here is a small example:

Let's assume you're programming a game in which it several types of projectiles gives. Regardless of what type of projectile the player is hit by, it should always be so that he takes damage from it (for example, a life point should be deducted). But every projectile has Depending on the type, special and very special properties, such as the movement pattern. For example, a projectile flies in Zigzag patternwhile turning another projectile straight forward emotional.

So in such a case it is very usefulto define a base class in which all properties and functionalities are defined that are necessary for EVERYProjectile type are identical. All special projectile classes now inherit from this base class and then implement additionally nor its own specific properties and functionalities, such as the previously mentioned movement pattern of the projectile.

So you save yourself the fact that you have the properties and functionalities that each projectile needs for each specific projectile type implement over and over again got to. By using base classes, we achieve a certain degree of reusability.

However, this reusability can still be achieved many more concepts and mechanics to reach. So if you're interested in learning more about this topic, check out ours Design Patterns Master Courses at. In these you will learn the most important patterns with which you can write your code clean, high-quality and in one good design can write. Incidentally, it doesn't matter whether you prefer to program games or applications, because these patterns can be used in any area.

Tip 5: Deal with each individual game element for as long as necessary

By this is meant that you play your game do not "rush through" as quickly as possible should. Always take the time that is needed to really understand every single element of the game good to implement.

Why is this tip so important, you are probably asking yourself now?

Very easily: The Overall product suffers very badlyif you program the supposedly "less important" game elements very quickly so that you can chop them off as quickly as possible. For example, do you need a lot of hours to make the player movement feel good? No problem, take your timethat you need to get the most out of your game. Especially if you are a hobby game developer, there is no need to rush anyway!

Tip 6: Deal with the topic of feedback in the game

We are always asked how to do that Fun in the specially programmed games increase can. In principle, this tip is the most important answer to this question. So one should decent feedback build into the game. But what exactly do we mean by feedback?

If you shoot a shotgun in a 2D shooter, for example, then not just a projectile with a boring sound should fly out of the weapon, but the whole thing should really pop with a realistic sound. The player has to realize that he is using a really powerful weapon with the shotgun. That's what we mean Feedback, but how can you implement something like that?

On the one hand, you can make sure that the player gets a small shot "Knock-back" has, so flies slightly backwards. On the other hand, you can also use the Shake the screen with every shotto illustrate the strength even more. Another idea would be to make the opponent significant when hit with the shotgun fly further away than with a shot with a simple pistol.

Another type of feedback would be, for example proper signaling for the loss of life points. If the player loses life, then let them Not just to be withdrawn quietly and secretly. The screen could instead briefly red be, a alarming sound should be played and the pawn maybe should for blink for a brief moment and unconquerable so that she can get to safety.

I think the examples just presented gave you a feeling for how feedback can increase the fun of players. Every game developer should therefore deal intensively with this topic.

Tip 7: Program at specific and scheduled times

You surely know it: You have the idea for a cool new game, the concept has already been worked out and it only needs to be programmed. But everyone has a day only 24 hours Time to take care of all areas of life.

You have to sleep, spend time with friends and family and of course work. And yes, game developers who do not develop full-time also have to have a job. The So time is often shortWhich is why you definitely spend your programming time on your own projects to plan should.

Personally, for example, I really enjoy programming on my hobby projects in the morning after getting up. And always before I start my real work. For me personally, it's a relaxed start to the day and at the same time I make progress in my projects every day. So if you as a game developer your Plan programming time intelligentlyyou can do that from every day Get the most out of it and really get results quickly. Without having to restrict yourself too much in other areas of life.

Tip 8: Share your progress with the world on Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Discord or other platforms

When you share your progress with others, you get:

  • always instant feedback and
  • you always have a certain Motivation while workingbecause you are new Results and Progressinstinctively want to share with the world again, because posting regularly makes you stronger for the project committed

So use these very positive and ingenious opportunities of today, because that's how you will definitely a better game developer.

Tip 9: Join a programming community

This tip is somewhat similar to tip 8, because this is also about the social aspects. For almost any game engine there is a separate forum, a subreddit or a Discord server. As a rule, you can also find such communities in German.

And to join such a community one of the most important things ever. For one thing, you can easily get out of such communities a lot of inspiration and motivation pull. On the other hand, you can go there too ask questionswhen you have specific problems.

These are immense benefits and the best thing is, communities like this tend to becompletely free. So take the opportunity and join such a community of game developers. You will definitely not regret it!

Tip 10: Have fun programming games

This tenth and final tip may be the most obvious, but I would like to address this explicitly: Have fun programming games.

It is not new to be involved in game development or software development in general make a lot of money can. A lot.

But if I hear from friends that they have a game great financial success have retracted, then I found the same thing over and over again: you even have the game not developed with the intention, uI'm making a lot of money with it. For them it was always mainly about Have fun developing to have and a as good a game as possible to put on its feet.

That's why this tip is so important, because as soon as game developers get into the Gold rush mood come and are only interested in later profit, then they tend to reach earlier no financial goals and no learning successes. The reason for this is that by focusing on making money, you lose sight of actually making a fun and good game.

Do not get me wrong: It's perfectly fine to make a lot of money playing your own games. But you shouldn't focus solely on that, or you'll be neglecting the important aspects that can potentially make your game successful. So as a game developer, have fun programming and developing games that you really want to develop. Not the ones that are being hyped right now.

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