Why is education important for children

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Even if school and homework are sometimes not fun, children have a right to learn something. Only then will they understand the world and can later take care of themselves and others.
That is why there is the right to education. It says that every child must have the opportunity to attend school. Attending school must not cost anything and the children must be treated properly there.
Here you can see why Lakshmi is happy to go to school.

Learning as an opportunity - worldwide
More than 263 million children do not go to school! It looks particularly bad in Africa. But many children in Asia and South America are also barred from education (source: UNESCO, 2018).

Why can't many children go to school?

Often the schools are too far away from where the children live. Or it costs money to go to school. Many parents cannot afford that. Many children simply don't have time for school. They have to work and earn money because their families are poor. Sometimes there are schools where these children can study in the evenings.
In some areas, girls are not allowed to go to school. This can be for religious reasons or the girls are involved in the household. It is not considered important that they learn anything.
Wherever there is war or families are on the run, there are no regular classes. That is why aid organizations like UNICEF are setting up small aid schools in refugee camps. You want to give the children a piece of normal everyday life - and the opportunity to learn.

"Your day for Africa" ​​campaign

On this day, schoolchildren all over Germany do not go to school, they go to work. What they earn, they donate to the “Your Day for Africa” campaign.
The money is used to finance school projects for children in Africa.

Learning as an opportunity - in Germany
In Germany all children go to school. It is even their duty. From the age of 7 at the latest, all children go to primary school, after which they switch to a secondary school. School attendance in Germany is free for everyone who goes to a state school. But there are also private schools. They cost school fees.

In principle, all children in Germany have the same opportunities and opportunities at school. At least that's the way it is intended. In the meantime, however, it has been found that the success of a student depends very much on which family he or she comes from.
If the parents have a high school diploma, it is easier for the children to get it themselves. This is because the parents are better able to support their child than those who have not been to school for that long themselves. It is similar with parents who were not born in Germany and for whom German is a foreign language.

Visit to a school - start the film!
What is the school good for? What does education mean? How does school have to be so that you can achieve your goals? What would you like to become?

Berlin pupils in 5th grade explain their opinions and ideas on these questions. Check out what the children have to say in the videos:
Big plans the boys and girls have!
Will that work? The unanimous answer: yes! When a few conditions are right.
A good school education is usually the prerequisite for exciting jobs in which one bears responsibility and earns well. But do all children have this chance?
All children have the right to an education. What does that actually mean?
The right to education applies in every country in the world. So in Germany too. Here there is even an obligation for all children to go to school.