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A missed call. An unknown number on the display. Just calling back now can be very expensive. How to protect yourself against fraudulent ping calls.

Status: October 19, 2020

The phone rings only once and then an unknown number appears on the display - with an area code from Tunisia, Burundi or Liberia. If you don't know anyone there - never call back! Because: A recall can be expensive. Whoever calls back often hears a tape announcement promoting a competition or an employee trying to keep you on the line for as long as possible. The result: the caller pays for every minute, sometimes even several euros per minute - the longer you stay on the line, the more the fraudsters earn. In some cases someone will also answer the call and try to get you into a contract.

The perfidious thing: The area codes of the countries from which the calls come are similar to German city codes and can easily be mixed up. If you expect a call from Dortmund with the area code 0231, you might fall for a ping call from Liberia with the area code 00231.

Beware of calls with numbers starting with 00881. There are no country codes behind it, but calls from satellite networks, for which a callback causes immense costs.

Be careful with these area codes (if you don't know anyone in this country)

+212 Morocco
+216 Tunisia
+223 Mali
+224 guinea
+225 Ivory Coast
+231 Liberia
+232 Sierra Leone
+248 Seychelles
+257 Burundi
+261 Madagascar
+269 Comoros and Mayotte
+355 Albania
+387 Bosnia and Herzegovina
+7 Russia
+881 satellite links

Unknown numbers or area codes can be quickly checked using an online search. If you don't know anyone currently in that country, don't call back. The Federal Network Agency keeps a list of fraudulent numbers. You can also report numbers there.

Do I have to pay the cost of a ping call?

Anyone who has already been a victim of such ping calls and receives the bill still has a chance to save the costs: If the Federal Network Agency has already imposed a billing block for the respective number, you can reduce your telephone bill by the respective amount - you have to do not pay these costs. In any case, a discussion with your telephone provider will help.

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