Why is convenience food bad

It is now known, however, that finished products increase the risk of cancer.

Microwave encourages the consumption of finished products

Added to this is the fact that most ready-to-eat foods are routinely microwaved to eat. Read more about the negative effects of the microwave.

Ready meals are in poisonous packaging

Not even the packaging of the ready meals is completely safe. Vacuum packaging promotes the growth of the dangerous botulism pathogen. It can cause visual disturbances and even brain damage. Bacterial pathogens also grow in packaging with carbon dioxide (the so-called modified atmosphere - e.g. baked goods, sandwiches, etc. in cellophane or mixed salads wrapped in plastic) and release their toxins. Cans are coated with chemicals that e.g. B. to facilitate the tearing of the lid. The chemicals, which are considered to be carcinogenic and mutagenic, rarely only stay in the lid, but also migrate into the contents of the can and with it into the consumer's stomach. Toxic mineral oil vapors from the packaging machines often get into the pack as an "extra".

The times when you could eat finished products with a clear conscience (because they were ignorant) are long gone and those who do not want to see themselves in the role of the test rabbit for food additives will prepare their meals from fresh, carefully selected ingredients in the future prefer to yourself.

Our nutrition tip instead of ready-made products

Make sure that you always choose a healthy diet. It should contain as many basic foods as possible. For a while, a purely alkaline diet is also highly recommended.

For those in a hurry, we have put together a few tips for you. Read: Healthy Eating For Those In A Hurry

Use our healthy and therefore vegan recipes in the navigation or visit our cooking channel, which you can find under this link.


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