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Support donations and human rights of LGBTI people now!

The Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany (LSVD) is a civil rights association and has represented the interests and concerns of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI) for over 30 years. Human rights, diversity and respect - we want LGBTI people to be accepted and recognized as a natural part of social normality. For this we need your support.

Much of our work is done on a voluntary basis - with great motivation and commitment. Thanks to your donation, we can continue to actively advocate human rights, diversity and respect and fight for our goals. Just 20, 50 or 100 euros can make a big difference. The donations are tax-deductible and you can receive a donation receipt upon request.

Many Thanks.


Donation account

IBAN: DE30 3702 0500 0007 0868 00
BLZ / BIC: 370 205 00 / BFSWDE33XXX
Bank for Social Economy Cologne

Simplified proof of donation

Every euro strengthens respect for the diversity of our society!

Creditor identification number: DE52ZZZ00000271021

Note: Individual donations up to 300 euros

If you support the LSVD with a donation that does not exceed € 300.00, you do not need a separate donation receipt to claim the donation as a special expense in your income tax return. For this purpose, it is sufficient if you enclose this simplified proof of donation with your tax return together with a cash payment slip or a booking confirmation from a bank (e.g. account statement), from the name and account number or some other identifier of the client and the recipient, the amount, the booking date and the actual implementation can be seen in the payment. The intended use should include the indication "donation".

For donations over € 300.00, a donation confirmation issued by the LSVD based on the officially prescribed form is required as proof, which we will be happy to issue to you.

On request, we can also provide you from a donation of 30 euros a donation receipt. To do this, you can select the desired delivery for an online donation; for donations by bank transfer, we also need your address information.

Members receive confirmation of their membership fee in January of the new year.