How many problems are there in Irodov

Graduated Physics Problems Books

I had to brush up my physics for college and university students and was wondering if anyone could recommend books or lecture notes (hard copy or online) that also offer solutions.

Two that I came across are:

Princeton Problems in Physics with Solutions - Nathan Newbury

University of Chicago graduate problems in physics with solutions - Jeremiah A. Cronin

Space-time physics - Taylor & Wheeler (favorite book on special relativity; has many problems with solutions on the back; many problems really enforce the material and discuss paradoxes)

If possible, please include a reason why you like the books instead of just listing them.


Suppose you then threw away all of your old lecture notes, problem sheets, and previous papers? You would surely be the best place to start. I asked the +1 question anyway because I would be interested in other people's suggestions.


Yes lol). Unfortunately, I threw away my notes.


This post is old, but I'd like to add my two cents - it matters what you want the material for. If you're just interested in physics, the answers below are good resources. However, if you are practicing for a particular exam I cannot suggest these type of resources as your primary study tool, as you will only be spending a great deal of time dealing with issues that may not have a material impact on your exam performance. That said, if you are studying for a qualification exam, it is in your best interests to fully exhaust all of your old exams before moving on to resources like the following.

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Roger Blandford & Kip Thorne, Modern classical physics: optics, liquids, plasmas, elasticity, relativity and statistical physics. Lecture notes: Ph 136: Applications of Classical Physics,


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General physics : (early elementary and intermediate level)

  1. Problems in Physics IE Irodov - (Highly Recommended)
  2. Problems in Physics SS Krotov - (Again highly recommended, but out of print)
  3. Physics Olympics Books - (I haven't read but seen some Olympics problems)
  4. Physics by example (like this book much, lower undergrad)
  5. Feynman's tips on physics (exercises for the famous lectures)

General Qualifying Exam Books: The following books are part of a series devoted to American university qualifying exams and contain a large compilation of problems of all levels. Others in the series include mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, and solid state physics. Unlike other sets of exercises for qualifiers (like Princeton or Chicago Problems, or the ones below), they are not an excuse for economy and include so many problems from all levels for each subtopic.

Another good book I recently read for my exam is the two volumes: A Guide to Physics Problems (Part 2 has some relatively simple but interesting problems. I didn't go through the first part, which is much more difficult.)


Thinking Like a Physicist: Physics Problems for Students: I love this book because it promotes a real sense of physical understanding, not just math, but actual physical thinking. I also found the problems challenging and interesting.

Then there is always the MIT Open Course Ware in Phsyics, which offers courses for undergraduate and graduate students with assignments, lecture notes, tests, problems, solutions, etc.

When it comes to questions and issues related to qualifying exams that you are looking for, many universities will post examples of earlier versions online. It's just a matter of the department's website.


+1 @Jen: Thank you. If you know particularly good exam questions with answers, do you mind posting them?


It's pretty Google-enabled - the first "Physics Qualification Exams with Answers" results page shows a number of previous exams and solution banks.


Some review / problem set books that I like are:

Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions - Laszalo Mihaly and Michael C. Martin

Quantum Mechanics Problems With Solutions - Gordon Leslie Squires (The reviews are bare bones but I find the questions very good to get you thinking)

Hope that helps. I'm curious what other people will come up with.


"Problem Book on Relativity and Gravitation" - A. Lightman, W. Press, R. Price, S. Teukolsky


The two you have were my favorites.

For the sake of completeness, a few others who have also worked out solutions:

LA Sena, A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics

Constantinescu, Problems in Quantum Mechanics

Many problems and solutions are available for Caltech's comprehensive course "Applications of Classical Physics":