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Request read receipt - useful or not?

22nd September 2019
Are you sending an important, urgent e-mail and want to be certain that the recipient has actually received or opened the e-mail? At first glance, it makes sense to request a read receipt - but this is not recommended in all cases. In this tip you will find out when a read receipt makes sense and when you might prefer not to use it.

What makes read receipt so practical

You will automatically receive a read confirmation when the recipient has opened (and hopefully read) your e-mail. So you have important news - e. B. Letters of termination or cancellations - at least the certainty that they have arrived.

But please note: The read confirmation is not legally binding in contractual matters - unlike a registered letter with a postal letter - in an emergency. If in doubt, ask for written feedback from the recipient.

When you'd better do without the read receipt

When sending a read receipt, there are also some psychological sticking points to consider. Depending on the situation and the relationship with the recipient, the recipient can view the request for a read receipt as a control. It also makes you feel stressed out and obliges you to complete tasks faster or to answer immediately.

In order not to get into an uncomfortable situation, you should also avoid reading receipts when writing business e-mails. If this request appears on the screen, it initially seems a bit off-putting for many.

The recipient always has the option to refuse a confirmation. If this is the case, you will not receive a read receipt either. You should therefore weigh up beforehand whether a requirement makes sense.

Our tip: In the text of the e-mail, ask for a written confirmation of your request - this is simply better received by the boss or when applying for a job.

In order to request a read receipt from GMX, you have to click on Options in the opened email on the computer and then you have the option of selecting the "Read receipt" email dispatch option. You can also use the read receipt in the GMX Mail app for Android and Windows

We hope that you found this tip helpful and that you now know when a read receipt is useful and when it is not. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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