Where are red envelopes sent?

Chinese New Year 2021 in Germany: Digital gift ideas and red envelopes

In 2021, the Chinese New Year will be on February 12th. It is celebrated all over the world. The festivities in London are particularly spectacular, with a free parade through Chinatown and the West End. Of course, there is also a celebration in Berlin: In the Europa-Center you can see dragon dances and exhibitions and hear traditional music. At the moment, however, it can be assumed that the Chinese New Year celebrations will have to be canceled or redesigned this year.

This is a difficult moment for the Chinese community in Germany, especially since international travel is not recommended. How can you still celebrate the Chinese New Year 2021 with your community in Germany or with your loved ones in China?

How about a red envelope?

The red envelope: an important Chinese tradition

In China, red envelopes are exchanged for cash on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and the New Year celebrations. The red color of the envelope is said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.
You are in lockdown and you might be wondering how a cash gift can help you when you can't visit your loved ones? Because the age-old tradition has arrived in the digital world! In 2014, the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat added a virtual red package feature. So you can send the traditional monetary gifts directly to your contacts via the WeChat platform.
A traditional gift will also look good in your community during the Chinese New Year 2021. But can you also use WeChat's “Red Envelope” function in Germany?

Send a red envelope via WeChat in Germany

You can download the WeChat app and register anytime, anywhere. However, the functions that are available to you are location-dependent and also differ according to the type of bank card that is connected to the app. Unfortunately, the Red Envelope feature is only available in mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Africa.
You can't send a red WeChat package in Germany, but you might be able to receive one.

Received a red envelope via WeChat in Germany

If your WeChat account is linked to a Chinese bank card, you're in luck! You can receive a red WeChat package from your family abroad - be sure to let them know!
Unfortunately, this will not work without a Chinese bank card. What exactly happens then? The red package will appear in your WeChat wallet. You then have 24 hours to connect a Chinese bank card to your WeChat account, otherwise the money will be returned to the sender.
Fortunately, this isn't the only way to send a digital gift. Here are some great ones
Alternatives to the red package from WeChat.

Digital gift ideas for the Chinese New Year that work from Germany

Giving away money is part of the Chinese tradition. In what form the money is given away remains open. So why not make digital gift cards the perfect Chinese New Year gift? There is a suitable option for every situation:
  • Digital gift cards for the Chinese community in Germany

Would you like to give away a red envelope to your Chinese friends, family or colleagues in Germany? Choose a prepaid code from our large selection. We have the right gift for everyone - for gamers, entertainment fans and shopping queens. You can top up a gift card with different amounts; According to Chinese tradition, you should choose an amount that ends in an even number.

Would you like to pay out with your Chinese bank card from Germany? No problem! China Union Pay is accepted as a payment method on Guthaben.de.
  • Digital gifts for your community in China

Instead of giving away cash, you could give your loved ones in China digital values. You can do this, for example, by charging a prepaid cell phone for someone else. This way you can spend more time with the people who are really important to you. Is there a nicer gift?

You can buy cell phone credit for China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile anywhere in the world. The credit is sent immediately and delivered directly to the recipient's mobile phone.

A red envelope as a last-minute gift idea in Germany

All of our gift cards are emailed instantly as digital codes. You can please someone until the very last second.
Would you like to give the Chinese New Year a personal touch? If you have a day or two, you can print out the digital code, put it in a red envelope and post it to your loved ones in Germany.
We wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!
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