How can I build muscle quickly

Rapid muscle building

Eat a lot of protein

Without enough protein, there is no muscle building. Muscle cells are made up of proteins. So it is clear that you have to provide the organism with sufficient protein if it is to build more muscles. You should daily between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight take to you. Prefer meat, fish, lean dairy products, eggs and soy over (other) vegetable sources of protein. Are you vegan, pick up vegan protein sources back.

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Optimizing care after training

To promote muscle building, you should have a meal soon after your workout that will give your body exactly what it needs at that time. There are three main things: Fast carbohydrates, easily digestible protein how Whey protein and liquid. The fast carbohydrates cause the insulin level to rise, which opens up the muscle cells and makes them more receptive to protein. In addition, the muscle cells are quickly supplied with new glycogen (stored glucose) in this way. So don't be afraid: Carbs consumed immediately after training will not be converted to fat. Finally, you should also compensate for the fluid loss during training as soon as possible.

Generate excess calories

When your body burns all of the nutrients you give it as calories, there is no material left to build new muscle mass. That means: You have to eat more calories than you burn to get muscle building going. Plan a 300 to 500 calorie surplus, with carbohydrates being the main source of those extra calories.

Eat frequently

Even if there are different concepts here, it has established itself in the fitness scene, more than three times a day to eat to optimize muscle building. On the one hand, this stimulates the release of insulin several times a day and insulin is a strongly anabolic (muscle-building) hormone. On the other hand, you avoid catabolic phases in which the body gets its energy from fat and muscle breakdown and not from food.

Drink a lot

Drinking plenty of water is important when looking to build muscle quickly for several reasons. The protein-rich diet results in breakdown products that have to be excreted through the kidneys. This is only health-friendly if you drink enough (at least two liters a day). Furthermore, a good supply of water to the muscle cells improves the building processes taking place there.

Use a nutrition plan

Only if you write down what exactly you eat and drink will you have a reliable overview of your nutrient supply and can make improvements to your diet. So keep a food journal for at least some time. You can then use this as a basis to put together a personal nutrition plan for rapid muscle building that takes into account everything that is important (lots of carbohydrates, lots of protein, etc.).

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