Is Canada a good place to immigrate?

Emigrating to Canada: Everything About Moving to North America

Before you can rush into planning your move, you need to clarify whether you are even eligible for an unlimited visa - as an EU citizen can only stay in Canada for six months without a visa. The good news first: Germans enjoy a good reputation as workers in Canada. There is also an urgent need for skilled workers from certain areas and for immigration support.

Points system for skilled workers from abroad

With the “Skilled worker and professionals” program the Canadian Immigration Service promotes professionalsfrom abroad. New citizens with sought-after skills should have an easy time immigrating.

Sought-after professions in Canada can be found, for example, in the medical sector, but architects, electrical specialists or specialists from the mining industry are also in great demand.

Anyone in the so-called Express entry pool wants to be accepted, must first pass a language test. Then the applicants create a profile, which is rated by employees of the authority according to points.

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Points are awarded for:

• Training
• Work experience
• Language skills in English and / or French
• Age
• Adaptability
• Employment in Canada

For a "Permanent Residence Status" at least 67 points are required. In addition, as a potential immigrant, you must have some basic conditions fulfill:

• Clean police clearance certificate
• At least one year of professional experience in a desired job
• Job offer in Canada
• Passed health check
• Financial reserves of $ 10,000 Canadian for an individual or $ 19,000 for a family of four.

If you can tick off all the points, in the best case scenario you will be invited to apply for a permanent visa. You have 90 days from the date of the invitation to submit all the necessary documents.

But even if you are not selected for the quick trial, there is hope. There are a number of other options.

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Funding program in the Canadian provinces

In Canada, the individual bid Provinces have different programs. The Occupational groups that are needed in the region. These can be academics and managers, but also unskilled workers or service staff with a knowledge of French.

If you are not restricted to a specific area, you may well have chances as a “Provincal Nominee” if you do not have a job that is sought by the national immigration authorities.
One The province of Quebec has special status a. For the “Quebec-selected skilled workers”, separate guidelines apply again.

Emigrate to Canada as a self-employed entrepreneur

Emigrants who want to start their own business or invest in a company in Canada also have a good chance of permanent residence. The Federal Business Immigration program is aimed at entrepreneurs, investors and the self-employed.

Again, points are awarded and there are some requirements that must be met.

• Sufficient capital
• Intention to create jobs in Canada
• Business experience
• Willingness to take on charitable tasks
• A minimum score of 35 in the point system for entrepreneurs

Family reunification visa

Another option to get permanent residency is that Family reunion. Spouses, parents, grandparents or children of a Canadian citizen living in Canada may immigrate provided that the family member vouches for them. To do this, the surety has to prove a certain income, which he could use to support you if necessary, and which he has to commit to for ten years.

For many retirees, Canada is a dream destination

Migrating to Canada as a Retiree - Is There an Age Limit?

There is no age limit for emigrating to Canada. However, those who are older than 49 years are given zero points in the point system in the “Age” category. In addition, applicants must pass the health check.

Even if there is no age limit, they are Restricted opportunities to retire to Canada. If you are not ready to work there, there is little chance of being selected for one of the programs.

But retirees also have some options:

• Immigration through family reunification
• If your partner is still working and is eligible for one of the programs, you have the option of accompanying him or her
• If you have sufficient capital, you could come here as an investor

Detailed information and a collection of links for applicants can be found at the Federal Administration Office or in English on the Canadian Immigration Service website.

Already knew? Emigrating to the USA or Canada: Here are the differences

When it comes to immigration, the main difference between Canadians and their neighbors is the ingenious point system. This is intended to ensure the immigration of qualified specialists.

It is handled differently in the USA. This is where the coveted green card counts. This can be requested under certain circumstances or won the lottery are - if some basic requirements are met, it depends partly on pure luck.

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Prepare to move to Canada

If you have obtained a permanent residence permit for Canada, you have already faced a major hurdle. Now it's time to plan your move. You can take care of some things from Germany, for others it is an advantage to be there.

Before moving to Canada:

Bring documents with German authorities up to date: You will need, among other things, a de-registration confirmation, a passport and, in the long term, an international driver's license.
Planning the move of the household:If you don't want to start from scratch in Canada, it makes sense to get rid of unnecessary ballast first. Then you have the option of hiring a forwarding agent to transport your household effects to your new home by ship. Attention: Take into account that your belongings will be traveling for a comparatively long time and that you will have to declare your container personally at the Canadian port.
Assign forwarding order and notification of relocation: So that your mail arrives at your new home and all important points are informed about your current address.

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You can find your new dream home, for example, through notices or advertisements in local newspapers.

First steps on site

Some things can be done only regulate when you have arrived in your new home. This includes that Applying for a social security number and opening a bank account. In addition, completing a Health insurance be useful. As an immigrant, you are insured through the state health system, but this only covers basic benefits.

In addition, the Looking for a new home naturally high on the to-do list for emigrants. In Canada it is common to buy real estate, and rental offers are accordingly rare. If you do not want to rely on online research on real estate portals, it is best to visit properties on site until you have found a new home with a high feel-good factor.