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Reviews for Appen Social Media Specialist jobs in United States

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Great job to earn additional income. They have many projects to choose from and hours are flexible. The pay however is low and occasionally job tasks run out and you are left without work. No work / no pay
Nice place to work as a contractor, some jobs are hard to get into, need to be focused and quick. Didn't get much help on how to do ratings because a lot of the guidelines differentiated from each other so didn't know how to actually write my reviews after a couple of weeks. It is a convenient job to have part time as a college student and hope to continue to work for them.
work any time of day during hours given
waiting two hours after batches to complete final work
At Appen, you set your own schedule for most of their projects. No management, no schedules, just work as you can. It was very flexible, and fun to do. Unfortunately my project ended, and there weren't any good ones to switch to when I left.
Provided a flexible schedule to fit a busy lifestyle. A work from home opportunity that is actually legitimate. I could work at an hour of the day or night.
contract, only paid for time spent working not breaks
I enjoy working for Appen as the position is both flexible and challenging. I am able to design my own hours and be available for my child. I enjoy evaluating social media and learning more about the changing social media climate.
Appen was very quick to hire and was good with the support if I needed it from the project managers. Overall, I enjoyed working at home with a flexible schedule and the projects I worked on were fun and enjoyable.
If you are a full-time college student or need a little extra money, this is a great one hour per day for you! You can work on your on time and can work up to seven days per week!
I was a social media ad rater. I think the scam is that they have you rate ads. Which I am sure is paid for by a marketing company. They are counting on you purchasing items and / or keeping those items in your newsfeed for people that are your friends / family see it an purchase. They are counting on you spending the $ 10 / hour they pay you for a mere 5 hours a week on their advertisers. Total scam
If you are looking to telecommute and make more than retail, this is a good job for you. The work can be interesting, especially while you are learning. After a while, it can get monotonous but you are gaining good experience for similar types of telecommuting jobs.
working from home, somewhat flexible schedule
bad computer systems, glitches all of the time, hard to reach out for help in real-time
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