What is the best PMP training online

Project Management: What Are The Best Online Courses?

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Many providers offer online seminars on project management. Some are free, others have certificates. Which course is the best for you?

Many jobs today require a good knowledge of Project management

Anyone who wants to pursue further training can do so too with online courses to do.

We'll show you one below List of selected video courses different providers with whom anyone can become a project manager.

In the list below you will find:

  1. Basic courses for beginners
  2. Course series for comprehensive training
  3. Individual courses on specialProject management topics
  4. Courses at specific Certifications and PM methods

Further training to become a project manager online

The online courses were given by experienced Project experts and universities created (in German and English).

Some of the trainings are free available, with others you can if necessary certificate purchase (this will be shown to you on the course page).

1.) Basic courses

  • Free university course: The University of Bremen offers this free course by a professor at the Institute for Project Management including slides for download. (further)
  • German introductory MOOC: A business administration professor explains in this MOOC (massive open online course) the different phases and the organization of projects. (further)
  • Project management training: Lecturio's video training consists of 11 online lectures, quizzes and other learning materials. (further)
  • Introductory MOOC from a US university: In this MOOC course, the University of Virginia explains the basics of successful projects, including an overview of modern Agile, Scrum and Kanban methods. A free learning option (Audit) is available here. (further)
  • Video basics course from a practitioner: At Udemy, a lecturer with 10 years of practical experience explains the basics of project management, including well-known project management software such as Microsoft Project or ProjectLibre. (further)

Preview of the first lesson of the PM course at the University of Bremen

2.) Extensive series of courses

  • 2 extensive series of courses from US universities: The online education program of the University of California, Irvine is available from Coursera for basic training. (more) / The corresponding course series of the Rochester Institute of Technology is available at edX. (further)
  • International projects / risk management: The online seminar series at Lecturio consists of three parts, in which a trainer with her own experience abroad gives a lecture on the preparation, implementation and follow-up of international projects. (further)
  • Management of technical projects: In the course series Engineering project management At Coursera, experts from Rice University explain the basics of successful projects for engineers and other technical professions. (further)
  • Change Management: In addition to an introduction to project management, the six-month online course at the SPIEGEL Academy also explains the most important components of change management for designing change processes. (more) / Lecturio has a much shorter online course series on change management. (further)

3.) Selected project management topics

  • Best practice experience: Far from the theory, this online course explains the main problems with projects in practice and the team dynamics that typically arise when working on projects. (further)
  • Common problems in projects: More short online training at LinkedIn Learning on quality, cost and time issues as well as collaboration issues; the originally English-language course was prepared for a German audience. (further)
  • Time management: The US University of Purdue explains the most important timing aspects in this course at FutureLearn. (further)
  • Quality management: Online training for project managers and project managers: requirements, techniques, tools. (further)
  • Communication strategy: In this one-hour video training course, a project consultant shows the importance of correct communication in projects. (further)
  • Lead project teams: Short video course from two experienced consultants. (next) / English course at the University of Washington. (further)
  • Handling complex projects: In this English-language MOOC, the Dutch TU Delft provides an overview of the particular complexity of large-scale projects such as those in the infrastructure sector. (further)
  • Project financing: The basics for financing larger projects are explained in this MOOC. (further)
  • Project controlling: Short video seminar in German about target / actual comparisons and plan deviations. (further)
  • Evidence-based project management: This online course at edX examines which tools and techniques are suitable for successful projects from a scientific point of view. (further)
  • Atlassian JIRA project software: The English-language course at Udemy gives an introduction to one of the most widely used software tools in project work. (further)
  • Microsoft Project: Detailed Lecturio introductory course in the well-known project management software from Microsoft. (next) / Course on the same topic at Udemy. (further)
  • Microsoft Planner: Basic course for the planning app in the Office 365 package from Microsoft. (further)
  • Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM): This course explains Microsoft's cloud-based PPM software solution. (further)

4.) PM methods and certifications

  • Agile project management / product development: The short basic course at LinkedIn Learning explains agile working in order to achieve results quickly and flexibly. (next) / English-language course at Udemy on the same topic. (more) / MOOC from ETH Zurich on the agile software development process. (next) / Longer series of courses at the University of Virginia. (next) / The agile Kanban method in the Udemy course. (further)
  • Scrum: Lecturio introductory course on the Scrum framework, which is used in software development, among other things. (next) / Short basic course on the same topic from LinkedIn Learning. (next) / Course series in English at Pluralsight. (further)
  • PRINCE2 method: (A previous course on this well-known project management method has now been discontinued. We will update this list as soon as the course becomes available again.)
  • Preparation course for GPM certificate: An online coach at Lecturio prepares 19 lessons for the exam for the GPM certificate (German Society for Project Management). (further)
  • PMI CAPM exam preparation: This online video training specifically prepares participants for the exam Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) des Project Management Institute (PMI). (further)
  • PMI PMP exam preparation: This online course prepares learners for the exam Project Management Professional (PMP) of the PMI. (further)
  • CompTIA: Various courses on the various IT certifications of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). (further)
  • IHK certificate for project manager: Training courses on this are not yet available as a complete online video course. If the IHK certificate is important for your employer, you can use the more traditionally structured one here Distance learning courses with mainly written study material, for example from the Klett Fernakademie or the Darmstadt study group. Of course there are also corresponding ones Face-to-face seminars directly at the IHK.

You can find more e-learning courses on all available topics in our course directory.

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