The light bends over a long distance

Frodeno's running routes - Part 2: Munich

Jan Frodeno likes to include exercises in his run to make the training even more effective for the entire body. You can do that too. For example, to strengthen the thighs, calves and trunk, jumping exercises are suitable:

1. Outside leg throw:
Place your feet a little more than hip-width apart and bend your arms in front of your torso so that your forearms are on top of each other. Now jump from one leg to the other and pull the unloaded leg outwards. Switch legs without a break. Hold on for 30 to 45 seconds.

2. Jump:
This exercise also starts in the hip-width position. Bend your arms with clenched fists. Shift your weight to one side and now jump from foot to foot. Bend the other leg so that your heel touches your buttocks. Do the exercise for 60 seconds and then keep walking.

Back to the track: The northern part of the English Garden doesn't feel like a megacity at all. In addition to other joggers and walkers, mountain bikers are mainly out and about here. If you cross the Eisbach just before the Tivoli power station, you will slowly come back to livelier areas. The Eisbach is known far beyond Munich for its surf wave. However, it can be found a good bit further south.

Cross the Max-Joseph-Brücke and change the Isar side. Here you get back to the route on which you have already run. Put in a sprint to the Angel of Peace before it cools down. You should cover the last part again at a moderate pace. This allows your circulation to calm down and regeneration begins. The best thing to do is to continue walking at walking pace to Wiener Platz.

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