What are the most overrated travel destinations

You can save yourself: 10 travel destinations that are TOTALLY overrated

Do you know that? You look forward to a well-deserved vacation or a weekend trip to a hip city for weeks - and on site you wonder why so many raved about this place in the first place. Because somehow it's not as great here as you thought.

So that this doesn't happen to you, we are presenting 10 travel destinations that we think are pretty overrated. Of course, there are guaranteed to be different opinions and you can and should like to form your own picture - but the following goals in particular have disappointed us a little:

1. Cancun, Mexico

If you think of fantastic Caribbean beaches when you think of Cancun - you may be disappointed. Because the center and the public beaches are more reminiscent of Mallorca in high season - with roaring tourists in the drinking mood. If you have a rental car and can drive a little further out (or have booked a luxury hotel including a private beach), you will find many beautiful corners!

2. Venice, Italy

Yes, Venice has many beautiful corners and impressive palazzi - but in summer Venice looks like a lousy smelly puddle due to the water standing in the canals. The prices are also extremely high, for a cappuccino you can spend € 10, not to mention a dinner or a gondola ride. If Venice, it is best in winter or spring - definitely outside of the high season.

3. Paris, France

Oh, Paris, the city of love ... You can do it, but it doesn't have to be. Why? Because, of course, many things are insanely overpriced (hotels, restaurants, cafes ...). In addition, the Eiffel Tower, for example, is somehow not as impressive up close as you always thought. Many a French ignore English-speaking tourists with reproachful glances - there is no real relaxed holiday feeling and "amour toujours" somehow.

4. Berlin, Germany

It's similar with Berlin: if you go there with the expectation of finding incredibly hip people, stylish shops and one hip club next to the next, you'll end up left disappointed. Of course, the metropolis has all of that to offer - but for the right Berlin feeling you would probably have to be there much longer than just a long weekend. Otherwise, no matter how long you stay, in the end you realize: the cafes there aren't any cooler than in other cities, the vegan food tastes the same and the hottest clubs can only be visited by those who know someone who knows someone who put one on the guest list.

5. Qatar, Dubai & Co., UAE

Enjoy the sun, beach and sea in winter and autumn: no problem in Qatar, Dubai & Co. However, you shouldn't expect to be here on a picture-perfect beach or to be able to shop or eat cheaply outside the hotel. The prices are high, instead of palm trees you usually look at construction cranes ... Only worth it if you are into excessive luxury (and can afford it).

6. Los Angeles, USA

Somehow everything about this city is a bit too big - and too dirty. Sure, driving through the Hollywood Hills is really nice. But the Walk of Fame, for example, which is basically just a dirty sidewalk where people stand in costumes who want to rip the dollars out of your pocket, you can confidently give yourself.

7. Ayers Rock, Australia

It is one of the landmarks of Australia - getting on a plane (or sitting in the bus or car for ages) to see it is not worth it. There is only this one rock to be seen there - and a few hotels in addition to a lot of barren desert landscape. Australia has much cooler things to offer and you can use your time down under more sensibly.

8. Sylt, Germany

Do you fancy a vacation on a North Sea island? Then it might not have to be Sylt ... Especially in Westerland there are exhausting chic people who ensure horrific prices in restaurants and hotels and don't make the beach more beautiful than on any other North Sea island. And luckily there are still plenty of them!

9. Pisa, Italy

See the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa once in a lifetime. Yes, it is crooked. But that's about it. And you don't have to be in Pisa itself. Boring!

10. Cologne, Germany

Without question: you have to see Cologne Cathedral. Otherwise, as a tourist in Cologne, you ask yourself relatively quickly what else you should do here, because it's not really that pretty here. Except of course at Carnival, the event should not be missed!

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