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Ranking: These are the Tiktok influencers with the greatest reach - nationally and internationally

2020 was an eventful, but ultimately extremely successful year for Tiktok: The app was banned in India; in the USA there was a threat of a ban, which then did not come. In the end, no other app has been downloaded more than Tiktok worldwide over the past year. So who will benefit most from this growth - apart from the operating company Bytedance? Which influencers and creators have the most views and followers? OMR shows this in an exclusive, updated ranking.

Tiktok has been in the past twelve months the Growth story in the "platform economy". In April 2020, the social video app operated by the Chinese company Bytedance reached more than two billion total downloads according to estimates by the App Store Analytics tool Sensor Tower. Since then, another nine-digit number of downloads should have been added. Because according to the Sensor Tower, Tiktok was the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide every month of the past year - except in April, when the Conferencing SoftwareZoom moved to first place ahead of Tiktok (second place) due to Corona.

689 million monthly active users in June 2020

The result: Both Sensor Tower and its competitor Appfigures agree that Tiktok was the most downloaded app worldwide in 2020. Tiktok is said to have recorded 689 million daily active users as early as June 2020. This emerges from documents that Tiktok operator Bytedance has presented to a US court.

Until last year, nothing seemed to be able to seriously slow down Tiktok's growth: neither competing US platforms that gradually integrated Tiktok-like formats (Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight and Youtube Shorts), nor media reports on political censorship in the Chinese sense State on Tiktok, still leaked documents, according to which the platform specifically cuts the organic reach of videos of disabled, or unattractive and poor users.

Tiktok is locked out of the Indian market

At the end of June 2020, Bytedance then suffered a first bitter blow: The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps because they transferred user data to China and thus threatened national security - including Tiktok. A short time later, Tiktok disappeared from the Indian app stores of Apple and Google. Until then, India was the second most important market for Tiktok with a rumored 200 million users. Most recently, Bytedance is said to have sacked a large part of the Indian team.

The development had severe consequences for Indian Tiktok creators. As Wired describes, some of them were able to earn up to mid-four-digit US dollars a month with Tiktok until the ban - now some of them are having problems paying off their mortgages. Not only that the Indian creators no longer use the app and can no longer reach their audience: "We can see that all Indian top creators on Tiktok are only growing by less than one percent," says Johannes Ruisinger from the influencer analytics tool Infludata towards OMR.

Trump's attempts to ban have failed

One month after the ban on Tiktok in India, then US President Donald Trump issued an "Executive Order" which was supposed to prohibit any transaction by US citizens with Tiktok operator Bytedance after 45 days. Chinese apps, and Tiktok in particular, threaten US national security, foreign policy, and the economy, Trump said. Thus, the company would have had to cease operations in the US or sell the US business (Microsoft and Twitter are said to have already negotiated with Tiktok). Another decision by Trump from August 14, 2020 gave Bytedance 90 days to reverse the takeover of the US company

But none of the announced prohibition measures were actually implemented. In September, the Trump administration had to postpone the Tiktok lockdown for a week after Bytedance filed an official complaint. A little later, a judge stopped the ban until further notice. How the situation of Tiktok and Bytedance in the USA will develop under the new US President Joe Biden is currently unclear.

Charli D’Amelio is the Tiktok Queen

Meanwhile, the accounts of the US Tiktok creators have grown rapidly and are still doing so, as shown by a ranking created exclusively for OMR by the influencer analytics platform Infludata. The most successful account is operated by Tiktok Queen Charli D’Amelio, who overtook the previous number one Loren Gray in March 2020 and became the first and so far only influencer on the platform to break the 100 million followers mark.

D’Amelio has been active on Tiktok since summer 2019, and her follower numbers began to rise rapidly in autumn 2019. The reason for the success? It is possible that Charli D'Amelio simply brought together several beneficial factors: She was “in the right place at the right time” and perfectly embodies what Tiktok stands for: young users who like to dance (D'Amelio accepted even before her Tiktok career Dance competitions), pop and meme culture.

The Tiktok influencers with the highest number of followers worldwide

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rankInfluencerAccount nameFollowerscountry
1Charli D’Ameliocharlidamelio107.7 millionUnited States
2Addison Rae Easterlingaddisonre76 millionUnited States
3Zach Kingzachking56.2 millionUnited States
4Bella Poarchbellapoarch55.5 millionUnited States
5Spencer Polanco Knightspencerx51.2 millionUnited States
6Loren Graylorengray51.1 millionUnited States
7Dixie D’Ameliodixiedamelio48.7 millionUnited States
8Will Smithwillsmith47.7 millionUnited States
9Michael Lejustmaiko44.3 millionUnited States
10Riyaz Aliriyaz.1443.9 millionIndia
11Jason Derulojasonderulo42.9 millionUnited States
12Brent Riverabrentrivera36.2 millionUnited States
13Kimberly Loizakimberly.loaiza36 millionMexico
14Ariel Rebecca Martinbabyariel35.3 millionUnited States
15James Charlesjamescharles34.7 millionUnited States
16Burak Ozdemircznburak33.8 millionTurkey
17Dwayne "The Rock" Johnsontherock32.2 millionUnited States
17Faisal Shaikhmr_faisu_0732.2 millionIndia
19JoJo Siwaitsjojosiwa32 millionUnited States
20Gil Croesgilmhercroes31.5 millionAruba

