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The month is up and the wanderlust is no less. Although our stop in France remains number 1 of the most popular countries with 55 French recipes, with 53 dishes, Turkish cuisine is only just behind in second place.

And our collection of recipes shows that Turkish cuisine has much more to offer than what we have tested in most Turkish restaurants in Hamburg.

But just get an overview yourself: We start with bread and rolls, because they take a little longer, as we know. I make it very easy for you with the No Knead Pide - small Turkish flatbreads without kneading and you will also find a simple Turkish flatbread recipe at Sylvia von Brotwein. The Turkish village bread from Ulrike's pot is also very simple. After kneading, it is shaped directly and then just has to go. The açma - fluffy rolls from Susanne von magentratzerl - are a little more elaborate. But it's worth it and that's why Britta von Backmaedchen1967 also has açma-fluffy Turkish rolls in its range.

Of course, everyone has to know how to eat the bread. I just love bread with dips. It doesn't really take more for a full meal. Especially when the selection of dips is as large as in Turkish cuisine. Do you already know Haydari? Ulrike brought us the yoghurt and cheese cream and Wilma von Pane-Bistecca has a Muhammara - Turkish pepperoni dip. Sylvia's recipes for the Paprika Feta Dip - spicy sheep's cheese cream and the beetroot hummus also sound great.

The best known dip from my point of view is certainly Acılı Ezme - we have a recipe for the spicy Turkish paprika dip for you.

Of course, you can also pimp a dip buffet with various little things. For example, Sebastian has published a puff pastry roll with spinach and sheep cheese and beetroot and grape salad as a guest contribution to Britta's cookbook for Zaziki. Filled rolls are very popular in Turkish cuisine. Susan von Labsalliebe had Sigara Börek - Börek with spinach and feta from the oven and Sus from CorumBlog 2.0 even had Sigara Böreği with three different fillings.

Gozleme are similar, but slightly larger. Michael von SalzigSüssLecker brought them to us as gozleme (filled flat cakes) with spinach and sheep cheese. A great starter to share, which would certainly be sufficient with a salad as a main course. The same could be said about the next dishes.

Until recently, I didn't know that pide also stood for flatbreads. Because I only knew Pide as a boat with a great covering. Quasi the Turkish pizza. A variant that I have eaten quite often was the Kiymali Pide filled with mince - Turkish filled flatbread, similar to the Wilma variant. And the vegan Pide with two different fillings from Nadine von Möhreneck also looks great. Do you actually know Biberli ekmek? Ne? Neither do I, but Ulrike baked these paprika flatbreads - Biberli ekmek, with which we conclude our collection of Turkish snacks.

Of course, there are also great soups and starters in Turkish cuisine. Actually every Turkish restaurant has a lentil soup on the menu. However, I would doubt whether they can always keep up with Andreas Mercimek Çorbası - Turkish Lentil Soup on our food creations. Or how about a great watermelon gazpacho - Karpuz Çorbası - vegan or with crabs that we have prepared for you. Perfect for the summer.

Or you can just make yourself a delicious bulgur salad. Both Andrea had a Kısır - Bulgur salad, and Sonja from Fluffig & Hart. You can find your Kısır - Turkish bulgur salad here. What one (or I) often forgets: Bulgur is simply precooked wheat and this is how Ulrike called her dish wheat groats with vegetables. And in the Mercimek Köfte - vegetarian Turkish lentil meatballs from Sonja, Bulgur plays a leading role.

But of course there are not only bulgur salads in Turkey. You can find two more salads in kitchen Latin. A black bean salad - Klasik piyaz and a carrot and yogurt salad - Havuçlu Yoğurt Salatası.

Other starters in Turkish cuisine are the stuffed vine leaves cooked by Britta or Çılbır - poached eggs with yoghurt, which Jill brought us from the small Kuliversum.

But now we come to the main courses. Of course, you can put these back in the middle to share, but most of the times the following dishes are served as a main course in Turkey. We start with pasta. More precisely with filled pasta.

