Old people believed in extraterrestrials

London (AP) - Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill believed in aliens. In a long-lost article, the politician (1874-1965) believes life on Mars and Venus is also possible, reported the astrophysicist Mario Livio in the journal "Nature".

Churchill's almost 80-year-old contribution was rediscovered in the Churchill Museum in Fulton (US state Missouri) and was allowed to be examined by Livio.

Churchill also foresaw the future of space travel: "One day, perhaps even in the not too distant future, it will be possible to travel to the moon, or even to Venus and Mars." Livio was impressed by Churchill's arguments and recommended that today's heads of government follow the example of the ex-prime minister and always seek advice from scientific experts.

The eleven-page article is said to have been written in 1939, a year before Churchill became Prime Minister. He may have written the article for a newspaper. Churchill wrote many popular science articles, also to finance his expensive way of life, as the newspaper "The Guardian" wrote.

The passionate cigar smoker is one of the most important statesmen of the 20th century and has published important political and historical works. In 1953 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature "for his mastery in historical and biographical representation". Painting was one of his hobbies.