Do cucumbers have nutritional value?

Cucumbers: healthy weight loss dieters

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Cucumbers are good for your skin and digestion.

Cucumbers are a real superfood: They contain many vitamins and minerals and are also a slimming agent because they are low in calories. This not only applies to snake cucumbers, but also to braised and snack cucumbers. The Association for the Preservation of Crop Diversity would like to draw attention to the different varieties and has named cucumber as a vegetable in 2019.

Cucumbers belong to the cucurbit family

The cucumber plant (Cucumis sativus) belongs to the cucurbit family. There are basically two groups: the cucumber, which is also known as the snake cucumber, and the pickled cucumber. The fruits of the cucumber can be up to 60 centimeters long and 500 grams in weight.

Few calories

Cucumbers dissolve uric acid and are dehydrating. Cucumber juice contains the active ingredient cucurbitacin, which promotes blood circulation in the skin and is therefore also used in cosmetics. It has a refreshing and contracting effect on the skin and can whiten freckles. The plant protects itself from predators with cucurbitacin. The substance is toxic above a certain amount. However, there is only a danger with self-raised seeds, because then backcrossing can occur. Therefore, it is recommended to buy fresh seeds.

100 grams of raw cucumber contains only about twelve calories. This makes the cucumber one of the lowest calorie foods. This is mainly due to the water content, which is around 95 percent.

Lots of vitamins and minerals

In addition to the high Water content The cucumber is still made up of 3.5 percent carbohydrates and very small amounts of proteins and fats. The vegetable contains in particular Vitamins from the B group, but also vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, it is relatively rich in the Minerals Calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

The ingredients of cucumber also include Peptidases. These are enzymes that can break down proteins. These enzymes make protein-containing products such as meat easier to digest. The enzymes also ensure that bacteria in the intestine are killed and thus clean the intestines.

Buying and storing cucumbers

In Germany, cucumbers are in season in summer. At other times of the year they come out of the greenhouse. When buying, the cucumber should be firm, the skin intact and smooth. At a temperature of around 15 degrees, cucumbers stay fresh for a few days. They become soft and watery in the refrigerator. The vegetables are not suitable for freezing.

Prepare the cucumber

  • Incidentally, in order to preserve the valuable vitamins and minerals, the vegetables should be treated with the Bowl consume, as the vitamins are primarily there. Fiber, which is important for digestion, is also in the shell. Organic cucumbers are particularly suitable for consumption with the skin on.
  • Who on the Bitter substances If you want to do without, the ends should be cut off generously. Because the bitter substances accumulate at the stem base. The bitter substances have largely been bred from the varieties of conventional agriculture that are available in most supermarkets.
  • Raw cucumber can cause abdominal pain and gas in some people. Core removal and cooking can help.

Cucumber for the skin and against bad breath

The cucumber is also used in cosmetics: as a mask, the peel and slices provide dry skin with moisture. The cucumber can provide relief from swelling or sunburn. The cucumber can also fight bad breath: Simply press a slice with your tongue against the roof of your mouth for about a minute. Then enzymes from the cucumber kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

What are snack cucumbers and stewed cucumbers?

In addition to cucumbers or snake cucumbers, snack cucumbers and stewed cucumbers are also offered in stores.

Snack cucumbers are a little less bitter than cucumbers, but also contain less cucurbitacin. Their skin is also much thinner than that of the cucumber. Stewed cucumbers are smaller, thicker and more bitter than the cucumber and have a thicker skin.

Stewed cucumbers are smaller, thicker, and more bitter than snake cucumbers.

For the figure conscious Stewed cucumbers the perfect vegetable because they are extremely low in fat and calories. But they contain considerable amounts of important nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and up to eleven grams of vitamin C. Like cucumbers in general, stewed cucumbers have been known in folk medicine for many centuries for their consumption in gout, bladder problems and for Drainage has a beneficial effect.

Stewed cucumbers have a lower water content than snake cucumbers and taste more aromatic. However, because of their cucurbitacin content, stewed cucumbers can taste extremely bitter. Then you can just cut off so much from the style that the cucumber no longer tastes bitter. Cooking will make the cucumber easier to digest and lose some of its bitterness. In addition, today's varieties contain less bitter substances than was previously the case.

Pickling cucumbers: Alternative from the glass

There are two ways to preserve cucumbers. One is soaking in a salt solution that enables lactic acid fermentation.

The lactic acid fermentation is particularly healthy because, unlike other preservation methods, the fermented vegetables do not lose any important nutrients during fermentation because they are not heated. It contains lactic acid bacteria and acts as a probiotic.

The second method is that Insert inVinegarthat is acidic enough to preserve. Sometimes the cucumbers are additionally heated, but usually several times boiling stock is poured over them. Spices such as mustard and peppercorns, juniper berries, chili peppers and herbs such as dill and onions or garlic have a preservative effect.

Pickled cucumbers also contain many vitamins and minerals. But: the longer they are stored, the more substances go into the brew. Often the brew is also sweetened. The sugar content can be up to 20 grams per 100 grams of cucumber.

While cucumbers are typical greenhouse plants, pickling cucumbers are almost exclusively grown outdoors. They are smaller and harder, but the ingredients are similar to those of cucumber.

Curved cucumbers are also allowed

By the way, there is no longer an EU regulation that stipulates how much cucumbers can be curved: The EU Commission has decided to deregulate the marketing standards for fruit and vegetables. Accordingly, since July 1, 2009, retailers have been able to offer their customers crooked cucumbers again. The EU marketing standards have also been lifted for 26 other fruits and vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, garlic and cherries. However, EU standards were maintained for ten varieties with high market significance - such as apples, oranges, lettuce, strawberries, peaches, nectarines and tomatoes.

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