What is IKEA's Most Effective Marketing Strategy

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In my opinion, guerrilla marketing is successful when advertisers plan and carry out a creative action from the perspective of the target group.

Even if guerrilla marketing is primarily short-lived, there is a certain degree of sustainability. Although the media only report about the event temporarily, memories of a great staging remain.

I have put together surprising, spectacular guerrilla marketing examples and successful advertising campaigns.

Some of the campaigns made me smile, others amazed. Get inspired!

Figure 1: Guerrilla Marketing for Local Dentist

Figure 2: Amusement park advertises its attractions in the department store

Figure 3: Nissan advertises its parking assistant system with static stickers

Figure 4: NIVEA unconventionally advertises smooth skin in a furniture store

Figure 5: The message from MINI at the airport is unmistakable

Figure 6: Milky Way advertises in the checkout area

Figure 7: Promotion for the film KILL BILL 2

Figure 8: Guerrilla marketing for thick hair in public transport

Figure 9: IKEA advertises in the subway

Figure 10: Amnesty International speaks out against human trafficking

Figure 11: AX prefers groundbreaking advertising in an unconventional way

Figure 12: Well-placed beer advertising

Figure 13: Guerrilla marketing for a casino at the airport

Figure 14: Promotion for the film Death Proof

15 spectacular guerrilla marketing examples and successful advertising campaigns TWEET

Figure 15: Major Promotion for Fitness First at a stop

The examples have different approaches. Personally, I think it's great what can be achieved with little financial outlay.

Which action do you find particularly successful?
15 creative guerrilla marketing examples
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    1. Thank you Nicole. That is exactly the purpose of guerrilla marketing. Generate the greatest possible attention with little financial outlay. I particularly like the Nivea campaign. The message is immediately clear and the blue couch is sure to be an eye-catcher in the furniture store.

  1. I don't think the maintenance costs will be that high. Since these are temporary promotions, their use is certainly time-limited. Nevertheless, a higher effort is made here, I agree with you Klaus-Peter! :-)