Did you know that Susanne von Magentrazerl has a dumpling of the month? This month it is her mantı that she made for the culinary trip around the world. There was also Mantı at Carina from Coffee2Stay. With Acili Ezme. If the filling is too much work for you, I recommend the Lazy Mantı by Susanne. Like manti, only simpler. In general, pasta dishes are not uncommon in Turkey. There is from Michelle on The Road Most Traveled Pasta in Turkish: Recipe for spicy Turkish yoghurt pasta and Susi's turbo housewife with pasta with lamb and yoghurt also delights us.

In the following we will see that bread is an important component in main dishes. Flatbread is not only served as a companion to stir-fry dishes with a lot of sauce, but is also filled, like the chicken in flatbread in Britta's cookbook. As a wrap you can admire the Circassian chicken - Çerkez Tavuğu at Simone von Zimtkringel and Sylvia von Brotwein brought us a Yoğurtlu Kebap - grilled meat with yogurt and flatbread.

Since Sylvia has spent a lot of time in Turkey, we not only learn a lot about the kitchen from her, but she also brought two more kebaps with her. Her Adana Kebap recipe for minced meat skewers from the grill sounds just as good as her Şiş Kebap recipe for Turkish meat skewers from the grill. And Christian from SavoryLens also grilled, namely Turkish kofte from the grill with bulgur salad and sumac yoghurt.
In addition to the well-known grill dishes, there are also many dishes from Turkish cuisine that are not only delicious, but also very unknown. At least to this day I have not known Brittas İmam bayıldı or Wilmas Sandal Sefasi - boat trip in Turkish. I love eggplant. Wilma's “boats” can also be found in Turkey with zucchini.

We also have a few dishes for you with zucchini. Petra aka Cascabel from Chili and Ciabatta cooked a couple of braised zucchini - kabak yahnisi for us and Ulrike has the zucchini with bulgur in olive oil lukewarm as a perfect summer meal. Susi presented her zucchini to Turbohausfrau in a very child-friendly way. The Mücver zucchini fritters would definitely get our kids to eat the vegetables.

For those who like to eat vegetables and meat, Turkish cuisine naturally has a lot to offer. So we brought you Dana etli güveç - Turkish veal goulash with lots of vegetables, and Petra had green beans with lamb (kuzu etli ile yeşil fasulye) and Turkish rice. Ulrike also had lamb in kitchen Latin. She prepared us roasted meat gardener - Bahçe Kebabi.

Last month I started the series “International Meatballs” and continued this month with Domates Soslu Köfte - Turkish Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. Whether round like Sebastian with the Köfte pan with vegetables and Turkish rice noodles or oblong like Ulrikes meatballs with tomatoes - Salçali Köfte, Köfte with vegetables and sauce are often served for lunch in many Turkish restaurants. Just give it a try.

The hearty conclusion today is Petra. Grandmother's Pilav - İç Pilav is a great rice dish that is more likely to be found in the Middle East and clearly shows the eastern influences in Turkish cuisine.

Fans of sweet Turkish cuisine will have to be content with two desserts today. On chili and ciabatta you will find semolina helva with raspberry yoghurt ice cream - dondurmalı helva and Tina from Küchenmomente opted for a Revani Tatlisi - Turkish semolina cake from the tray.

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August has started and our tour group continues to travel to Turkey without a break. I was just allowed to curate the #Trostkochen recipe collection for Turkey, in which 38 archive articles with recipes from Turkey have already come together. I am very curious to see what new recipes we can discover this month and whether the virtual wanderlust is still so great. After all, 45 great recipes from Sweden have come together again, so that Sweden has ranked second among the most popular travel destinations. Just behind France with 55 recipes and even ahead of 39 Spanish recipes.

I only have a Turkish recipe, Adana & Urfa Kebap - Turkish skewers from the grill, on the blog, but I like to eat Turkish. I'm looking forward to lots of delicious ideas.

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