How far is Fresno from Bakersfield

Distance Signs: Cities and Towns around Fresno

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Fresno coordinates

Latitude: 36° 44' North
Longitude: 119° 47' west

Distance to ...

North Pole:5,934 km
Equator:4,068 km
South Pole:14,070 km

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About the same latitude

About the same longitude

  • Carson City, Nevada, USA
  • Angels Camp, California, USA
  • Bakersfield, California, USA
  • Oxnard, California, USA
  • Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Farthest from Fresno

  • Ile de la Possession, Crozet Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, 18,726 km
  • Amsterdam Island, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, 11,483 mi
  • Port-aux-Français, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, 18,391 km
  • Saint-Pierre, Réunion (French), 18,238 km
  • Saint-Paul, Réunion (French), 18,198 km

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