What do lobsters eat

Lobster - How do I eat lobster?

Table manners: Over time, the lobster has become a symbol of horror for those who feel unsure how to use unfamiliar eating utensils and exotic foods. However, the following applies: something is only difficult until you can. And it's not that complicated to eat a lobster in proper style.

In many restaurants you get the lobster already sliced ​​and served with broken claws or just the tail part. In this case you eat the meat that has been removed according to modern gastronomy rules with meat cutlery (less often: with fish cutlery) and pull the meat out of the scissors and joints with the long lobster fork. Otherwise, you can assume that the whole animal has at least already been cut in half and the limbs severed. Your special cutlery: fork and fish knife, a lobster fork and possibly lobster tongs, if the animal has not yet been dismantled. You also get a finger bowl with lemon water to clean your fingers. The meat of the scissors, the legs and the tail is eaten:

1. If the scissors haven't cracked yet, place the lobster tongs in the middle and break the scissors open. Remove the meat with the lobster fork.

You can also get to the meat in the legs by snapping them open with the tongs and pulling out the contents with the lobster fork.

3. The meat of the lobster tail can be enjoyed immediately with a fork and fish knife. You may still have to remove the intestine in the tail part, which looks like a black thread. Before reaching for a knife and fork, clean your hands in the finger bowl.

Simply twist the legs away from the body with your fingers. The scissors are also picked up.

Tip: Before ordering, ask how the lobster will be served and prepared. So you are safe from surprises.

Lobster are in principle eaten in the same way as the lobster. They are very similar to the lobster, but have no claws and a thorn-studded back.