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    With the nowhere cheaper guarantee from Verivox you are on the safe side. If there is the same tariff that you have taken out through Verivox, but cheaper elsewhere, we will pay the price difference. We give you our word on that.

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How do we calculate the savings?
Cheapest offer: 542.07 euros
Most expensive offer: 1403.20 euros
Savings: 861.13 euros annually
Model case - only high-performance tariffs in comparison:
Tariff benefits: free choice of workshop, protection in the event of gross negligence, marten damage including consequential damage, extended damage caused by game
Volvo V50 T5 (9101 / AJL); First registration 06/2012; Purchase 01/2018
Official (50) in Heidelberg (zip code 69123); additional driver: child (20); Annual mileage 6,000 km
Liability and fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 300/150 euros for SF 12
Source: Verivox Versicherungsvergleich GmbH, October 2020.

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Study: The best car insurance is available from VERIVOX

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Tip: Especially fast you can compare car insurance if you already have your vehicle registration document, your driver's license and documents on previous insurance ready.

Which car insurance is right for me?

As a vehicle owner, you need at least one motor vehicle liability insuranceso that you can use your car on the road. A Partial or fully comprehensive insurance you can as optional protection book in addition to your tariff. But what exactly do individual car insurances protect?

What do motor vehicle liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance protect?

The Motor vehicle liability insurance is a must for all drivers! You are not allowed to drive your car without liability. If you have an accident, motor vehicle liability takes over Costs for personal injury and property damage to third parties. The offers of individual motor vehicle insurers can differ significantly in terms of price and performance. These amounts of coverage are required by law and must be offered by every motor insurance provider:

  • Personal injury: at least 7.5 million euros
  • Property damage: at least 1.12 million euros
  • Financial loss: at least 0.05 million euros

At VERIVOX you will find cheap motor vehicle liability tariffs from 3.31 euros per month! Start a free car insurance comparison now and find your car tariff at the best price in a few minutes.

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The Partial insurance is a extended protection Your car insurance. It pays for damage caused to your own vehicle, for example damage caused by

  • Hailstones,
  • in the event of fire damage,
  • in the event of theft or also
  • in accidents with wildlife.

Important: In the contract details, you can find out which damage is covered by your vehicle insurance and how much. At VERIVOX, we clearly list the tariff details for partial comprehensive insurance in our vehicle comparison calculator. So you can easily compare price and performance ratio with each other. Start a free car insurance comparison now and find your car tariff at the best price in a few minutes. Favorable partially comprehensive tariffs are available from VERIVOX from 0.36 euros per month!

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The Fully comprehensive insurance offers a similar to the partially comprehensive insurance extended protectionwhen it comes to damage to your own car. The protection of the fully comprehensive insurance also applies in the event of further damage, such as

  • additional protection against damage caused by vandalism,
  • in accidents with hit-and-run or also
  • in the event of damage caused by the customer.

Important: As with partially comprehensive insurance, the service packages and the costs for fully comprehensive insurance differ depending on the provider. So don't forget to find out about the best tariff conditions in the VERIVOX vehicle comparison beforehand. So that you not only get the cheapest, but also the best car insurance. Start your car insurance comparison now and find cheap fully comprehensive tariffs beautiful from 1.47 euros per month!

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Fully comprehensive vs. partially comprehensive: what suits you?

As a general rule A fully comprehensive insurance is worthwhile only for new cars, credit-financed cars or leased vehicles.

Tip: Insure your vehicle after years of use! If a vehicle is more than 5 years old, we recommend taking out partial comprehensive insurance. In the event of damage, you will usually be reimbursed for the current value of the car. That means: The older the vehicle and the worse its condition, the lower the amount of damage paid out.

What are the cost factors of my car insurance?

In 2019 there are a total of 413 registration districts for vehicles. These are divided into different regional classes. As with the type classes, there are also differences between the regional classes, depending on the partial, fully comprehensive or liability insurance.

What does the regional class describe?

When calculating premiums for motor insurance, the following is taken into account: how much damage in your place of residence is reported to car insurers. This damage balance is compared to the national average. It is therefore possible that different approval districts have the same damage balance - and thus belong to the same regional class. Here, too, a new balance sheet is drawn up every year, based on the claims reported over the past five years.

The no-claims class (also: SF class) or the no-claims discount has a major impact on the amount of the motor insurance premium. The longer you drive without damage, the higher the level of your SF class - and the cheaper becomes the car insurance premium.

