What makes the US a developed country

Country info: USA

The USA is the third largest country in the world in terms of area and is only surpassed by India and China in terms of population. The core area extends over most of North America and borders Canada to the north, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Two other states are Alaska on the northwestern tip of North America and the Hawaii archipelago in the Pacific. US protected areas are Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Guam, the US Samao Islands, and the Pacific Islands Trust Territory.
The country has vast arable and grazing lands as well as large deposits of coal, petroleum and ores.
The country's economic power and political influence are very great.

From Berlin to the capital Washington D.C. it is - as the crow flies - 6713 km.


The climate is very different. The mean annual temperatures range from 29 ° C in Florida to -15 ° C in Alaska. With the exception of New England, Alaska and the Northwest, summer temperatures are higher than in Europe. Summer is humid in the south and dry in the southwest. Winter is most severe in the mountains and in the Midwest. Extreme weather phenomena such as tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, droughts and floods occur again and again, especially in the southwestern states.

statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty in New York is a gift from France to the still young nation USA. The sculptor Auguste Bartholdi created them in 1884, packed the individual parts in 210 boxes and shipped them across the Atlantic to America. There are 171 steps to the visitor platform in the head of the statue. From there you have a magnificent view of the city of New York.


Fast food and grilled chicken are very popular in America. Every American consumes around 50 kilograms of meat per year, twice as much as a European. In addition, Americans like to eat desserts and drink high-sugar drinks. Growing health awareness is slowly leading to new eating habits in the USA too.
The USA produces most of the household waste: According to statistics, every day an American throws away 1.8 kilograms of waste.


In general, there is compulsory schooling between the ages of 7 and 16; school attendance is free. Cooking courses with children are now being held in many schools so that students can eat healthily at home.


The ball sports popular today go back to children's games from Europe. The first settlers also played in their new home z. B. batball or soccer and developed the games continuously in the following years. Typical American sports known today are: baseball, basketball and American football.

Special and curious

  • Roosevelt Avenue in New York: It runs through the middle of the New York immigrant district of Queens. People from around 160 different countries officially live here. But no authority can say how many nationalities are really gathered in this quarter.
  • Mesa Verde: These are stone cities full of secrets that are spectacularly built into the rock faces of a mountain range. The name means Green table and came from the first Spanish immigrants. With this name you aptly described the table mountains of the high plateau in the western United States.
  • The statue of liberty has a shoe size of 876.
  • On the packaging of an American iron manufacturer, it says: Do not iron clothes while you are wearing them.
  • Only <10% of Americans speak two or more languages, many of whom are immigrants.
  • The strangest village in the world is likely to be in Texas. The village of 50 people is called Fischer, all residents call themselves fishermen and all are fishermen.

Old and outdated laws:

  • In Indiana, if someone has eaten garlic, they cannot go to a theater, cinema, or tram until four hours later.
  • In the city of Eureka, Nevada state, bearded men are prohibited from kissing women.
  • In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, parking on public roads for more than 2 hours is prohibited anywhere in the city. Unless there's a horse tied to the bumper.
  • In Kentucky, women are only allowed to walk on the street in a bikini if ​​they weigh less than 42 or more than 150 pounds. Or if they are armed.
  • In San Antonia, Texas, you can't flirt with your hands and eyes. So only the feet and ears remain.
  • In Utah, birds have right of way on all highways.
  • In Lang, Kansas, it is strictly forbidden to ride a mule (a cross between a horse and a donkey) on the main road. Unless the mule wears a straw hat.
  • Lions cannot see the latest feature film in Maryland because they are not allowed to go to the movies.
  • In California, it is against the law to prevent children from jumping over a puddle.
  • In Alaska, you are not allowed to wake a bear to take a picture.

The favorite song of the Americans: "Amazing Grace" is always sung when people are in mourning. The text was written by a captain who got caught in a heavy storm with his slave ship. He prayed a lot and everyone was saved. After that, the captain treated the slaves much better, eventually giving up his profession and working as a clergyman against the slave trade. The melody itself is that of an old hymn.


Each star on the US flag stands for a state - so there are currently 50 stars.