Where can I publish essays


socialnet offers a variety of opportunities to publish on all subject areas of social work and the management of nonprofit organizations. Here we present the most important options and offer you contact options.

Scientific publications

socialnet is committed to Open Access, free access to scientific information. We publish scientific articles quickly and reliably under the socialnet materials. Upon request, we organize further services: editing and proofreading, scientific review process, additional print publication, format conversions (PDF / A, HTML, eBook). The contributions are long-term available under the same URL, can be quoted and are systematically distributed thanks to our high reach.

Find out about other reasons for a publication in the socialnet materials, current conditions and information for authors or contact the editors of the socialnet materials directly.


Print publications are time-consuming to produce, often appear with a considerable delay and, due to the high costs, only achieve a modest distribution. That is why more and more publishers are opting for regular online publications, e.g. research reports from an institute or the annual conference documentation. If the process is organized appropriately, the conference proceedings, for example, can be made available online on the final day of the event, and this at unbeatably low costs.

With regard to materials, socialnet enables publications to be grouped into series. These can also be structured hierarchically, e.g.

  • Social work congresses
    • Congress of Social Work 2013. Poverty and its consequences for society
      • Opening lectures
      • Specialist lectures
      • Workshop results.

Additional services such as editorial support, layout or proofreading are often of decisive importance, especially for series. We would be happy to develop an individual, needs-based solution for you. Ask the editors of the socialnet materials.

Trade journals

Printed journals are a dying genre:

  1. More and more donors for research projects are demanding that the research results be made publicly available.
  2. Many scientists want their findings to be put into practice.
  3. The costs for prepress, printing and sales can hardly be financed with smaller print runs.
  4. The time between gaining knowledge and the date of the print publication is not competitive.

These disadvantages can be avoided inexpensively with ezines, the modern specialist magazines on the Internet. Ezines are very flexible:

  • Any frequency of publication, from ongoing publication to monthly, quarterly, annual or irregular publication
  • diverse design variants and formats, e.g. integration of images, videos, PDF documents
  • Publication of research data including software, e.g. as a download or database access
  • Interaction options, e.g. reader comments, scientific replica directly to the contribution, updating of the results
  • Allocation of an ISSN, available in the long term. Links, citability, archiving by the German National Library.

For several years, socialnet has been publishing the ezine Sozialraum.de, for example, which is editorially supported by university lecturers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Would you like to know what possibilities a cooperation with socialnet offers you. Then please contact the editors of the socialnet materials.

Essays on theory and practice

Would you like to publish the results of your scientific thesis or a successful project about your research area? Are you ready to share practically useful documents - e.g. checklists, procedural instructions, work aids, training documents, manuals - with others? Have you financed a study, the results of which should be taken into account as widely as possible in practice? Have you already published elsewhere and do you have the publication rights?

In these and many other cases, please do not hesitate to contact us. We usually publish suitable specialist articles within a few days. We reserve the right to refuse contributions or to suggest prior processing.

Find out about other reasons for a publication on the socialnet materials, current conditions and information for authors or contact the editorial staff of the socialnet materials directly.

socialnet has other portals that may be particularly thematically suitable for your contribution. In this case, the editors of the socialnet materials will suggest the most suitable portal for you. You are also welcome to contact the editors of the respective portals directly.

On ErzieherIn.de there are articles on the subject of early childhood education. The pedagogical work, the management of facilities, training and further education as well as social and professional policy aspects are taken up.

Vereinrecht.de deals primarily with practice-oriented issues relating to association, foundation and non-profit law. Discussions of judgments and comments on legislation are also welcome.

The young online journal Sozialraum.de is continuously looking for new articles on the subject of theory, research and practice of socio-spatial approaches in social work and the social sciences for the new issues that appear 1-2 per year.

Lexicon article

The socialnet lexicon covers all areas of social and health care. The editorial team is constantly looking for experts for individual terms or for the supervision of subject areas. In addition to working as an author, working as an independent reviewer will also be required in the future. Read on under the notes for authors.

Social policy contributions

While scientific analyzes are in good hands with the socialnet materials, Sozial.de offers the better framework for current statements and critical features. Contact the editorial team of Sozial.de with your contribution or the idea for a feature.

Association and company news

Please send your press releases and articles of an advertising nature exclusively to the editorial office of Sozial.de.

The editorial team also forwards relevant reports to other relevant portals, such as ErzieherIn.de or Werkstaetten-im-Netz.de.

Journalistic contributions

The editorial team of Sozial.de is happy to receive journalistic contributions, e.g. project descriptions, conference reports or current news.

We also look forward to people who would like to take care of a subject area in the medium term. Just write to us.


If you would like to review specialist books on social affairs, you will find detailed information for reviewers here.

You can read what others write about socialnet in our press review.