What are some mind-blowing sex tips

8 simple tips to be absolutely stunning in bed

Here are eight simple but effective tips for simply looking stunning in bed and having some real fun. Your partner and you will surely remember THE sex for a long time ...

1. Confuse him

You've both known each other forever and he thinks he can always assess you correctly? Well, then irritate him, surprise him. And that by falling out of your role from time to time.

For example, when you greet each other and instead of saying "Hello" you simply slide your tongue to his ear or slide your hand on his bottom or by breathing something dirty in his ear. Of course, it was all just random and that's why you pretend nothing had happened afterwards.

Your fun lies precisely in his confusion. And you can go on playing the game forever by turning on him with personalities and then tormenting him a little with sudden detachment. That goes on until at some point you fall head over heels on each other.

2. Keep the tension

You can also ensure that the tension between you and your loved one increases "before" and "after". For example, you can spontaneously take his hand in everyday life, briefly put his thumb in your mouth and suck it gently - a small promise for more.

Or you barely leave your hands off him when you eat in a restaurant and so turn him on. After that, the sex should be extremely good.

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3. Enjoy the moment and stop it

When you kiss and caress each other, there is always that one moment, a tiny little one, when it is clear that you want to sleep together. Now. Right away. You have to stop this moment briefly.

A slight delay in the middle of a kiss, a deep look into his eyes while you pause briefly in your movement, a deep breath as if you were trying to hold your breath - he'll hardly be able to stand the tingling in that one moment - but certainly more than enjoy.

4. Talk about it

Tell him what's going on in your head when you kiss him. What would you like to do with him? What is it that drives you crazy about him? Tell him. Imagine how it would be the other way around: Wouldn't you feel irresistible and good too if he did the same to you? So what!

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5. Set the tone

Take the lead in bed. That doesn't always have to be the case, but the effect lies in the variety and surprise. When you're together, you tell him in a decisive tone to just lie still. Today you can do what you want with him. And then you turn him on in peace and quiet. The fact that he is not allowed to move (at first) will drive him crazy - and totally hot for you.

6. A question of position

He's on top of you and everything feels wonderful? Are you sure of an orgasm? All well and good, but somehow also very predictable and boring. Therefore, exactly when it feels extremely good and is about to hit the home straight, just dare to change position.

Sure, you don't really want to move away from here, but that's exactly what makes it so attractive. Above all, the fact that you take the lead and suddenly sit on top of him will really let his ears go down.

The best sex positions for orgasm:

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7. The discovery of slowness

Sex with a difference by simply taking twice as much time for everything. To undress him, kiss him, caress him and land in bed. Maybe you two dance around the bedroom, tightly embraced, and move tightly together to the rhythm of the music.

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Or you both strip for each other in peace of mind. Everyone takes turns taking off a piece until they are both naked in front of each other. Moving slowly, very slowly towards the actual act can be immensely delightful. Just like the opposite, the quickie. Discover the tempo of sex - and play with it.

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8. Capture moments

A photo before, after or during? Why not. We are never so close and open to one another as much as during sex. This photo shows you both with shining eyes and slightly irradiated. A moment that should be captured for each other. And who knows what else will happen during the photo session.