Is Nancy Pelosi attorney

Adam J. must have passed the laughter. In one of the photos of the storming of the Capitol, he can be seen carrying the lectern from Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, with a broad grin. He shared another photo himself on social media. He shows it next to a sign that says that the congress building is closed to tours. To this he wrote: "No."

J. has been arrested in his home state of Florida. The abundance of images made it easy for the authorities to identify him. In this, as in many other cases, they could count on the help of the population. Allan Mestel, a Florida photographer, told the story Washington Postthat he recognized J. as a friend of a neighbor and informed the police.

This did not hesitate long and set J. He is charged, among other things, with trespassing and theft. The lectern, valued at $ 1,000, was later found in another wing of the convention building.

The man who sat at Pelosi's desk

Richard B. from Arkansas was also arrested. He's the man who had his picture taken at Pelosi's desk, feet on the table. He is due to appear in court in Arkansas this Tuesday and will then be transferred to Washington.

Jacob Anthony C. from Arizona is also facing jail time. He was noticed during the riot, among other things, because he wore a fur hat with horns and a two-meter-long spear to which he had attached an American flag. C. is known as a supporter of the conspiracy cult QAnon, whose members believe, among other things, that the incumbent President Donald Trump is fighting an alliance of Democrats and Hollywood greats who run a child sex ring.

At least 82 arrests, 17,000 leads

These three men are among those whose pictures went around the world, it was easy to find them. However, the authorities are now trying to track down all the other people who broke into the Capitol last Wednesday. Washington prosecutor Michael Sherwin, who is leading the investigation, said: "My office is working with the authorities at all levels to quickly identify, arrest and prosecute anyone who participated in the brazen criminal activity at the Capitol."

At least 82 people have been arrested so far. Sherwin's office reports that 17,000 reports have already been received from the population. The FBI has released photographs of those involved and asked for help with identification. Hosts of users evaluate the images on social media. Since the congress building is full of surveillance cameras, everyone involved in the riots should ultimately be identified.

One threatened to assassinate Pelosi

A man who threatened to shoot Nancy Pelosi was also charged on Thursday. Cleveland M. from Colorado arrived in Washington the day after the riots. He wrote to a friend that he wanted to stop by Pelosi's speech and give her a bullet in front of the cameras. Although police said he was never near Pelosi, he had brought a pistol and an assault rifle with him to Washington.

Most of those arrested face comparatively low sentences for trespassing. The situation is different for those who have stolen or destroyed objects. For this there are up to ten years imprisonment in the room. In addition, the authorities have opened a murder investigation into the case of Brian Sicknick - the police officer had been beaten by rioters with a fire extinguisher and died from his injuries. The case of Ashli ​​Babbitt is also being investigated, but not for murder. She was shot by a police officer in the course of the riot and later died in the ambulance.

The fact that the authorities are now moving as quickly as possible with regard to arrests and charges is also because they want to have a deterrent effect. Trump supporters are already planning new marches on the capital in various Internet forums. We are currently talking about January 17 and January 20, the day Joe Biden is to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.