If there is damage to your own vehicle that is covered by fully comprehensive insurance, you will only be downgraded to a lower SF class within fully comprehensive insurance. Motor vehicle liability remains unaffected in this example. Since every motor insurance provider has different classification of the SF class, we recommend a tariff comparison before concluding a contract.

No influence on partial coverage

However, the no-claims discount does not apply to partially comprehensive insurance. Because the damage is not influenced by driving behavior, but is caused by storm, hail, etc.

Each vehicle is assigned to a type class. The classification is carried out by the Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). The type class describes the statistics of how often a certain type of car is involved in accidents and damage. However, only damage that has been reported to insurance providers is taken into account.

In general, the following applies to type classes: The fewer accidents be reported with a vehicle type, the more the type class is lower - and the lower the cost of car insurance.

Type classes according to type of insurance

There are different type classes depending on the fully comprehensive, partially comprehensive and motor vehicle liability insurance.

The type class of your car may change over time. If this is the case, you will receive the information in a letter from your motor insurer at the turn of the year.

The following factors can also affect the cost of your car insurance:

Vehicle use:

  • How often do we use the car?
  • Is the car used privately or commercially?
  • Where is the car parked?

Vehicle owner:

  • Who drives the vehicle to be insured?
  • Is another car already insured for the same policyholder?
  • Do you already have points in Flensburg?
  • What is your profession?
  • Do you own a home?
  • Do you have a subscription with a public transport company?
  • Are you a member of an automobile club?

Tariff details:

  • Do you prefer to pay for your car insurance monthly or annually?
  • Have you accepted a workshop commitment?

Motor vehicle insurance costs: Notes on the contribution amount

While the no-claims class, the type and regional class in particular influence the costs of your motor vehicle insurance, there are also other relevant calculation factors that affect the Price for your car insurance can lower or increase. This also includes, for example, the use of the vehicle or the storage of your car at night. If one of these factors changes, inform your car insurance company immediately! So you can be individual Secure discounts and easily with yours Save car insurance.

Tip: Many motor insurance companies rate these soft cost factors differently - here it is particularly worthwhile to use a car insurance comparison. In this way, you can be sure that you are getting the cheapest car insurance.

The most important tariff features for your car insurance

So that your car insurance is not only cheap, but also protects you as best as possible, pay attention to the following important tariff features.

Important for motor vehicle liability, partial and fully comprehensive insurance

  • Increased coverage: You can obtain this tariff feature from most motor insurance companies free of charge. Select this tariff option to cover yourself with a minimum coverage of 50 - 100 million euros.
  • Mallorca Police: Do you often travel abroad with a rental car? Then secure yourself an increased sum insured with the tariff supplement Mallorca-Policy. Here, too, very few providers add a surcharge to the motor insurance costs.

Important only for partial and fully comprehensive insurance

  • No objection in the case of gross negligence: With this tariff feature, you are always optimally insured. Even if you cause damage as a result of grossly negligent behavior (e.g. running over a red traffic light).
  • Marten bites including consequential damage: Marten damage often occurs on cables and hoses. In the worst case scenario, consequential damage would require the motor to be replaced. So that you do not have to bear the costs here, this addition to car insurance is worthwhile.
  • Extended protection from game damage: If you collide with a deer on a country road, this damage is already covered by the comprehensive insurance. In the event of a collision with horses or cows, the insurance only pays if you have booked extended game damage in your tariff.

The 7 best tips for cheap car insurance

Notice for one inexpensive and high-performance car insurance following tips:

  1. No objection by the insurance company in the event of gross negligence.
  2. The insurer covers marten bites including consequential damage to your vehicle.
  3. Cost coverage for accidents with animals and the resulting damage to your own vehicle.
  4. Liability with insurance cover abroad (Mallorca Policy).
  5. Coverage of 100 million euros.
  6. Choose an annual payment method
  7. Accept a workshop bond

More Tips for cheap car insurance and how exactly the prices are calculated can be found on our topic page Calculate Motor Insurance.

Change & cancel your car insurance

If the contract runs until the turn of the year (January 1st), the insurance contract must be terminated by November 30th. at the insurance company. The cancellation of the motor vehicle insurance must be made in writing by letter, fax or (only possible with some insurance companies) e-mail.

Important: special right of termination

With the special right of termination, you can also terminate your vehicle insurance during the current insurance year. The special right of termination takes effect after a premium increase, a change of vehicle or owner and after a claim.

You can easily change your car insurance online. In general, you can change your car insurance if ...

  • ... the contract period ends normally.
  • ... there is a premium increase or a claim has occurred.
  • ... a change of vehicle or vehicle owner takes place.

