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IKEA: order spare parts online

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA is one of the first points of contact when it comes to getting furniture and small parts for the home. After moving into an apartment or redesigning the room design in your own four walls, one or the other screw is often missing. Learn how to order furniture replacement parts from IKEA.

IKEA offers a convenient way to reorder missing screws or boards without having to buy the entire piece of furniture from scratch. You can quickly and easily reorder spare parts for IKEA online using the relevant form.

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Order IKEA spare parts quickly and easily online (update)

If you want to order IKEA spare parts online, proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the IKEA homepage.
  2. Enter "spare parts" in the search bar above and click on the result.
  3. In the spare parts order form that is now open, you can enter the necessary information such as the article or spare part number.
  4. The spare part numbers can be found in the IKEA instructions.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. You will soon have the IKEA spare parts you need in your hands.

(Thanks to our reader A. Teske for the tip)

If the corresponding component is no longer produced or in stock, you can also try your luck with third-party suppliers at Amazon and Co. Search for the corresponding description for the missing part with the name of the IKEA furniture and ideally you will get a selection of alternative spare parts in the result, e.g. B. Pens for the "IVAR" shelving system.

Original article dated June 10:

IKEA spare parts can be bought online here

If you notice that one or the other part of your piece of furniture is missing immediately after buying the goods after unpacking, grab the invoice, the delivery note and other documents about the furniture such as the item number etc. and go directly to customer service in the IKEA branch. There you can usually get all the necessary parts without any problems, if they are in stock.

If the parts are not on site or you have an older piece of furniture, you can order spare parts online from IKEA:

  1. To do this, open the contact form at IKEA.
  2. Find the IKEA branch near you via “Einrichtungshaus”.
  3. Via “Product” you can select the option “Order spare parts”.
  4. Here you can now enter all the important information that is important for ordering spare parts. This includes the article number and name. Ideally, you will know the spare part number. If not, you have the option of adding your own explanation in words and a photo of the missing part of your request.
  5. Your spare part request will be forwarded to IKEA via "Submit request".
  6. After a processing time, an IKEA employee should contact you directly to discuss the further procedure for ordering spare parts.

IKEA: Order spare parts online or via the hotline

Spare parts can also be ordered by telephone via the hotline. Use the number of the IKEA service hotline: 061 92 - 93 99 99 9. Here, too, you should have all the important information ready for quick processing, including the description of the piece of furniture and the missing part. You also have the option of contacting the furniture store service via email.

We'll also show you where to find IKEA manuals online.

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