How do I leave a smart person

5 reasons smart people don't take revenge, leave it to KARMA to take care of it

Why it is always better to let karma take care of things.
Most people believe that if they work to get the vengeance they see right on their own, they will feel better.

But when a strong person is betrayed by someone, they know that they should sit back and let karma do its job.

Everything you do will always come back to you, so there's really no need to waste time on an elaborate plan for revenge.

Read on to find out why waiting for karma is always better.

1. You will get so much more satisfaction when karma makes this person suffer.

What goes around comes around. So when someone hurts others, they will feel the pain they caused others early enough.

Your own plan for vengeance may have its pitfalls and loopholes, but Karma's goal is consistent and accurate. When karma strikes, the person will feel all the pain they have ever caused, all at once.

You will get a lot more satisfaction if you can watch them bring themselves down without lifting a finger or getting your hands dirty.

Sometimes, even if they deserve it, you will feel guilty for causing pain to someone else, but when the universe itself is working to make them feel the pain of their passing, nothing else can be better.

2. You don't have to get your own hands dirty letting karma do your job for you.

It is never good to get your hands dirty in revenge. There are times when you can take legal revenge on a person, which is not too difficult.

But every action has a consequence and a price. On the other hand, karma comes unconditional and you don't have to worry about doing anything illegal or wrong.

Getting revenge is not always a clean thing, so karma allows you to do it to be free from guilt.

You will protect yourself and your conscience will not be in doubt if you let karma do what it does best.

Those who have strength and power know that if they make the smallest mistake, they could lose everything they worked so hard on.

Seeing your enemy suffer is worthless when you have nothing left to yourself.

3. There will always be wars that cannot be expected to be won alone.

Those who have the slightest bit of wisdom will be well aware that they cannot expect to take on greater powers than they are and have a chance of winning.

They know that if you bite off more than you can chew, you will only suffocate.

People tend to have their need for revenge and all the hatred and animosity that accompanies them in their hearts wherever they go and for a very long time.

But at the end of the day it is more harmful to them than to the person they want to see punished.

It takes a lot of time and effort to hold onto that anger, and when there is so much to do in life, it's just not worth it.

Those who have done wrong will get what comes to them when the time is right.

In the meantime, those who have been wronged will simply get stuck in a rut if they hold on to the past.

You can only move on if you let go and move forward and focus on your own life.

4. You will have to pay the price for every act of revenge you choose.

Although you might be able to get the revenge you believe to be deserving in a way that is legal and does not involve anything dirty, as mentioned earlier, every action comes at a price.

You cannot predict that karma will not come for you too. You could have hidden your actions and kept them secret from any living soul, but the universe is always watching and you cannot escape your own karma.

Even if no one else knows, you will be fully aware of your actions, and they could end up haunting you and causing you more pain than what the person you took revenge on achieved.

At a time when most of us are stuck in an endless cycle of birth and death with no hope of breaking the cycle anytime soon, strong people will always do our best to prevent negative karma from building up.

Getting revenge might feel good, but understand that this feeling will only last for a short time. The effects of this action will be greater and will last much longer.

5. Your happiness is greater no matter what plan you come up with to get revenge.

According to Eddie Vedder, the best vengeance to live on is to prove yourself. Even Frank Sinatra said that the best revenge is a great achievement.

Both, and many others, were right about this. There is no better way to get the revenge you want than to let go of those who have hurt you and just live your life in the fullest possible way.

Those who wronged you will be happy to see you grind your teeth against them and work on your plan of revenge because it is proof that they managed to get under your skin.

They live off the joy they have in watching your pain. Worse, you could just let anger blind you and make a mistake just to make her happier.

It's so much better to put all of this aside and just keep working hard to be as successful as possible.

Toxic people will suffer more when they see your success and happiness than when you intentionally try to get them back.