The VERIVOX comparison for car insurance

Take your chance now to get up to 60% cheaper car insurance! Find in the free car insurance comparison and compare over 330 offers - You can take out your new car insurance directly online, conveniently and stress-free. Regardless of whether it is a new car insurance or a tariff change, one Savings of up to 850 euros is now possible.

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frequently asked Questions

How to get the cheapest car insurance:

  • Compare online & change regularly
  • Accept workshop loyalty
  • Choose annual payment

The cost of your car insurance depends on the particular Regional class and the Type class Of your vehicle. Use the free car insurance comparison from VERIVOX and find your desired tariff online without stress.

Compare tariffs now for:

The initial premium must be paid within the period specified by the insurer. The period is usually 14 days from receipt of the insurance policy. This applies not only to car insurance, but to every insurance contract. Otherwise the policy does not apply.

However, car insurance has a special feature. If the initial premium is not paid, the contract expires and the provisional cover letter issued by the electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB) is terminated retrospectively. The vehicle must be withdrawn from traffic immediately and may no longer be parked on public premises.

If the policyholder falls behind with the subsequent premium, the consequences are not quite as drastic. He first receives a reminder to pay the outstanding contribution.

Motor insurance differ not only in terms of price, but also in terms of services. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing insurance.

Motor vehicle liability: coverage amount
For the compensation of accident victims, the law provides for a minimum coverage of 7.5 million euros for personal injury and 1.12 million euros for property damage. An accident with can result in high costs that easily exceed the statutory coverage limits. That is why you will only find tariffs with higher insurance sums in the comparison results from Verivox. For just a few more euros, you can insure property damage up to 100 million euros and personal injury up to 10 or 15 million euros per injured person.

Partial or fully comprehensive insurance
The comprehensive insurance regulates damage to your own vehicle. A distinction is made between partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive insurance. The partially comprehensive insurance regulates vehicle damage caused by fire, explosion, theft, feral game, marten bites, broken glass, short circuit and force majeure. The fully comprehensive insurance also covers damage caused to your vehicle by vandalism, hit-and-run or a self-inflicted accident.

In principle, the scope of your insurance coverage should be in a reasonable relation to the age and value of the vehicle. Experts recommend converting fully comprehensive insurance to partially comprehensive insurance from a vehicle age of five or six years. As a rule, the costs for partial comprehensive insurance protection decrease noticeably.
But often a vehicle still has a high current value after five to six years. In this case, too, it is worth continuing to insure your vehicle with fully comprehensive insurance. At least if you are dependent on the car and cannot finance a new car in the event of a total write-off, then you still need fully comprehensive insurance.

Workshop loyalty - yes or no?
By signing up for a workshop, you declare that you are ready to have comprehensive damage repaired in a partner workshop of your insurer. The insurer rewards the workshop loyalty with discounts of between five and 20 percent on the insurance premium. In addition, insurers offer a guarantee of up to three years on repairs. Despite the premium savings, being tied to a workshop can also involve risks - especially with new and leased vehicles. The reason: some car manufacturers refuse goodwill payments if they do not go to an authorized workshop in the event of damage. According to the ADAC, new vehicle warranties are not at risk, but please note that your insurance can reduce benefits if you have your vehicle repaired by another workshop without authorization.

Is a policyholder willing to assume part of the costs in the event of a claim, d. H. pay a deductible, then he lowers his insurance premium.
A deductible can be agreed for both partial and fully comprehensive insurance. A deductible of 150 euros for partially comprehensive and 300 euros for fully comprehensive insurance is often recommended.

Additional insurance coverage
Anyone who drives a lot in their car should consider to what extent additional insurance benefits make sense for them. We recommend, for example, a letter of protection that includes assistance in the event of breakdowns, accidents or theft in Germany and Europe. There is also the Mallorca policy, passenger accident insurance and others.

The insurer's premium assessment is based on objective and subjective risk characteristics. The objective characteristics include information about the vehicle such as the type of vehicle and the engine power. Subjective characteristics are associated with the person to be insured. This includes, for example, place of residence, occupation, no-claims class or the length of time you have held a driver's license.

No claims class and no claims discount

The no-claims class (SF class) and the no-claims discount (SF discount) are decisive for the amount of the premiums to be paid in motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The classification into one of the SF classes is based on the number of years that you have continuously driven without damage in an existing insurance relationship. The no-claims class is therefore an expression of your driving behavior. While the determination of the SF class is uniformly regulated (SF class 8 = 8 claims-free years), the allocation of the contribution rates to the SF classes differs from insurer to insurer. This allocation is called a no-claims discount. Example: If a policyholder has SF class 18, the no-claims discount assigned to him can be 35 percent with insurer A and 40 percent with insurer B.

