How can I start a painting business

Self-employed as a painter

Training as a painter alone is not enough if you want to become a freelance painter. Since this is a craft that requires a license, you must present a master craftsman's certificate when you set up your painting business. However, there are exceptions, so you can set up your painting business without a master. These are

  • Employ a manager with a master craftsman's certificate: A simple way to avoid the master craftsman obligation is to hire a master painter as operations manager.
  • Old journeyman regulation: If you have more than six years of professional experience, four of them in a managerial position, you are allowed to become self-employed as a painter according to ยง 7b HWO even without a master's certificate. You must be able to prove this qualification - for example by means of job references.

Business knowledge is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended if you want to open your own painting business. Because in addition to your manual work, you have to deal with demanding office work. For example, you have to write invoices, make annual accounts or place orders for materials. Your responsible Chamber of Commerce and Industry usually offers appropriate courses. For example, there are numerous business management training opportunities at the Upper Franconian Chamber of Commerce.

You have to complete these formalities in order to register your painting business: