Treehouse provides a good learning experience

Would you like to give your career new impetus? The opportunities to acquire the latest specialist knowledge have never been so inexpensive and easy as in the age of the social web.

The knowledge workers of Generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000) and Z (born after 2000) are at home on the World Wide Web and are active around the clock with iPod, smartphone, WhatsApp and the like. It is therefore not surprising that interactive audio-visual learning platforms such as or its subsidiary video2brain are very accommodating to the learning habits and needs of these generations. They enable you to acquire specialist knowledge in the areas of computer software, management, economics as well as media and design in a quick and uncomplicated manner, quasi ad hoc.

What is

"What would you like to learn today?" With this question, the operators of the learning platform arouse the thirst for knowledge of its users.

The platform has a learning library of over 2,500 course offerings, which show more than 116,000 video-based training courses. While Lynda only offers English-language content, the user on Video2Brain has the opportunity to get to know comparable content in German, French and Spanish.

What makes the learning experience so unique?

  • Compared to the classic knowledge transfer by a lecturer, learning videos offer audio-visual, didactically prepared, worldwide, always up-to-date expert knowledge. This means that the time of learning can be freely determined and thus optimally adapted to the individual life style of the user.
  • The learning videos are held in short sequences of five to ten minutes.
  • It is also practical that the learner determines his own learning pace by pausing or repeating videos at any time. The lively learning experience created in this way has a motivating effect, as implementation successes can be easily achieved in small steps.
  • The integrated playlist function allows you to create and manage a wish list of courses and to set bookmarks. In this way, the user has an overview of his or her individual learning progress.
  • The further training offer can be taken up either directly on the web or via free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices without any problems on demand. This allows the learning location to be freely determined.
  • Learning successes are documented by handing out a certificate upon successful completion.

How do Education 3.0 and fit together?

In order to be able to take advantage of the first mover effect in the competition for innovation leadership, companies must develop effective and efficient new organizational structures, strategies and forms of communication for the social web in a timely manner. Above all, social media means dialogue, also across hierarchical levels, sharing, giving and taking knowledge. Only those who take part gain knowledge and gather valuable experience. Further education offers via audio-visual learning platforms are guaranteed success with their current, well-founded, illustrated and differentiated further education offers through numerous case studies.

In the age of the interactive web, innovation is determined by collaborative knowledge creation with customers, suppliers, experts, interested parties and competitors. In working groups in social networks such as Facebook and XING, this important ‚Äúcollaboration competence‚ÄĚ is achieved through an interactive exchange with speakers, tutors and participants. Online courses enable knowledge workers to effectively acquire new specialist knowledge in order to be able to quickly build up targeted, necessary knowledge for the development of new competencies and experiences in collaboration with other knowledge workers.

The interactive learning platform provides optimal framework conditions for cost-effective, collaborative learning, as missing or insufficient knowledge can be optimally supplemented. This results in an improvement in the performance, productivity and loyalty of employees and managers.

Overall, interactive learning platforms such as are an innovative, decentralized and time-saving solution for those who are enthusiastic about learning.

Generation Z goes one step further, as they are already used to learning audio-visual content in combination with gamification. With the help of gamification, curiosity and the desire to compete with other willing learners are addressed through the use of playful elements, which leads to a greater willingness and perseverance to learn, which facilitates and accelerates the learning process.

This method of learning is an integral part of Education 3.0. Education 3.0 develops from practice for practice and is becoming more and more important in the global competition between nations for innovation leadership.

What costs do users expect?

If you want unlimited access to all videos, you can choose between basic and premium membership. Currently, a basic membership costs $ 25 a month or $ 250 a year. For learners who like to work offline and want to watch and download learning videos on the go via the IOs app, we recommend premium membership for $ 37.50 per month or $ 375 per year. Unfortunately, it should be noted that the download function is only available within the IOs app.

If there are five or more people, also offers flexible, affordable training for businesses, educational institutions, or organizations. A web-based service can be integrated into the company network for easy access and administration. is therefore a cost-effective alternative to traditional consultants or external seminars. You can also get discounts for group accounts.

For all offers, new video training sessions are uploaded every week without incurring additional costs. The premium membership also offers exercise files in which the viewer can prove his understanding. You benefit from cutting-edge topics and can keep up with the constantly evolving technology. For anyone who wants to learn something in the long term and has the time to do so, it is worth investing in the Education 3.0 learning method.

Would you like to try

Here you will find 7 days of free access to all courses in the learning library:

Price comparison with other online learning platforms is just one of many learning platforms. Below is a list of other providers who all offer similar educational opportunities.

CBT nuggets

  • Basic: $ 99 .- / month (monthly payment)
  • Premium: $ 83 / month (paid annually)

Khan Academy


  • 1 month: $ 29.-
  • 6 months: $ 99.-
  • 12 months: $ 149.-


  • Basic: $ 25 / month
  • Pro: $ 49 / month


In summary, it can be said that there are many opportunities available today to acquire knowledge in an innovative, interactive and decentralized manner. If you want to invest in your personal or professional education, you should bring a portion of curiosity and a certain amount of time with you. For professionals or people with little time, is a useful support for the learning process. Open a new door for yourself to advance the achievement of your personal goals and thus perhaps also explore a new meaningful pastime.

With access to the video2brain learning platform, our course is always up to date and learning becomes more effective. Since we are already learning with such learning platforms, we can ideally prepare for our later business life.