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[Solved] How to Safely Watch Kodi in Germany in 2021

Kodi is a free and powerful one Open source media player with a lively fan base. As one of the best on the market, it lets you experience your home entertainment system in a completely new way - with first-class organization and online streaming functions.

Its great strength is its compatibility: it runs under Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Firestick and other operating systems.

However, Kodi has made a lot of negative headlines with copyright infringement in recent years. In this article, we address many of the questions that arise about security and legality.

Stream on Kodi

Kodi doesn't just organize your local content. With the help of plugins, Online content streamed become. This as Kodi addons well-known plugins have helped the platform to its current popularity.

There are official Kodi addons and third party (unofficial) Kodi addons available.

Official Kodi addons

The official Kodi addons are checked by the XBMC Foundation, the team behind Kodi. They do not promote copyright infringement in any way. It's another channel for streaming existing services.

These add-ons usually require a subscription, but many are also free.

  • iPlayer WWW (BBC iPlayer)
  • Crackle
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Dailymotion, etc.

Official Kodi addons are easy to install. They can be found in Kodi's official addon repository.

Third party Kodi addons

Third party Kodi addons are not verified. Kodi doesn't verify apps if the developers don't submit them for review or if they allow the user to stream copyrighted content.

Various developers from all over the world make third-party addons. Since it's open source software, you don't have to partner with Kodi. Today there are more than a thousand Kodi addons. They are suitable for Stream live sports broadcasts, live TV, films, TV series, music, documentaries Etc.

However, third party developers own no rights to the content they make available. Rather, they look for links on the internet. For the most part, these are Links illegal. That sparked the debate about Kodi's legality.

Illegal streaming on Kodi

Streaming is usually illegal if Third party addons be used. That is why it is always advisable to be on one reliable VPN to fall back on.

Content producers as well as copyright organizations go against it illegal streaming through Kodi in front. ISPs, especially in the UK, are instructed to block illegal links. The ISP have also stepped up their monitoring activities. Governments enact data retention laws to monitor Internet usage and combat copyright infringement.

Illegal streaming - the legal situation

The fight against illegal streaming reached a new level when the UK passed the Digital Economy Act 2017. Under this law, anyone who uses Kodi, torrents or websites to illegally stream TV series, films and sporting events threatens to up to ten years in prison.

So far, however, no Kodi users have been arrested. Most of the attention goes to the sellers of pre-configured Kodi boxes.

In most regions, including the USA, Canada and Australia, the legal situation for streaming copyrighted content is not clear. The only thing that is clear is that selling and distributing copyrighted material is against the law and can end up in jail or be fined severely.

DMCA notices

Many Kodi users received DMCA notices for using third-party addons to stream illegal content. When you stream content, your ISP, copyright organizations, and others can identify your IP address.

Copyright organizations are keen to protect their interests. Typically, they send DMCA notices to ISPs whose IP addresses have been used for illegal streaming. Your ISP can then easily identify you and send you the DMCA notice and a written warning.

Preconfigured Kodi boxes

Pre-configured or fully configured Kodi boxes are Android devices on which Kodi and various third-party Kodi add-ons are pre-installed.

Unlike illegal streaming, which is still in the legal gray area, selling these boxes is a criminal offense. Sellers have already been arrested, charged and sentenced to heavy fines.

Amazon also joined the fight and blocked the sale of boxes on the platform. Amazon warns that anyone who “promotes, facilitates or enables” illegal access to copyrighted content is at risk of having their account blocked. Facebook and other platforms have joined in.

Is Kodi Legal?

No content or extensions are originally installed on Kodi. By default, the tool organizes your local content on a device or on a local network. In addition, the associated metadata - descriptions, posts, covers, etc. - are scanned and added.

As a tool, Kodi, like a laptop, can perform different tasks. Kodi is so perfectly legal. If you use the program for its intended purpose, you won't run into any problems.

Of course, the XBMC Foundation has distanced itself from the addons of dodgy third-party providers. In 2014, she stated that Kodi was "... absolutely legal in its unchanged form, but certain add-ons bring ambiguity."

Using third party addons to illegally stream copyrighted content is illegal.

Is Kodi Safe?

On its own, Kodi is safe. However, if various third-party Kodi addons and repositories are installed, problems arise.

There are lots of third party Kodi addons for a wide variety of purposes. However, none of these are tested. If a criminal developer decides to change a code, it can compromise the security of your data and devices.

This generally affects outdated addons: Kodi addons are updated automatically. A malicious developer can take advantage of this - data theft and malware are common. It is therefore advisable to all outdated addons and repositories to delete.

Here is a summary of the dangers of using Kodi threaten:

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks:
    These attacks are easy to carry out. Fortunately, they're not very common. MITM attacks can be launched while addons are being updated, as this process takes place over unencrypted HTTP connections. In general, your unencrypted traffic will be intercepted.
  • Harmful addons:
    The biggest security threat to Kodi users. Add-ons can execute codes on devices and thereby increase authorizations. This enables credentials to be stolen or malware to be installed.
  • Dangers from pre-installed Kodi boxes:
    A box that has Kodi add-ons and third-party add-ons preinstalled can also contain malware. Some devices are sold with malicious intent. Users need to be careful; to avoid problems, it is recommended to clean the devices of data.

Safe and private use of Kodi

Use a VPN

You want to use Kodi without your ISP or copyright organization looking over your shoulder. You need a VPN to cover up your activities.

A VPN encrypts the traffic and enables internet access via a remote server. Due to the encryption, third parties cannot see the data sent or received.

In addition, the proxy server disguises your IP address and give you another. Anyone monitoring you will see your alternative address, not your real one.

However, you need to choose your VPN carefully, as some are unsuitable for Kodi.

So a VPN can work well with Kodi, the following is required:

  • High speeds
  • No protocols whatsoever
  • Enabling P2P traffic
  • Unlimited bandwidth


ExpressVPN is great for Kodi. It meets all of the criteria mentioned

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A VPN protects you from man-in-the-middle attacks and allows you to bypass regional restrictions.

Use an anti-virus program

In combination with a VPN, the use of an anti-virus program is another way of avoiding security threats. An anti-virus program is particularly useful if you have bought a preconfigured Kodi box. But you can also use it on any other device and thus prevent malware from damaging your data or devices.

Delete outdated Kodi addons

Finally, as a precaution, delete periodically outdated Addons and repositories.


Kodi is a great way to stream content, especially if you prefer wireless solutions. You have to be careful though. The tool can get you in trouble.

Kodi poses various dangers to your device and the local network. Therefore, it is important that you put your entertainment needs behind your safety and that of your family.

To be sure, you should always use a VPN if you use Kodi.