Damage class

The SF classes are supplemented by the damage classes S and M. The classification in a damage class takes place if you are to be downgraded to a lower SF class due to damage. However, if you are already driving in the lower SF class, you will be downgraded to a damage class. The damage classes are used in motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance.

Regional and type class

The regional class describes an index value that is used to calculate the premium in motor vehicle insurance. The determination of the regional class depends, among other things, on the frequency of accidents and the road conditions within the registration area in which the policyholder registered his vehicle. The higher the accident statistics and the worse the road conditions, the higher the regional class and the higher the contributions to the motor vehicle insurance. Vehicle properties, on the other hand, do not play a role in the classification in a regional class.

The type class defines the individual accident risk of a vehicle model based on evaluations of the annual damage statistics. Based on the basic idea of ​​fair contribution, the damage incurred in the course of the year is assigned to the various vehicle models. If the damage and accident balance of a vehicle model turns out to be above average, the type class of the model increases and, at the same time, the costs for the vehicle insurance. The assignment of vehicle models to type classes is checked and adjusted annually.

In the motor vehicle liability insurance there are 16 type classes (10-25), in the fully comprehensive insurance 25 (10-34), in the partially comprehensive insurance 24 (10-33). Drivers can find out the type class of their vehicle at https://www.dieversicherer.de/versicherer/enthaben/typklassenabfrage.

Overview: Which factors play a role in the calculation of motor vehicle insurance premiums?

  • Type class
  • Regional class
  • No claims class (only for liability and fully comprehensive insurance)
  • No-claims discount (only for liability and fully comprehensive insurance)
  • Type of use
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Policyholder age
  • Occupation of the policyholder
  • Annual mileage
  • Entries in the central traffic register in Flensburg
  • Type of payment Amount of the desired coverage amount
  • Number of authorized drivers
  • Discounts for owners of housing
  • Place of night parking
  • Possession of the Bahncard or membership in the automobile club
  • Deductible amount
  • In addition to the factors mentioned, the individual insurance companies can also use other criteria to determine the premium.

With the electronic confirmation of insurance (eVB) you can prove to the vehicle registration office that the vehicle you are registering has vehicle liability insurance.

The eVB number will be given to you by the insurance company and is usually valid for 12 months. In most cases, the insurer will send you the eVB number shortly after submitting the application. You need the eVB number in order to credibly prove that your vehicle has provisional cover in the area of ​​motor vehicle liability. The licensing authority retrieves your data using the eVB number. After checking your personal details, your vehicle will be registered.

By signing up for a workshop, you declare that you are ready to have comprehensive damage repaired in a partner workshop of your insurer. The insurer rewards the workshop loyalty with discounts of between five and 20 percent on the insurance premium. In addition, insurers offer a guarantee of up to three years on repairs.

Despite the premium savings, being tied to a workshop can also involve risks - especially with new and leased vehicles. The reason: some car manufacturers refuse goodwill payments if they do not go to an authorized workshop in the event of damage. According to the ADAC, however, new vehicle guarantees are not at risk.

Please note, however, that your insurance can reduce benefits if you take your vehicle to another workshop for repairs on your own initiative.

In principle, anyone can be listed as a driver in a motor vehicle insurance. This does not only apply to children who no longer live in their parents' household. As part of the application, the insurers ask for the “group of drivers”. Here the applicant can indicate whether only he or she, spouse, children or other persons use the car. However, the larger the group of drivers, the higher the premium, since the risk of accidents increases statistically.

Insurers are often a little sensitive if a person who does not belong to the group of drivers named in the application causes an accident. In the worst case scenario, penalties can be paid. The exception is, however, if the trip is the result of an emergency.

Insurance companies calculate vehicle premiums on the basis of numerous factors. In addition to the common criteria such as the no-claims class or the vehicle model, the amount of the contributions can depend, among other things, on membership in an automobile club, the annual mileage, the points account in Flensburg, the use of the vehicle, the ownership of residential property, the possession of a Bahncard and the group of drivers .

We want you to find the most suitable contract for your car with our help. In your interest, we therefore include all essential aspects in the calculation that could lead to a premium discount.


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Toralf has been working in the insurance and banking products sector for 20 years - as an office manager for an insurance broker, as a freelance journalist for consumer topics and as a press officer. He has been with Verivox since 2014.



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