Where can I download Universe Sandbox 2

Universe Sandbox 2 for Windows

Universe Sandbox 2: Detailed planet and space simulator

Universe Sandbox 2 from the Giant Army development studio is a gigantic simulation kit. The players can create, destroy and simulate an entire universe. Realistic physics and breathtakingly beautiful graphics that depict the vastness of space ensure plenty of simulation fun.

What is Universe Sandbox 2 exactly?

At its core, Universe Sandbox 2 is an enormous one powerful gravity simulator. Planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies can be combined at will in one digital planetarium be distributed. The attractive forces of the objects are then calculated by the software. This creates a realistic simulation.

The possibilities that exist in putting the universe together are extensive. In addition, the objects can be manipulated at any later point in time in the middle of the simulation. So it is possible, for example, whole Detonate planets to see what effect this has on the rest of the system.

What is the difference between Universe Sandbox 2 and digital planetariums?

Typical digital planetariums and stellariums such as Stellariums only simulate the night sky known to us. Universe Sandbox allows any constellation to be simulated. The dynamic manipulation of the system is also not provided for in classic planetariums.

In addition, Universe Sandbox is characterized by the stunning 3-D graphics out. The developers also know this and therefore offer functions in the software for recording videos and images from the simulation. The rights to these recordings remain with the users, who can then distribute them on the Internet (for example on Facebook) as they wish.

On which platforms is Universe Sandbox 2 available?

Universe Sandbox will for Windows, Linux and Mac OS offered. The download is available, for example, from Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and on the manufacturer's website. No keys for the physics software are currently available from other sources. Key resellers who advertise the program with keys should therefore be avoided.

Universe Sandbox is not available on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems or for the Playstation (PS4) and Xbox game consoles. The PC version of the game is Compatible with a range of VR glasses: amongst other things Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The sandbox can also be used with Windows Mixed Reality augmented reality hardware.

Is Universe Sandbox 2 free?

There is one from Universe Sandbox 2 free and a paid premium version. However, the free version, which is only available on the program's development website, has a number of restrictions on. For example, only the supplied, ready-made scenarios can be simulated. It is not possible to develop a complete universe or solar system yourself.

Still, the free version of Universe Sandbox is worth the download. Because the number of supplied universes is large and the space simulator can be tried out with it. Hours of experimentation is definitely possible with this version. Universe Sandbox 1 (mostly Universe Sandbox Legacy is no longer available for download.

Is Universe Sandbox 2 the best space simulation game?

In any case, Universe is playing Sandbox 2 in the first division With. Competitors like Space Engine or Celestia have their own strengths and weaknesses. Hence, one of the programs cannot be said to be better or worse than the other.

Universe Sandbox definitely convinces with its visual values and the VR support, Celestia through the sheer size of the universe simulated in one fell swoop and Space Engine with its even more playful approach.

Learn without realizing it

The claim that the developers of Universe Sandbox 2 place on their software is that the users should use the fundamental principles of gravitational forces learn in a playful way should without even realizing it.

Universe Sandbox definitely lives up to this claim. Even if the software no formula knowledge Conveyed via the orbits of planets around suns and other celestial bodies, the clear, distinct feeling for the relationship in which different massive and large objects move in the sky to one another grows. It's fun, great, and less dry than many other sky simulations.