What are some software engineering project ideas

Information for cooperation partners

Do you have a project idea in your company for a software system that you want to have implemented cost-effectively with the most modern software technologies within a year?

Then we would like to invite you to take part as a client in the software engineering project, which is offered annually in the computer science department of the Technical University of Darmstadt. As part of this project, student teams implement a software project for a client outside the university within a year.

The software engineering fair takes place on the last Friday in October, at which the concluding software engineering groups present their projects in an exhibition.

At the same time, the trade fair is the starting point for the new project round. The client has the opportunity to present his project proposal personally.


Project teams with approx. 6 students in the advanced phase of their studies each work on a task for a client outside the university in the amount of approx. 1500 - 1800 hours. The project will be carried out within a maximum of one year.

The requirements for the software to be developed are determined by the client, while methodical support and quality assurance are guaranteed by the software engineering department.

Teaching objective

The aim of the course is to enable students to experience the implementation of an authentic software project. Close contact with experts from practice and the use of modern methods and tools form the basis.


Object-oriented methods form the basis of software engineering training. Building on this, the combined use of UML and GUI tools is expected in the analysis phase, the use of design patterns in the draft phase and the use of component technologies in the implementation phase.

It is also ensured that the project teams work with a consistent quality assurance concept in the individual phases. Of course, the use of methods and tools is based on the wishes of the client.

Project topics

The project proposals usually relate to pilot projects and feasibility studies. The systems created during the internship are often a preliminary stage of further developments, in which project members continue to work directly on behalf of the internship.


For the client, the internship offers the opportunity to have innovative products developed at low cost, to try out new technologies and to get to know potential employees.

For the students it is an opportunity to put the knowledge they have acquired so far into practice in a realistic scenario and to establish contacts with potential employers.


For a successful project completion, regular contact between the client and the project team is necessary. Experience has shown that the workload for the client is limited to the following times:

  • Analysis phase: 15 - 25 hours
  • Design phase: 0 - 15 hours
  • Implementation: 0-10 hours
  • Decrease: 5 - 10 hours

Organization, support, quality assurance

The internship is organized by the software engineering department. During the internship, the individual project teams will be supported by employees from the Software Technology (ST) department under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Mira Mezini looks after.

Quality assurance is carried out continuously by checking the documents to be created. In addition, mandatory audits are required, in which the client can participate and which serve to discuss the selection of solutions, methods and tools.

The students are also offered team and presentation training as well as supervision.