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The best financial podcasts in Germany

Financial podcasts enable financial training

A very popular offer for financial training Financial podcasts A podcast contains a series of audio files that can be downloaded onto a smartphone free of charge via popular platforms such as iTunes. Podcasts are often offered by radio and television broadcasters. In the meantime there are also many "free" podcasters who cover topics such as finance and investment. Often these are offered by bloggers as an audiovisual extension of their blog. Podcasts are basically free of charge. They are financed by the operators and often also through advertising.

Podcasts are very popular in the United States. In this country it is Financial podcast offer still manageable. Nevertheless, various offers have been established over the past few years. We present the most important financial podcasts in German-speaking countries below.

The best financial podcasts in Germany


NEW: extraETF Podcast - Successful investment with ETFs

Markus Jordan, editor of Extra magazine and operator of the platform, has started the podcast “Successful investment with ETFs”. The aim of the podcast is to bring the audience closer to the world of ETFs so that they can successfully advance their wealth creation. It gives tips on how to create an ETF portfolio and discusses many other topics related to ETFs.

  • Consequences: Start in April 2020
  • Operator: Markus Jordan (extraETF)
  • Subject areas: investments, ETFs, economics, interviews with guests - Financial education about the stock market and economy

Stefan Obersteller runs the successful podcast " - Financial education about the stock market and the economy". The financial podcast helps its listeners to avoid investment errors in order to build up their own assets and keep the investment costs as low as possible. The name says it all: There is a whole lot of money formation in 295 episodes.

  • Episodes: 295
  • Operator: Stefan Obersteller
  • Subject areas: finances, investments, economics, interviews with guests

Shares with a head - investing for private investors

The podcast operated by Kolja Barghoorn “Shares with a head - Investing for private investors” wants to show its listeners how to invest money independently in the stock market in order to expand one's financial scope. The podcast is a supplement to the YouTube channel of the same name.

  • Episodes: 197
  • Operator: Kolja Barghoorn
  • Topics: finance, stocks, ETFs, entrepreneurship, guest interviews

Financial rocker - your soundtrack for finance and freedom

In addition to the podcast “Der Finanzwesir rocks”, Daniel Korth (finance rocker) also runs his own podcast “Finance rocker - your soundtrack for finance and freedom”. There the listener learns everything about how he can build up a fortune in the long term. He also regularly interviews successful entrepreneurs or experts from the financial sector who provide in-depth insights into all aspects of successful financial investments.

  • Episodes: 129
  • Operator: Daniel Korth
  • Subject areas: finances, investments, interviews with guests

The financial vizier rocks - the podcast about money and financial education

The podcast “Der Finanzwesir rocks - The somewhat different podcast about money and financial education” is a very well-known, if not the best-known financial podcast in German-speaking countries. It is run by the two well-known financial bloggers Albert Warnecke (financial vizier) & Daniel Korth (financial rocker). You will deal with the subject of investments and ETFs in an entertaining way and share your personal experiences with the audience.

  • Episodes: 77
  • Operator: Albert Warnecke & Daniel Korth
  • Subject areas: finance, investments, economics

The Madame Moneypenny Podcast with Natascha Wegelin

The financial blogger Natascha Wegelin runs the podcast "The Madame Moneypenny Podcast with Natascha Wegelin". The intention of the podcast is to provide financial education for women. Do you need it? Yes! Because, according to Natascha Wegelin, around 75 percent of women between 35 and 50 are at risk of old-age poverty. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not deal with their finances themselves and unfortunately they still often leave financial transactions to the men. The podcast paves the first steps on the way to financial self-determination.

  • Episodes: 61
  • Operator: Natascha Wegelin
  • Subject areas: finance, investments, lifestyle, entrepreneurship

Real money TV podcast

The finance and stock market expert Tobias Kramer and the entrepreneur, investor and author Christian W. Röhl (DividendenAdel) talk about various stocks in the podcast " Podcast" and pass on their many years of practical experience in company valuations. The audience will decide on the shares discussed, and there will be live broadcasts on the YouTube channel of the same name.

  • Episodes: 49
  • Operator: Tobias Kramer & Christian W. Röhl
  • Subject areas: investments, finances, stocks, ETFs
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