What screams, I'm an ex-military

Militants may have been planning hostage-taking - ex-military personnel involved

The extremists who attacked the US Congress appear to have included the military, police officers and militiamen. They were presumably prepared for far worse.

Well-organized groups appear to have participated in the storming of the US Capitol. Pictures show men in camouflage, bulletproof vests, tactical equipment, special handcuffs and weapons. Apparently it was one of these groups that was one of the first to break into the building, quickly driving the Capitol Police security forces in front of them, and making their way into the chambers of congress well-equipped. At least one ex-military in the Air Force has already been identified, including the "QAnon" supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt, who was shot by the security forces after repeated warnings, was a veteran of the Air Force.

Retired officer

While the FBI is issuing more and more searches and searching for suspects with imagery and the US Congress wants to investigate the failure of the Capitol Police, journalists and researchers are tracking down the men and women who terrified the Capitol. One of them is John Scott-Railton at the University of Toronto. With the help of numerous Twitter users, he evaluates image and video material available online. And has achieved initial success with it.

Within one day, Scott-Railton apparently located an ex-military man who entered the US Senate in tactical gear. The man studied at a military academy, had a long security clearance and is now a retired officer. In particular, Scott-Railton did not name him.

In pictures he can be seen at the speaker desk of the Senate, while he is holding special plastic handcuffs in his hand. Since several men were carrying these handcuffs with them, the researcher speculated about possibly planned hostage-taking. "QAnon" groups have long dreamed of mass arrests and executions aimed at alleged "enemies of the people" such as parliamentarians. Unknown people had also erected a gallows in front of the Capitol. A Reuters reporter said he had heard from at least three rioters trying to find and execute Vice President Mike Pence.

FBI is looking for ex-military and group

The ex-military penetrated the office of top Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who heads the House of Representatives, at an early stage, wrote Scott-Railton, citing a video report from "ITV". According to his own statements, the researcher has already forwarded his findings to the FBI, which is now looking for the man.

Special attention is also drawn to a group of extremists who gain entry to the Capitol in camouflage. The reporter Brendan Gutenschwager recorded a video of the moment, Scott-Railton is following the scene. The pictures show a possibly rehearsed, division of labor procedure.

Two men destroy the window of the building with a captured police sign and a wooden slat, as soon as the obstacle is removed, men in camouflage climb through. Shouts can be heard in the background that seem to be: "Come on, go, go!" and "Kill them!". In the run-up to the US elections, several serious acts of violence by right-wing extremists against politicians had already been prevented - security authorities expected further attacks.

Meanwhile, the FBI is also looking for several of the men with the images. Accordingly, some of the suspects seen in the video also moved together within the building. The man in the front in the picture with the distinctive sweater and cap is the same who a little later chases a policeman down stairs through the building, as can be seen on other videos. According to several local media outlets, he is from Des Moines, Iowa.

FBI mug shot: The group entered the building early. That looked planned. (Source: FBI)

The new findings fuel speculation that the attack was a coordinated coup attempt by US President Donald Trump, which was supported by parts of the security authorities. According to a statement by a Washington police officer, which he published on Facebook and which was quoted by "Politico", some of the militants used their ID cards from the military and police to overcome security barriers.

Report: Allies assume coup attempt

Business Insider also reported that security officials from several US allies believe the attack was supported by government agencies and officials in security agencies. "I can not believe that the failure to set up a reasonable police chain was a mistake," said a French police officer who trains with the US police precisely such object protection situations during demonstrations. "They are very experienced police officers, but they are federal, which means that they ultimately report to the president. That needs to be investigated."

If suspects are unequivocally identified and proven to have committed crimes, they could face years in prison. The Washington Post writes about several possible criminal offenses: seditious conspiracy, damage to public property, crossing state lines to commit crimes. "Make no mistake: with our partners we will hold those who took part in yesterday's siege of the Capitol to account," said FBI chief Christopher Wray in a statement.

His agency will pay particular attention to the suspect who is said to have placed several pipe bombs on the premises and at the headquarters of the Democrats and Republicans. He has not yet been identified. However, the FBI has announced a reward of $ 50,000 for references to him. There is a picture of a masked man. He won't be the only one facing prosecution. A murder investigation into the killed policeman is also ongoing. According to a report in the New York Times, the Justice Department is even considering an investigation into Donald Trump.

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