Status: February 8, 2021, source: Infludata

Once the ball got rolling, D'Amelio definitely helped the "Hype House" (here a New York Times article is well worth reading) to finally rise to the star: In December 2019, the young teenager moved in with 13 other ticklers a mansion in Los Angeles. The influencer community developed into a mixture of Big Brother, MTV’s Real World (the older ones may remember) and “Berlin Day & Night”.

Are the D’Amelios the new Kardashians?

The young fans greedily absorbed any content from the hype house roommates; the rumor account "Tiktok Room" on Instagram documents disputes and flirtations. The concept also made other Hype House members stars: Addison Rae, for example, is now number 2 in the Tiktok Follower Ranking with 76 million followers, and Charli's sister Dixie is number 7. In the meantime, a large number of the stars have left the Hype House; some of the co-founders of the Hype House group are in litigation with one another.

Tiktok has helped many members of the group to a remarkable career and to "big business". The entire D’Amelio family (the parents also have their own Tiktok accounts) signed a contract with the renowned Hollywood artist agency UTA at the beginning of 2020. A separate reality show about the D’Amelio family is to be published on the Hulu streaming portal before the end of this year - one more reason why the D’Amelios are already considered the new Kardashians.

Tiktok has long been "Big Business"

In addition, there are allegedly high-value advertising contracts: with the fashion brand Hollister, for example, with the cosmetics brand Morphe, with which Charli and Dixie have launched their own makeup line, with the fast-food chain Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts), which operates under the Name "The Charli" has brought its own coffee mix drink onto the market, as well as the aligner supplier Invisalign. Charli D’Amelio has also published a book and, again with her sister Dixie, has brought her own ring lights onto the market.

In contrast, Addison Rae Easterling has launched her own cosmetics brand "Item". Before that, the 20-year-old had advertised companies such as American Eagle, Reebok and the Danish watch brand Daniel Wellington. In addition, Spotify has hired Addison and her mother Sherri as podcasters (“Mama knows best”). Forbes estimates that Easterling makes even more money than Charli D’Amelio through being an influencer.

The "musers" are slowly moving into the background

Behind Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling, Bella Poarch, a new Tiktok star, moved from zero to fourth in the follower ranking last year. Her actually unspectacular short clip for the grime track "Soph Aspin Send" by Millie B (also known as "M to the B") sparked such a high viral wave on Tiktok that the platform named it in its 2020 annual review # 1 viral video highlighted. Today it is said to be the most liked video on Tiktok and the sixth most viewed video with almost 571 million views.

Bella Poarch as well as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling are examples of a new generation of Tik Tok Creatorn that has overtaken the first generation of “musers”. "Muser" was the name of the influencer in the app, which was bought by Bytedance in 2018 and merged with Tiktok. For a long time, the German twins Lisa and Lena Mantler were the "biggest" creators on Tiktok with more than 30 million followers - but at the end of March 2019 they left the platform. They returned a year later. Today they are far removed from their previous ranges. stars like Loren Gray and Baby Ariel are also slowly but steadily falling in the top 20 creator lists. At the same time, established stars of the entertainment industry are pushing Tiktok - such as Will Smith (8th place), Jason Derulo (11th place) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (17th place).

The Tiktok influencers with the most views worldwide

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rankInfluencerNumber of videosViewscountry
1Charli D’Amelio1.70654.8 billionUnited States
2Addison Rae Easterling1.32630.21 billionUnited States
3Riyaz Ali205620.21 billionIndia
4Faisal Shaikh46116.5 billionIndia
5Loren Gray2.71915.55 billionUnited States
5Dixie D’Amelio4.01915.55 billionUnited States
7Danielle Cohn5.75314.08 billionUnited States
8Mr. & Mrs. Choudhary4.23113.61 billionIndia
9Rebecca Zamolo3.66713 billionUnited States
10Kristen Hancher2.05312.9 billionUnited States
11Flighthouse4.08212.2 billionUnited States
12Zoe Laverne6.27012.18 billionUnited States
13Jacob Sartorius1.79112.17 billionUnited States
14Baby ariel2.31512.07 billionUnited States
15Sameeksha Sud3.32410.69 billionIndia
16Lauren Godwin4.44810.52 billionUnited States
17Savannah LaBrant1.85310.4 billionUnited States
18Awez Darbar2.71310.1 billionIndia
19Arishfa Khan2.0269.91 billionIndia
20Kimberly Loiza9079.37 billionMexico

As of February 8, 2021, source: Infludata

However, the number of followers may not be the most important metric for evaluating Tiktok influencers - at least not the only one. When opening the app, Tiktok users are greeted by a personalized video feed (the “For You” page), in which, on an algorithmic basis, videos from users that they do not necessarily follow are shown to them. Thanks to this basic mechanism, even users with few fans can suddenly record millions of views with a single clip on the platform. In the case of viral videos on Tiktok, the majority of the views come from the “For You” feed.

