How many times have you visited Hawaii

Beach. Volcano. Jungle. City.

Just as there are different personalities in an ohana or family, every single one of the Hawaiian Islands exudes a different atmosphere. However, when asked about the most beautiful island, the most common answer is: the island of Kauai. That is why this adventure island with its rainforests and waterfalls is often the location for Hollywood films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong or Jurassic Park.

However, if you ask the question: "Which Hawaii island is the best?", The answer is not that clear. Rather, it depends on what you want to experience in Hawaii. For example, Oahu is the perfect island if you want to combine nature and the big city. Because in the south of the island you will find a wide range of shopping, entertainment and culture, while the north is characterized by secluded palm beaches, surfing beach boys and pineapple plantations.

Molokai is ideal if you are looking for seclusion and tranquility. Only about 7,000 people live on this sparsely populated island of Hawaii. The residents appreciate the simple and uncomplicated life. People like to do without luxury. Papohaku Beach, one of the longest and often deserted sandy beaches in the Hawaiian Islands, is another reason visitors choose Molokai.

Maui, on the other hand, is your island if you want to experience as many facets of Hawaii as possible on one island. The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands captivates with romantic bathing bays, rainforests, waterfalls and cliffs. A well-developed road winds up to 3000 meters to the summit of the extinct volcano Haleakala. Stroll along the promenade of the old port city of Lahaina, browse through surf shops and boutiques and enjoy the sunset in one of the numerous restaurants or cafes.

If volcanoes fascinate you, Island of Hawaii could be your first choice. Three of the five volcanoes on the Island of Hawaii are classified as active and only here do you have the chance to experience glowing hot lava. You can easily explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by car. But the largest of the Hawaii Islands also offers you extensive rainforests, cool sandy beaches and excellent snorkeling and diving areas.