Why should lemonades be banned from schools?

But there is no soft drink ban in schools

Salzburg - The Education and School Committee of the Salzburg State Parliament discussed a restriction on high-sugar drinks in Salzburg schools on Wednesday at the initiative of the SPÖ. Nothing came of a soft drink ban in vending machines, which was originally planned. All parliamentary groups and experts agreed on Wednesday that bans were of no use.

"Studies have shown that the total daily consumption is not reduced by bans. If classic lemonades are banned, the pupils go out of school during the break to buy them elsewhere," said the nutritionist Manuel Schätzer from the SIPCAN association, who was invited to the state parliament. a Salzburg initiative for healthy living.

WHO recommendation

However, the MPs decided unanimously to force a "drinks machine check" at the schools. "We look at the contents of the machine. At least eight out of ten beverages contained may have a maximum of 7.4 grams of sugar per 100 milliliters," said APA estimator. "This limit value is derived from a WHO recommendation that a maximum of ten percent of the daily energy intake may come from sugar."

The sugar limit may be exceeded for up to 20 percent of the cans or bottles in the machine. "The young people accept the healthier offer because the option of the unhealthy pleasure project is not taken away from them," says Schätzer. Whether the 20 percent limit is used is a matter for the respective school.

Lemonade promotes obesity

It is planned that every machine must also be filled with water and sprayed fruit juices. According to the estimator, this cannot be taken for granted. Only every second vending machine contains water at all. As appraisers said to the APA, three out of four schools in Salzburg from year 5 upwards have one or more vending machines. A large meta-study recently found a direct connection between lemonades and obesity. As the SPÖ put it in its application, every fourth child in Salzburg is now overweight. (APA / red, 2.3.2016)