Charli D’Amelio and Easterling are also ahead of all other Tiktok creators in terms of access numbers. Here, however, there are also more polarizing, more controversial creators in the top 20. Danielle Cohn, for example, in 5th place, described herself to Buzzfeed as “one of the most hated teenagers on Instagram”. For example, Cohn, who is said to be 13 or 15 years old depending on the source, has already made her followers believe that she is married and pregnant. Most recently, she confirmed rumors that she had performed an abortion.

The German and German-speaking Tik-Tok influencers with the highest number of followers

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rankInfluencerAccount nameFollowers
1Younes Zarouyouneszarou23.4 million
2Condsty ("Christoph")condsty14.4 million
3Lisa & Lena MantlerLisaandlena12.5 million
4Falco Punchfalcopunch9.1 million
5Anna Catifyannacatify8.1 million
6memmessonmemmesson6.8 million
7avemovesavemoves6 million
7Noemi Nikitanoeminikita6 million
9Dalia Myadalia5.9 million
10patroXpatrox5.6 million
11Adrian Kozakiewiczinsecthaus_adi5.1 million
12Tornado1261tornado12615 million
13williwheywilliwhey4.7 million
14Enya Wandresenyadres4.5 million
15Rick Azasrickazas3.9 million
16Dannerodannero3.8 million
17Lukas RiegerLuke warrior3.7 million
18Julejulesboringlife3.6 million
19Julia Beautxjuliabeautx3.4 million
19Nic Kaufmannnickaufmann3.4 million
21Mario Novembremarionovembre3.3 million

Status: February 8, 2021, source: Infludata

As on a global level, a new generation of Tiktokkers has made it to the top of the reach rankings in Germany - above all Younes Zarou. The 22-year-old uploaded his first videos to Tiktok in August 2019 and overtook the previous German Tiktok leader in terms of followers at the beginning of August 2020. He now leads the German ranking by a clear margin.

Zarou is best known for his tutorial videos, in which he documents how he used simple means to produce videos with special visual effects. Several of these “behind the scenes” videos have generated view numbers in the three-digit million range. In the meantime, the creator has switched to videos in which he shows how he takes photos with special visual effects, for example of a bicycle with sparkling tires. Zarou doesn't speak in the videos; Captions are - if available - in English. The target group is of course much larger than with purely German-language content. For this he operates another account.

Another Tiktok Creator who recorded an enormously strong growth in followers last year is the Austrian Christoph Brückner alias "condsty". He only set up his account in May 2019, and today he ranks second among German-speaking followers with 14.4 million. Brückner does not show his face in the videos, but usually creates simple drawings with a felt pen. He has now revealed his identity on his Instagram account.

The German and German-speaking Tiktok influencers with the most views

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rankInfluencerAccount nameNumber of videosViews
1Younes Zarouyouneszarou6634.4 billion
2Tina Neumanntinaneumann3.2274 billion
3Anna Catifyannacatify2.2443 billion
4Melina Celinemelinacelinec4.2522.4 billion
5Julejulesboringlife2.5772.2 billion
6Laura Sophielaurasophy3.2171.9 billion
7Condsty ("Christoph")condsty1.4381.8 billion
8Lukas RiegerLuke warrior1.4541.79 billion
9Dalia Myadalia3.2301.76 billion
10Firatfiratelvito3.2511.74 billion
11Lea Pietschwifiloo_m3.6681.58 billion
12Lisa & Lena MantlerLisaandlena1921.55 billion
13memmessonmemmesson1.9101.42 billion
14Jamoo TVjamootv2.8071.34 billion
15Jolinexj0line5.6911.23 billion
16Manuder.manu1421.16 billion
17Patroxpatrox12301.15 billion
18Falco Punchfalcopunch4421.08 billion
19Luanaluvnv1.1881.07 billion
20Tornado 1261tornado1261941987.8 million

Status: February 8, 2021, source: Infludata

In terms of views, Younes Zarou overtook Tina Neumann last year and is now number one. The 18-year-old probably generated the greatest attention and reach on Youtube and Tiktok in 2019 by getting a bald head. On Tiktok, she often shoots videos on current memes and challenges. Their high number of views is also related to their high output: As a rule, their Tiktok clips have six to seven-digit views.Due to the high number of over 3,000 clips, a considerable number of views comes together in this way.