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The Yarn count,Thread thickness or the Titer of a yarn, a fiber or a filament is given as linear mass. The fineness of the yarn says nothing about the strength of the yarn or the volume.

A high yarn count means a smaller, a higher denier a larger ratio of mass to length.

The yarn count is used internationally in Tex (tex) measured, this unit has the old units denier (the), metric number (Nm) and English number (Ne) replaced. In large parts of the textile industry, however, the old units are still used.

The tex (unit symbol: tex) is the legal unit in Germany and Switzerland for specifying the length-related mass of textile fibers and yarns, i.e. not generally permissible for quotients of the form mass by length.


  • 1 tex: 1 gram per 1000 meters
  • 1 den: 1 gram per 9000 meters
  • 1 Nm: 1 meter per 1 gram of yarn
  • 1 Ne: 840 yards per engl. lb

Often the units are prefixed with prefixes for units of measurement such as deci or kilo.

  • 1 dtex: 1 gram per 10,000 meters (dezitex)
  • 1 ktex: 1 kilogram per 1000 meters (kilotex)


  • 1 tex = 9 den
  • 1 tex = 1g / 1000m = 1/1000 * 1g / 1m = 1/1000 * 1 / Nm
  • 1 tex = 590.5 / Ne

Is the density ρ known of the fiber material, the yarn count (mass m per length L.) the fiber radius r determine:

Example: A polyester fiber of 1 den has the mass m of 0.001 kg with a length L. of 9000 m. The density is ρ = 1400 kg / m³. Then the radius results r to 5.0 µm. The diameter of a polyester fiber of 1 denier is accordingly 10 µm. This calculation assumes a circular cross-section of the fiber and only works with such single fibers or monofilaments.


In the retail trade, suit fabrics are particularly labeled with Super 100 i.a. designated. The number means that 100 meters of the yarn used weigh 1 gram, i.e. H. the larger the number, the finer (and more expensive) the yarn. For example, fine tights are made from yarns with 20 den or 22 dtex, while thicker tights for the winter are made from yarns with 40 den or 44 dtex.

A fiber is usually referred to as a microfiber if its yarn count is less than 1 dtex.

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