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Sad but true, this one is the big hit.
Sad but true, even the retired head of the Labor Party, Amram Mitna, thinks this is a "good solution".
It is sad but true, even the retired leader of the workers party, Amram Mitna finds this "a good solution".
Sad but true - A piece of flight history rots lonely and abandoned at Tegel Airport and can only be entered with a protective suit due to the massive mold infestation.
Sad but true - a piece of aviation history reds lonely and abandoned at the airport Tegel and today can be accessed as a result of massive mold infestation only with protective clothing.
Sad but True (English for: "Sad but true") is a song by the US metal band Metallica.
"Sad but True"is a song by American heavy metal band Metallica.
Sad but true: not everyone thinks every game is equally great. But since we are generous rabbits, everyone should get a demo at Easter.
It's sad but true that not everybody enjoys every game, but being generous bunnies we want everyone to have a demo this Easter.
Sad but true... or should I say - well, at least it keeps the rock music alive and the memory of former classics.
Sad but true, or should I say, good ... at least it keeps rock music alive and the memory about old classics.
But you have to say - Sad but true: Thaurorod overshadowed everyone else, and I didn't seem to be alone in that opinion.
Summary: The bands of that eventing were not bad, however - sad but true - Thaurorod dwarfed all the other bands, and it seems that my opinion was shared by others.
Sad but true, there is a difference between media interest directed towards western and eastern artists and it has nothing to do with the quality of the music that is being produced and played.
Sad but true, there is a gap between the media focus that is spent on western artists and eastern ones and it has nothing to do with the quality of music produced and played.
It is very unlikely that a larger group will oppose it, because who hires lateral thinkers in times without a lack of engineers? Sad but trueto go abroad and turn your back on Germany, although it is a great country, but no longer for engineers!
The fact that a larger group on the other hand is very unlikely, because who uses lateral thinkers even in times without engineer shortage? Sad but true, turn back abroad and Germany, although it is a great country, but no more for engineers!
»Heart Of Sand«: What happens to a rude boy who gets caught in the wrong? His heart of stone becomes the "heart of sand". Sad but true!
"Heart Of Sand": What becomes of a rude boy who gets involved with the wrong girl? His heart of stone turns into a "Heart Of Sand". Sad but true!
Most women will experience many yeast infections during their lifetime, sad but true.
Most women will experience many yeast infections throughout their lives, sad but true.
Wife: Madame Chagal has worries. Her husband is gone and the daughter is a problem Sad but true Men: Only one thing is clear: we're still hungry, we're still hungry: garlic!
Wuscha-Buscha ... (etc) Women: Miss Chagal is worried Her husband is gone And their daughter is a nuisance Sad but true Men: But one thing is clear: We're all hungry We're all hungry Guests: Garlic!
It is sad but truethat someone with a strong accent or slurred pronunciation will not excite an audience.
It is sad but true that somebody with an impenetrable accent or mumble probably will not be enjoyed by the audience.
But there is no ... Sad but true...
Sad but true!!! (2: 3) Should this first impression really be the right one here in Laos?
Sadly, however, true!!! Be (2: 3) having to go this first impression here in Laos really the right one?
It is sad but truethat, in the current institutional constellation, Parliament has to resort to unusual means in order to make its voice heard.
The sad fact In today's institutional set-up is that if Parliament wants its voice to be heard it must resort to unusual tactics.
MSFTEDIT.DLL was introduced with Windows XP SP 1 and it is sad but true: there is no correct (legal) way to install this file on other (older) systems.
MSFTEDIT.DLL was introduced in Windows XP SP 1, and it is sad to say that there is no proper (legal) way to get it installed on other systems.
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