How are you going to celebrate Christmas Day

Are you going to celebrate Christmas this year as always?

A year ago Christmas was a contemplative celebration with the whole family full of joy, Corona could change everything this year. This year the question arises whether there will be a Christmas party in the family circle with all generations of parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren, whether Christmas masses will take place or whether it will be a silent night full of loneliness for us. According to a survey, two thirds want to spend Christmas as usual. What do you think about that?

AUSTRIA. At the holiest of all Christian celebrations, two thirds of Austrians do not want to let the joy of Christmas spoil despite Corona. According to a survey by Makam Research, these 67 percent plan to spend Christmas just as they always do despite Corona. Six percent plan to isolate themselves in the week before the party so that they can meet their families.

These plans coincide with a street survey that mein carried out at the beginning of December.

While the majority of the population does not seem to want to limit the number of people at the private Christmas party, twelve percent of those surveyed wanted to celebrate the festival this year with fewer family members and friends than usual.

Older this year rather aloof

While Christmas Eve is traditionally a synonym for the “Festival of Generations”, where all generations of a family, from young to old, often come from different regions, this year people from the 60+ generation are showing themselves to be aloof when it comes to large family celebrations. Almost every fifth person in this age group wants to reduce the number of contacts at the Christmas celebrations as well.

Around four percent forego meeting parents and grandparents

This goes hand in hand with the fact that around four percent of the population will forego dealing with parents or grandparents this Christmas. The threatening danger of social isolation is tragic - two percent will spend Christmas alone this year for the first time due to Corona, and another two percent will completely forego celebrations.

The results result from an online survey of 644 Austrians aged 20 and over, representative of gender and age.

You can find the entire survey here