How do you join a cult

Corona hits another traditional Munich company: The cult bar "Roy" at Sendlinger Tor has to close. The farewell will probably be atypically quiet.

  • In Munich, the next cult restaurant has to close: The Roy at Sendlinger Tor.
  • Corona hits the catering industry hard in Munich.
  • The landlord was known for his Schlager singing skills.

Munich - He says goodbye quietly in parting: Günther Grauer (54) closes his bar at the end of the year Roy at the sendlinger Gate to. The legendary restaurant closes after more than 60 years. The farewell will probably - completely untypical for the hit-singing host - go over the stage without a sound.

A closure of the bar at Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 30 had been in the room for a long time. The owner of the property wants to demolish the house in 2022 in order to build a hotel there, reports Grauer. "We could have extended our lease until September 2021, due to Corona we are now letting it expire"says the bar manager, who seems very collected on the phone. The 54-year-old only briefly toyed with the idea of ​​reviving the bar in another location. “But you can't just transplant such a venerable bar,” says Grauer, who ran the bar for almost 20 years. In the coming year he wants to concentrate fully on the show and entertainment industry. Grauer is also a singer, actor and president of the Narrhalla carnival club. "A new gastronomy but I don't rule it out entirely, "says Grauer ...

"Roy" in Munich closes - the biggest downer: no proper farewell party

Anyone who knows the Bar Roy knows: There was as much tinsel there as it is today. Hardly a centimeter of the restaurant is unadorned, depending on the time of year it can hang Venetian masks, sometimes sunflowers or pretzels from the ceiling down. At the weekend, Grauer personally took care of the unique selling point of his bar and performed his repertoire, which includes over 300 titles, on stage.

And so the biggest downer for the boss is that the bar will probably not receive a proper farewell party. "The Infection process makes a celebration difficult, ”says the landlord, who assumes that the lockdown will drag on into December. “But I'm already in talks with him Schlagergarten. There we will, if the situation permits, celebrate with friends and regulars. "The soundtrack of the evening has already been set:" The party hits that made for unforgettable evenings. " - Stéphanie Mercier - * is part of the Ippen editorial team.

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